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Found 3 results

  1. The real problem with NordVPN is they claim to be offshore and "securely based in Panama." But I don’t believe that. CloudVPN INC, their payment processor, is based out of Lithuania, and there are clear ties to Tesonet... Just do a Google search. Suffice to say, NordVPN is fully operated out of Lithuania and Lithuanians own the company that processes all customer billing info. That whole offshore thing is a lie, and they have no clue about international law. But the big problem here is, Nord is dishonest! This is the big issue. Dishonesty. And, because they are being so dishonest, and choosing not to address it in public, it should make people wonder what else they are hiding. NordVPN if you want us to take down anything here, TELL PEOPLE THE TRUTH. Just admit that the majority of your operations are based out of Lithuania. They are not securely offshore (It doesn’t matter what their management says), and Lithuania is one of the worst countries for privacy and data retention laws. The official “Owner” of NordVPN such as the domains and trademarks, have gone through great lengths to disguise their identity by registering the entity in Panama. There is NO information on Tefincom co S.A. – the entity that owns Nord trademarks. Anyone, literally ANYONE, with $1500 can open a shady anonymous Panama company in just a few days. They’ll provide a local address, resident agent, nominee directors, and power of attorney to the person in control so they can pull the strings behind the mask of a panama corporation. WHY, would anyone trust their privacy to a company who’s owner wishes to remain anonymous, and outsources 100% of it’s daily operations, accounting, billing, software dev, and marketing to a company in Lithuania. (Who just happens to run a bunch of other VPNs). Moving on to why they are misleading users and need to be called out: They tell people they are more secure because they are based in Panama, all safely tucked away “offshore”. They are giving people legal advise that is completely incorrect. A persons billing information is no safer just because Nord’s parent is incorporated in Panama. Tefincom doesn’t operate the payment processing, Cloud VPN INC (Tesonet) does, and therefore holds all personal data on subscribers. The US CloudVPN INC entity is not immune to legal process and neither are CloudVPN INC's Lithuanian owners. So to recap: NordVPN is lying to users about being an “offshore” VPN provider. They are processing payments through a US company CloudVPN INC owned by Lithuanians. This is 100% true, not allegations. They even admit it. AND, they are going through great lengths to hide the identity of the individuals and/or companies that have majority ownership in NordVPN. People need to understand that transparency in company ownership is the SINGLE most important factor one should consider when picking a VPN. You are literally giving all of your web traffic to this company, you better know who they are, or else you cannot and should not trust them. Anyone who thinks that their billing info is safe tucked away in a Lithuanian office building should really consult an attorney.
  2. Just wandering what protection AirVPN has against timing correlation attacks on the exit servers like ProtonVPN has called secure-core feature ? https://protonvpn.com/support/secure-core-vpn/ Here's a cut from the article on their site and I apologise if theirs already a thread on this but a quick search didn't give me any results. ProtonVPN’s unique Secure Core architecture allows us to protect our users from network attacks that other VPNs cannot defend against. A classic VPN setup involves a client passing traffic through a VPN server en-route to the final destination. If an attacker can get control of the VPN server, or monitor the network of the server, they will be able to match VPN clients with their traffic, nullifying the privacy benefits of the VPN.
  3. It would be helpful if current or past users of these services can share their views. Any other advise is also appreciated. Thanks in advance. [Current and satisfied AirVPN user]
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