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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, long time AirVPN user/supporter here. Lately, I've noticed that at times, nearly all Canadian servers are loaded to near capacity. I mean Canadian servers have always been some of the most loaded servers, often requiring me to surf around between servers to find one with good bandwidth, but as of late, it seems like most, if not all, of the Canadian servers are loaded to near max capacity. It is really frustrating not being able to find a single server (after trying 10-15 different servers) that I can achieve even 100Mbps downloads from. I guess my question is if y'all have any plans to add more Canadian servers (or add more bandwidth to the existing Canadian servers) at any point in the near future? Overall, I really like AirVPN and I think it is a great match for my needs but the bandwidth issues are really starting to become a thorn in my side. Hopefully there is some plan to overcome these issues as I really deplore the idea of having to switch to another provider. Thanks! I've included a screenshot of the entire list of Canadian servers as it appeared in the client app tonight (right before posting this msg). Definitely pretty overloaded...
  2. Has anyone using airvpn been hit with a reverse class action lawsuit from one of the movie studios or anyone else for that matter?
  3. Hi, I have been experiencing a weird issue in the past few months when I try to access rarbg.com. Using US servers such as "Arrakis" or "Librae" allow access to visit rarbg.com web page and I can get the torrent file but as soon as I open it in uTorrent it never connects to the tracker and will not begin downloading. I have read a bit about the issue and I guessed it might have been a simple blocking issue because accessing other torrent sites and downloads work fine. I have also checked my port forwarding and it appears to be working. As an alternative solution, I have selected a Canadian server "Grumium" in the past three months and without changing any specific settings in my torrent client it works again even the previously unconnectable torrents were downloading...HOWEVER last week, I have noticed that the rarbg.com web page is not reachable by the browser (the browser tries connecting and then times out) while I am on Canadian "Grumium" server conncetion. The web page is reachable if I am on a US server such as "Arrakis". So what is going on? It seems like US server is blocking the tracker traffic for downloads and the Canadian server is blocking the actual web site. It is a weird issue. Can you suggest a solution in order to re-establish web page and tracker download access/traffic for rarbg.com? Thanks, Jim
  4. I'm not a tech savvy guy, but I've noticed that the vast majority of the Canada servers are blacklisted. Those are the ones that I'm automatically connected to normally. This is according to https://whoer.net I'm hoping that this gets fixed because it's very time consuming to always have to shop around for a server that is not blacklisted.
  5. Now, I am fully aware that this question has been asked time and time again, but is it really safe to use Canadian servers? AirVPN has stated in the past that they fully conform to data retention laws in Canada. Which surely must mean that they keep data that the Canadian government by law requires them to such as timestamps, log in/log off times, ip etc. could some light be shed on the legal situation with Canadian servers to clarify the situation? More importantly what is and what is not collected by AirVPNs Canadian servers and what impact it has on our privacy. AirVPN constantly states that they would never host a server where they would put our privacy at risk; however in situations like this that statement alone compared with the legal situation at hand is no firm gurantee that we are actually as safe on Canadian servers as we are anywhere else. Quote from support and source link below "We follow laws on data retention in every country we have servers in, so any information which contradicts the non-obligation to log anything MUST be documented at least with the citation of the EXACT law which supposedly would force us to log. Please be sure that we don't work superficially or with misleading information on this critical issue like a lot of "false" anonymity layers providers do." https://airvpn.org/topic/3930-misleading-false-airvpn-does-log/?hl=%2Bcanada+%2Bdata+%2Bretention
  6. I was thinking about setting up a self hosted VPN for fun to use on my Pi. I was thinking about using the Canada location... I know the France location is considered very safe. It seems they don't care about torrent sites/trackers, regular BitTorrent traffic, etc. but there doesn't seem to be much info on this in their Canada location. Any input is appreciated!
  7. I'm new to VPN, but I am tech savy~ish, and I am looking for an answer to torrenting from work. I'm currently using some other, inferior , VPN service, and the root of my question is: What do I need to ONLY avoid my bosses receiving copyright-downloading-warning emails. I don't care if the NSA is watching my browse the internet, I don't care is hackers are using my credit cards around the world, I don't care about being a ghost and phantoming around cyber-space. I only want to ensure that the next time I grab the latest Tame of Ghrones episode, I don't have to worry about the corperate internet service being disable on the account of mine downloading. My torrent client has a network select and ip binding, and it works correctly, so I knoe that if my VPN cuts out I won't have any leaks there is a TON of information on being a phantom in cyber-space, and how to keep the NSA out of your life; but very little information on foiling your ISP from knoeing what you are using the internet for. I mean, I can assume that just using a VPN I am masking what I am using the internet for; because over the last 3 days I have been testing out my new VPN by downloading a number of things that I thought my ISP would flag, including a couple of episode that I have previously been flag for. Nothing in the company email yet, concerning the downloading. I'm currently seeding these now, and I will do so for a couple more days (still in my 7 day trial with ivacy VPN) will update this post when I knoe that seeding is still safe. (Seeding is the REAL illegal part) TO SUM UP is the VPN all I need to foil my ISP. is it safe to use ONLY PPTP. do I NEED encryption? (128bit and 256bit options) I knoe it is based on your VPN provider, but I feel like there needs to be more info regarding what is needed to only foil your ISP, obviously if the NSA has trouble seeing your activity, your probably not going to have to worry about your ISP, but that takes head room, and with file sharing I want speed.
  8. When trying to play a video a female voice says "This content is currently unavailable." Tried both Canadian servers.
  9. Canada now requires ISP and VPN providers to keep logs for a minimum of six months what's does this mean in relation to Canada serves that airvpn provides, is privacy compromised? http://torrentfreak.com/canadian-isps-vpns-now-alert-pirating-customers-150102/
  10. ​[Copied from https://torrentfreak.com/canada-wants-vpns-to-log-and-warn-pirating-customers-131011/] ​ ​ ​It looks a lot like this is going to have an impact on AirVPN's canadian servers...
  11. Hello, what is the plan for Canada servers when logging is enforced? Here is the article I got the news from: http://torrentfreak.com/canada-wants-vpns-to-log-and-warn-pirating-customers-131011/
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