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Found 3 results

  1. Yesterday, i upgraded from Windows 10 1909 Home x64, to Windows 10 20H2 (Home) x64, and my VPN did work just fine before the upgrade i am having problems now since the upgrade to the new version of windows 10, where things are not working. I can login to AirVPN with my account (sometimes it gives me a "can't bootstrap error"?), and i can lock my network, AND I CAN connect to a AirVPN server ... but when using my browser after all of this, NO WEBPAGES come up once "connected" - why? Eddie says i am connected (i use the windows GUI for x64), and it shows data up and down, in kbits, but the real proof of it is not there (Firefox is not letting me get any webpage over the VPN connection). i tried uninstalling Eddie, AFTER the windows 10 upgrade, and then re-installing Eddie. SAME PROBLEM. Incidentally during or after the windows 10 upgrade, it removed my VirtualBox adapter .... and i wonder if that was part of the probem. I am not wanting help here with virtualbox adapters lol so no worry there, but i just wondered if that was related to the issue? i dont know if the windows upgrade also jimmied with the TAP v9 adapter which Eddie uses or not? i do not know what is going on and i really just wanna use my paid service and be a happy customer. Please help. Thanks.
  2. Hello all, I recently activate the network lock option on the AirVPN client (2 months ago), but unfortunately since i activate this option the Windows Update Center can't load and install anymore new update of windows. Furthermore, if I shut down the Airvpn client I can't connect on network, even if deactivate network lock, shutdown windows firewall and antivirus. I uninstall the Arivpn client, no effect. I used the windows recovery mode and choose a date before activation of the network lock option...same, no effect. All is runing like the network lock frozed my windows firewall in "no exchange mode", even in deactivate the firewall. So I'm here to find some help, because I absolutely don't know how to resolve this problem and now my windows os is out of date. Thanks for your help. PS: operating system -> Windows Vista Home premium 64 bits SP2 Airvpn clent: 2.10.3
  3. Hi! I have a strange problem. I have been using AirVPN since year and a half. Everything was ok until I updated my Windows 8.1 64-bit a day ago. Since then my real IP has been revealed and there is no trace, according to ipleak.net, of AirVPN connection. I don't know where the shoe pinches indeed. I have reinstalled TAP-Windows Adapter V 9. Windows shows AirVPN is connected. AirVPN connection manager itself displays network access. In Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections I can see that OpenVPN adapter is linked. Furthermore, Online Armor (firewall which I use) identifies AirVPN linkage. So, VPNCheck does. I have to add that my internet operates through 3G+ modem. Except for AirVPN on Windows 8 64-bit, I use the same OS on VMware Player. It is actually the copy of my physical computer with drivers removed and Comodo Free Firewall set as it should be to avoid IP leaks. This virtualized enviroment was updated as well a day ago. The same 3G+ modem is in use. Everything proceeds ok. After update IP Address (Windows Metro App) shows my ISP connection with masked IP, except for AirVPN as it used to be. But, may it be, it doesn't matter. I have not experienced any problems yet using Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander Live CD, identical OS or Linux Mint 16 Petra on virtual machines. I would like to emphasize that I want not to install Comodo Firewall on my "hardware version" of Windows 8.1. It lowered performance of my computer obviously. Even if task manager presented a lot of free resources. I enclosed AirVPN connection manager's log and ipconfig /all below. Please help me with described problem. Best regards Log AirVPN.pdf IPCONFIG.pdf
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