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Found 186 results

  1. Hello, I can be online only with airvpn, if I'm not connected to airvpn I can't connect my pc to internet. I've windows 10, and I never used Network Lock. Thanks for help and sorry for my english.
  2. hi there, I have technical issues with skype video calls always when connected over an airvpn server. the connection establishes and I have a couple of moments before the connection freezes and skype goes into re-connection mode. During this time I also cannot browse other internet sites (seems the connection is re-configuring or something). When not surfing over the vpn I don't have these problems. I am using: win7 64bit latest skype version openvpn 2.3.6 comodo firewall (configured as you described) does it have anything to do with certain ports or something? cheers
  3. Goal: get https://github.com/jishi/node-sonos-http-api to find my local Sonos devices Mac: running AirVPN, Local IP: Sonos: IP: When AirVPN is not connected, and I run the node server from the URL above, the server quickly finds the Sonos speaker and connects. However, once I connect to AirVPN, the server endlessly loops with: scanning for players in ip scanning for players in ip <-- AirVPN IP If I go to AirVPN --> Preferences --> Routes --> "Not specified routes go: Outside the VPN tunnel," it works. However, I know that effectively stops the benefit of AirVPN. So, if I set AirVPN --> Preferences --> Routes --> Not specified routes go: Inside the VPN tunnel, and set an IP Range of, it does NOT work and endlessly loops scanning. Am I understanding the routes table correctly? I'm so not privy of CIDR formats, but I think I understand that means -, correct?
  4. I'm relatively new to VPNs and I'm having a hard time finding out what I should do about a few general settings in my torrent client. I use Windows 7 and qBittorrent, and my settings so far are as follow: qBittorrent is only bound to the interface used by the VPN;UPnP/NAT-PMP in qBittorrent is disabled;qBittorrent's listening port is set to the port I opened in the AirVPN web client settings;at the router level, UPnP is disabled and no ports are forwarded;Network Lock (automatic mode) in the AirVPN client is enabled;a proxy is not being used -- all traffic is simply being routed through the VPN;and lastly, the AirVPN client has mostly default settings. What I should do about the uTP, DHT, PEX, and Local Peer Discovery settings in qBittorrent? Currently I have them all disabled, but is it safe to enable them, or do I run the risk of having my actual IP exposed to ths swarm if I enable some of them?
  5. first of all im not fluenty in english so its really hard to understand what some thread are tellin me to do, on top of this im not a computer geek i dont know nothin about how stuff works this is all new to me. the reason i want a vpn is so i can torrent safely, thats all. i dont want the isp to know that im downloadin stuff in torrent site, ive had already receive a letter about 5 years ago, i already moved to another state i dont want to happen again here, can somebody explain to me the steps to do this like im 5 years old? i want to buy airvpn, after i buy it what happens next? i saw a youtube video and i saw that there were two thing that airvpn gave the guy,, airvpn and openvpn why two? and which one do i used? also i read about fordward port to my bittorrrent client i dont whats that or p2p or protocol. can i do this succesfully if im usin my isp router? just tell me how to get it to work so i cant safely download some torrent which i rarely do but when i do i like it to be safe. thanks so much, all this is like a new language to me lol
  6. Hi, Recently I re-used an old Netgear WNR3500 v2 I had lying around and put dd-wrt on. I followed the tutorial on here and got it all working :-) So my network at home is as followed *Cisco 867VAE-K9 as my VDSL router - connects to my ISP and offers DHCP for local devices. *Netgear WNR3500 plugged into Cisco router I use the range for my home network such that :- - ISP gateway via my CISCO - so most devices use this - VPN tunnel gateway via Netgear - so any devices to use VPN point to this gateway and also change DNS server to be VPN DNS server etc. The Netgear's WAN port is configured to be with its gateway pointing out to the CISCO on My initial test is as below. Down: 17.289 Mbit/s Out, 6.271 Mbit/s In (36%), 20MB - Up: 6.585 Mbit/s Out, 3.183 Mbit/s In (48%), 20MB - Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2015 20:27:45 GMT - Buffers: 20MB/20MB - Laps: 3, Time: 178.81 secs Does this setup seem ok, I think my speed is limited by the CPU in the router or could it be I just need to try a different server etc ? CPU ModelBroadcom BCM4716 chip rev 1 CPU Clock453 MHz Thanks !!
  7. Hello, I'm having a really weird issue. I initially had ufw setup, but my speeds were horrendous. Pings all worked well everywhere with good latency, but connecting (www, ssh, etc) to anything took forever! After trying many different servers I disabled my firewall, and BAM speeds were excellent. So I said screw it, lets try the network lock on the AirVPN GUI and there we go again with incredibly slow speeds. I'm running Ubuntu 15.10 if that matters, I'm all out of ideas any assistance would be appreciated as I really don't want to leave the firewall off.
  8. Hi all. I just signed up for service and am a newbie when it comes to this stuff. I am using Debian jessie, and have successfully installed the AirVPN client. How do I set up my torrent client (Transmission) and my browser to utilize AirVPN's services? Thanks!
  9. So I know this maybe over the top and a wee bit silly but what if you chained 2 VPNs together through virtualization (VPN 1 on host machine and VPN 2 on a virtual machine) but instead of running 1 virtual machine you installed a virtual machine inside of a virtual machine and installed VPN 2 inside that virtual machine thats installed inside the virtual machine then create another virtual machine seperate from the others and install pfsense and configure it and route the traffic through VM 2 (virtual machine inside the virtual machine) to VM 1 then back through the host? And of cousre run TOR too............ VPNception?
  10. Following NaDre's instructions on "Guide to Setting Up VPN Just for Torrenting on Windows"....... https://airvpn.org/topic/9491-guide-to-setting-up-vpn-just-for-torrenting-on-windows/ I wanted some input on whether "everything" looks ok and is setup right. I'm posting screenshots below of how it's setup. Input from any advanced user, staff and anyone that knows what they're doing would be awesome. Thank You and have an day/night. *Some pics were unable to be uploaded*
  11. When using a VPN, am I correct in thinking that any peering arrangements that my ISP uses will no longer apply as it will depend on the exit server that I am connected to?
  12. Airvpn's client doesn't officially drop connections but, when I try to load pages/visit websites they won't load. This happens after I do a speedtest or watch 1080p+ YouTube video. I am using the client Eddie. My connection speed is 126mbps dl & 12mbps ul. I brought 1 year Airvpn access so I would really like this to work properly. Thanks.
  13. Hi there! Imagine a scenario in which one is in a country in which it is illegal to use a VPN. In this scenario, the ideal solution for would be to use a VPN or method in conjunction with the VPN that conceals the fact that one is being used. Is this a service that AirVPN offers? How does one implement this, if possible? Is it automatically a part of the setup/deal? If it's not possible using AirVPN alone, how does one go about making this possible? Many thanks!
  14. Would it be possible to add a server in India to your range?
  15. Hi. I use AirVPN in my macbook to watch netflix in different countries since I only have an American Netflix account. This however doesn't work with Amazon FIreTv Stick's Netflix. How do I use AirVPN to configure my router to connect directly to AirVPN servers so that both the macbook and the firetv stick connect through the VPN? Thanks.
  16. So far I am using VPN to download/upload torrents to private tracker. As soon as the AirVPN loses connenction for whatever reason, I have enabled the mechanism that shuts down the network to my macbook. Furthermore, I have confirured Vuze to start only when tun0 interface is available. I see also, that there are some people using proxy servers and TOR network, would this be benefitial from anonimity side of things in my case or not? I would like some links or discussion based on the topic's title Thanks
  17. Hi All, I use a VPN (Alcyone) on my ASUS RT-AC3200 router with 378.55 merlin on it. Unfortunately the vpn disconnects randomly after a X of time.. I already tried other servers with tcp/udp but all with the same problem. Here is a copy of my log. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance!
  18. Hello Air, I have a Asus RT-ac3200 with merlin 378.55 and my VPN dissconnect automatiiclly more times a day sometimes my router resets itself. This is what I found in the log: Does somone know what this means and how I can FIx this? I already tried different servers, resetting my router but that will not solve the problem. Any help is welcome!
  19. Hi all, Since upgrading to Windows 10 there is a build-in feature to use a VPN. Had any of you had any luck configuring it? I would like to use the VPN when it's needed and just browse on my normal connection when it's turned off. The browsing speeds were horrible on windows 7 and I had to turn it off everytime and changing the dns to be able to enjoy my 100mbit browsing experience and not a 33k6. Any help/input is appreciated!
  20. ok, using Ubuntu 14.04, Thunderbird, VPN through Network manager. Unable to connect to my outgoing mail server. smtp.secureserver.net / port 465 SSL/TLS . I am unable to connect to it while on VPN (Blocked I assume), turn off VPN and I have no problem. This also seems to be the only port they offer. Is there a way to add to the settings that anything going to this address to bypass VPN via the iptables and if so how. Tried a few settings and still doesnt work. Or do I need to add a additional Netcard?
  21. Hi guys. Any chance we could please get the BBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon working on all of the VPN's, not just the UK ones? Cheers.
  22. Hello all, this is a question I am struggling to phrase in a google search, therefore I cannot find an answer. Recently thinking about the Tor network it occured to me that in the case of a VPN, the Exit server is presumably the server that decrypts the traffic? Am I wrong on that? If not, then wouldn't that mean that VPN traffic could pass overseas unencrypted. For example: If i was to want to access facebook.com (US based) from here in the UK, the connection (encryped) would go Me>ISP>VPNSERVER>FACEBOOK So my question, perhaps a silly one, is: Is the internet traffic between the Exit server encrypted? If not, are we all at risk by not using a VPN exit server that is based in the same country as the server we are trying to access? Because otherwise I draw the conclusion that we are sending unencrypted internet traffic over the international fibre cables that are all heavily monitored. Thanks in advance
  23. Hi Anyone know how to set-up the VPN with the Wii U?
  24. Hey, After logging in I used to be able to connect to any of the servers. I would select TCP over port 443 to connect. But recently the version of the client I have stopped working. When I try to log in it says "The client is obsolete and no longer supported". So I went and downloaded the latest version. I can log in fine and see the server list, but I can't connect to any of them. I keep getting an "Checking info 1, 2, 3... unable to connect to the remote host error". It then keeps doing this over and over trying to connect. I have tried to connect with many servers and always get the same result.
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