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Found 4 results

  1. Hello AirFriends! Looks like a great community here! AirbVPN is my favourite after a 1 month research! So yeah.. I'm a newbie and I was wondering what the community has to say about best operating systems for Eddy? Which OS is simpler to configure? Make changes as easy as possible? Get a newbie familiar with what AirVPN has to offer, fast? I don't mind using any Mac OS, Win OS, or Linux OS. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi, since today I cannot login via Eddie (2.16.3), see screenshots. Any hints? Thanks B. EDIT: Problem solved, TAP driver missed.
  3. Hello, I have been using AirVPN for quite some time now... I was previously using the Eddie client on a single machine, but decided to build a PFSense box and configure the VPN there. I am located in Canada, and setting a connection to a single VPN server in Toronto. It seems to give the best connection and reliability rather then going for the ca.airvpn (I seem to always end up at a BC server using this entry) My issue is.... I currently have a 150mbps connection with my ISP. Using PFSense without AirVPN I am able to reach my advertised speeds With AirVPN configured, I am only ever seeing a max of about 30mbps. My hardware setup is quite decent. Intel® Core i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz 4gb DDR3 memory120gb SSD2 Intel NICs (both showing as igb) My speeds using Eddie were very very good, much better then the PFSense speeds; so I can only assume that I have a configuration error (my hardware seems to be quite good from what I have been reading) Some research from other posts did not help better my issue, so I am hoping that posting my own thread on this topic can being me closer to a conclusion with mine. I followed the guide by "pfSense_fan"https://airvpn.org/topic/17444-how-to-set-up-pfsense-23-for-airvpn/ I can post any diagnostics or logs as necessary, I just do not know what you guys would like to see. Any help with this would be appreactiated Regards
  4. Hy guys, so i´ve been using Air VPN on a regular basis, but not since 1 Month or so. Today i´ve tried o connect via "automatic connection" and everything went fine until after the connection has been established it always "restarts". Strange thing is, i have to log into AirVPN via browser and disconnect my client from those connections because i get the max of 5 connections per user very fast. Manual connection does the same. Creators Update? Im using an up to date Windows 10, my internet works fine aside from Eddy. I will attach my Log file in case u will need it. Thanks in advance Eddie_20171226_080649.txt
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