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Found 2 results

  1. Upon discovery that AirVPN had a really good product offering, a n d a client that was available for OpenSUSE, I jumped at it! After taking Eddie for a run, I went for a year subscription. Then the little chap decided he didn't need to be on his best behaviour any longer. With three separate installations in this house, Eddie did the same thing, freezing the desktop, then upon reboot it was still running and defiantly refusing to allow changing of servers or to disconnect amid a flurry of popups that "Eddie was still running". Then on one machine, the OS would no longer boot into the desktop. Long story short, I fixed that by the skin of my teeth and immediately removed the Eddie client from all machines and went to Plan B, manual configuration. And that brings me to my suggestion: As good an idea that Eddie was and I liked the graphical information, I can live without it. AirVPN's service is awesome and they make importation of individual server, individual country or continental files easy. Nevertheless, setting up all these files in Networkmanager is a bit time consuming, doing it one file at a time. THE SUGGESTION: Could a macro not be devised that would install all these config files, modify them with DNS server settings and also input the password? My skill set doesn't include writing the code to accomplish this, but I figure if I can conceive of a tool, some clever lad somewhere could create a plugin to do this, right? For AirVPN to offer such a tool that tightly integrates with a Network Manager that is common to a great many distros would have significant value to the Linux community. At the very outside this would be an half hour's work, forty five minutes tops, right? Otherwise, given these symptoms, has anyone had a similar experience or a suggestion how I might be able to salvage using the Eddie client?
  2. i have eddie and open vpn installed. when i connect to server my pc freezes at dns network adaptor forced everytime nomatter what i do. i was able to connect with open vpn a few times but eventually froze in like 20 seconds. this is day 2 of my trial purchase and this is rediculous i created a ticket and looked online its like im the only one with this problem. i have also tried with and without network lock and it still freezes during connection with dns forcing and i cant do anything(not even move my mouse) i have to reboot and its very annoying and time consuming. i made a copy of the log when i was able to connect with openvpn using the config file openvpn log.txt
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