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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All, I just found that all AirVPN servers/users have been banned from Omegle chat service. We can connect at their home page, but as soon as we try to start a chat it either gives back an obscure connection error or redirect to a banned page stating our network has being blocked due to unapropriated behavior. I assume there will always be some unapropriate behavior from users of a public chat site, however it does not justify blocking the entire AirVPN users because one or a few are not following their policies. Could you please look into this issue? Thanks,
  2. Spammers ruin it for legitimate users. If you're using AirVPN to spam - think about everyone else you're affecting. No excuse for omegle to block all AirVPN servers though. Can anything be done to get around this?
  3. This means AirVPN users are inundated with captchas. Happens regardless of server. Any workaround?
  4. It looks like omegle.com has banned all AirVPN servers. I have tried servers in Asia, Europe and US. While you can access the site, attempted to use the service results in a 'banned' message. I recall AirVPN staff were able to resolve this last time by micro-routing last time. Can you resolve it this time? Thanks!
  5. When trying to connect to omegle.com via AirVPN, the message "Error connecting to server. Please try again." appears. It looks like it is the case for all AirVPN servers. Perhaps this is a blocking attempt, as it works fine via a normal connection. Can we fix this?
  6. Looks like www.omegle.com is banning the two Canadian located servers Cephei and Lesath. I am able to load home page, but as soon as I try to start a video chat, I get a " server error" message. When I connect though any other VPN server, Omegle works just fine. Thanks,
  7. Whil connected to one of the Canadian servers (Cephei or Lesath) when I try joinning a chat on Omegle I get a " server error" and it keeps trying in a loop. If a connect to any other server, it works just fine. Can you please check whats wrong with canadian based servers? Thanks,
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