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Server details
Country Netherlands
171 / 1000 Mbit/s
Sessions online81
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Status log
Latest issue.
...5m 21sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 22.2%, Max: 23%
...5m 21sPacket Loss, Last: 24%, Average: 24.8%, Max: 26%
...4h 53m 45s*Maintenance
...9m 42sPacket Loss, Last: 35%, Average: 43.78%, Max: 55%
...47m 35sPacket Loss, Last: 20%, Average: 27.52%, Max: 32%
...14m 2sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 33.85%, Max: 45%
...16m 16sPacket Loss, Last: 28%, Average: 40.53%, Max: 56%
...10m 10sPacket Loss, Last: 24%, Average: 31%, Max: 40%
...2h 1m 0sPacket Loss, Last: 29%, Average: 95.61%, Max: 100%
...25m 25sPacket Loss, Last: 24%, Average: 39.56%, Max: 50%
...12m 12sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 30.33%, Max: 39%
...17m 17sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 25.65%, Max: 27%
...1m 1sPacket Loss, Last: 40%, Average: 40%, Max: 40%
...1m 1sPacket Loss, Last: 40%, Average: 40%, Max: 40%
...5m 5sPacket Loss, Last: 23%, Average: 24.4%, Max: 25%
...7m 9sPacket Loss, Last: 100%, Average: 100%, Max: 100%
...6m 6sPacket Loss, Last: 24%, Average: 28.83%, Max: 31%
...9m 9sPacket Loss, Last: 23%, Average: 37.44%, Max: 52%
...6m 6sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 25.17%, Max: 27%
...16m 16sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 70.06%, Max: 98%
...16m 16sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 72.94%, Max: 100%
...29m 47sMaintenance
...1m 1sPacket Loss, Last: 35%, Average: 35%, Max: 35%
...11m 11sPacket Loss, Last: 40%, Average: 51.45%, Max: 76%
Latency from locations
Ping result from different locations to this server.
Alblasserdam0 ms
Amsterdam1 ms
Noord-Holland2 ms
Haarlem2 ms
Brussels5 ms
London9 ms
Frankfurt10 ms
Ile-de-France10 ms
Manchester11 ms
France - Gravelines11 ms
France - Roubaix11 ms
Paris12 ms
Maidenhead13 ms
Germany13 ms
Bern16 ms
Ireland17 ms
Zurich20 ms
20 ms
Munich21 ms
Stockholm22 ms
Vienna23 ms
Uppsala25 ms
Oslo26 ms
Barcelona32 ms
Riga33 ms
Madrid34 ms
Siauliai35 ms
Arezzo36 ms
Valencia37 ms
Sofia37 ms
Prague38 ms
Bucharest44 ms
Virginia47 ms
Kiev49 ms
Newark, New Jersey78 ms
Pennsylvania82 ms
Toronto, Ontario89 ms
Atlanta, Georgia92 ms
Quebec94 ms
Chicago, Illinois101 ms
Miami110 ms
Dallas, Texas116 ms
Jacksonville, Florida125 ms
Fremont, California142 ms
Los Angeles145 ms
Vancouver147 ms
Denver, Colorado156 ms
Hong Kong189 ms
Singapore217 ms
Tokyo241 ms
?288 ms
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