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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I am running into some problems with Sophos Home. It is blocking some traffic from Eddie every time a VPN connections is started or restarted. As far as I can tell, Eddie is calling Curl to fetch something from here: (at least that was the address in the Sophos Log) and that is being blocked. I guess Eddie tries to get some updated information from here and since this IP is appearing on some Block Lists it is being blocked. What I would like to understand is, what Eddie is doing here. Kind regards, Lex
  2. Well, I had some disappointing results with DD-WRT (lack of stability on my router) so I'm planning to go back to stock firmware and place a firewall appliance between the router and the modem, to control which traffic goes where in a simple, GUI way. I saw some posts on here mentioning pFsense, but me being me I wanted to try out something else first. More Googling showed Sophos UTM is a popular Firewall with a great user interface. Has anyone had any success running AirVPN with Sophos UTM Firewall? I have the software installed but I can't seem to find a way to add an openVPN client connection, SSL or SSH connection. Perhaps I'm missing something? I'm also considering trying out Untangle, IPfire and finally pFsense if I don't find what I want with the others. Yeah, I'm scared off pFsense's interface..
  3. A company I work at utilizes the Sophos UTM Firewall for packet filtering. While it's perfectly okay for me when they block torrent sites or porn, they also block games sites (steampowered.com), personal storage services (wuala.com) and anonymizers (airvpn.org). They even drop packets to social network domains (facebook.com) (no blocking message, Firefox says it simply couldn't connect). OS is Windows XP. Regardless of the changes made to the computer PC Sheriff restores a preconfigured snapshot after every reboot. But what serious changes can be made if the only user you can login to is restricted? So, first thought: proxy. But hell no, proxy-listen.de is blocked! And pretty much every other website offering a proxy list which I found on the internet, too. Okay, I need new ideas. TOR. Oh no. Blocked. Then, by accident, I typed airdns.org instead of airvpn.org and Firefox successfully connected to the AirDNS website. There are two links - AirVPN homepage, and a link to the DNS FAQ entry. Both work, although airvpn.org is blocked. I can even type airvpn.org after this and Firefox could establish a connection. This really turned everything upside down. What if torproject.org can be unlocked in the same way? So I searched for Torproject.org with Google and clicked the link. Success! But why on earth does this work? I could even download the package! I installed it, I attempted a connection. It's stuck at "Connecting to a relay directory". Last week I let it run for an hour and it could successfully connect to a directory but couldn't go further. Pity. Don't have the time to let it run longer. My ideas to solve this: Linux Live CD. But I cannot configure the network settings because there seems to be no DHCP server and I cannot view network settings, registry, command prompt, the device manager, etc. for valuable information on IPs for example.Configuring a small proxy at home and connecting to it. Since the firewall is clearly working in blacklist mode it would work. But I need some advice on which software to use and how to configure it to redirect traffic. Never did that before, honestly. I appreciate every kind of input you can share, especially on other ideas and guides. Thank you in advance.
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