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Found 1 result

  1. Main Problem: How to verify AirVPN over Tor (ISP > TOR > VPN) is working??? #1) I have followed the minimal guide at https://airvpn.org/tor/ and after following the instructions to the best of my ability, am still left with the question of "How do I know if my data is really being routed through Tor before it then goes through AirVPN?" So, when I view the Client Area at https://airvpn.org/client/ it shows me the AirVPN server exit IP... but this doesn't tell me that my data was in fact routed through Tor. (For example, it could be that I didn't have Tor selected in the Proxy preferences, yet Client Area will display the same info just the same). So I wish (dear Staff) that the Client Area in addition would say something like, "AirVPN ENTRY IP was an --Tor Exit Node--", or "AirVPN ENTRY IP was NOT an --Tor Exit Node--" or such. Probably some people don't want their ISP's entry point posted on the web-page, but many people probably would appreciate if at least a generic description of the ENTRY IP was posted as well in the Client Area. (such as, "ENTRY IP was SSH/Tor/Proxy/etc"). Howbeit, since the above feature is currently not implemented, can anyone tell me how I might Know that my data is being routed through Tor before then going through AirVPN? Please respond with an actual method, rather than just saying, "make sure your settings are right." Suppose AirVPN's instructions were wrong, or that my system had an anomaly... what can I do to ascertain / verify that the data was routed through TOR first? Extra problems: #2) As Network Lock currently does not work with AirVPN over Tor, would the method described at https://airvpn.org/topic/3405-windows-comodo-prevent-leaks/ suffice as an effective network lock, so that if AirVPN disconnected, no data would pass unencrypted to ISP (from Non-Tor Broswer)? #3) I am wishing to know the above for the purpose of purchasing another AirVPN account anonymously... having read the section on Tor Browser safety at: http://localbitcoins.net/faq , it implied that purchasing Bitcoins via Tor (so as to buy AirVPN anonymously) was subject to MITM (Man in the middle) attacks... and yet AirVPN prescribes just that... so my question is... will using AirVPN over Tor bypass the MITM attacks referenced in the above localbitcoins faq? Thanks. PS - Thanks in advance for any help, and if someone could respond ASAP I would appreciate it, as my account expires in a few days.
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