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Found 3 results

  1. I've been reading of various ways I can prevent connection that are not going through my VPN; 1. changing the DNS servers of all adapters to a VPN connection, 2. using windows firewall blocking all apps that are not part of my standard network type (private vs public), and 3. deleting a default gateway route to/from your router so my communication can exist. Methods 1 and 3 are in the .bat file below; 1 in blue text and 3 in red. I have this .bat file run at startup. According to AirVPN, method 3 should block all non-VPN connections (where is the router). The problem I've been having is that no connections at all can be made, even the VPN. I don't get why; a route has been added to my vpn server IP using mask from the default gateway using viscosity. That should be enough if the VPN IP is contained in the ovpn file, right? The funny thing is, if the address is changed to my interface adapter address,, this works just fine. But multiple people have told me that the default gateway address is needed instead. What am I doing wrong here? Can anyone help me accomplish method 3? (The orange text grants me admin rights)
  2. Hi there I'm really impressed with Airvpn and am glad I found my way here. I am also a refugee from another VPN. I have a query about DNS servers. I use Ubuntu 14.04, and recently changed my DNS settings on the network manager to logless DNS servers:, I did this because the network manager was leaking my DNS. I subsequently installed the other VPNs software and have used it. I have since checked at https://ipleak.net/ my DNS and it says I am using Choopa.com, at: This is not what I expected, as I was connected to the Airvpn Switzerland node. What DNS should I be seeing if connected to Airvpn nodes? Also, who can I purge the other DNS and ensure I use only the ones specified or Airvpns preferred DNS? As well - and I guess I know the answer - your DNS servers are logless also aren't they? I apologize if you have already answered questions like this. I am also beginning to learn about the internet, so please don't assume I know too much. Thank you for your time. Kind regards T
  3. DNS Server cannot be reached - 100% packet loss connected through Aquilae
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