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Found 5 results

  1. When the Refresh button is clicked while connected to a server it no longer works correctly. Now it alphabetizes the server list by server name, erases all of the scores and erases all of the latency numbers. The only way to fix it is to disconnect from whatever server I'm connected to and then, without even clicking Refresh, everything updates itself properly again immediately. The next time I click refresh while connected to any server the same thing happens all over again. You can't click refresh while connected without it messing up. Also, the speed is way off, both in the top left corner of this photo and in the speed graph. When I took this screenshot the DL speed was actually over 20Mb/s not 3Mb/s. Also, if you hover the mouse over the Eddie icon in the toolbar it usually says the DL speed is 0Mb/s regardless of what it actually is. Not always with that part but usually. And, again, the only way Ive found to correct this is to disconnect and reconnect.
  2. I'm using Eddie on macOS Sierra which is running behind Sophos UTM 9.4 firewall. I'm not seeing any values for score or latency, I've already allowed ICMP on the firewall. I believe the firewall is blocking something which is preventing me from getting the latency and score values. I've tried bypassing the firewall and everything worked fine. Anyone have any experience with Sophos UTM?
  3. Only the Canadian servers ever seem to have scores calculated for them. Are the US servers so bad that no score will show up in the list? This is a typical server listing that I see.
  4. One can choose latency or score from the Scoring Rule dropdown to sort the servers, presumably for the "Connect to a recommended server" feature . Most time they appear to produce the same order, otherwise, it appears to be a balance (though how it's calculated...I'd love to know) between latency and the # of users on the server (particularly when comparing a given a selection of servers with the same geographical location). Is that it?
  5. I've recently noticed that the AirVPN client does not show a score or latency for servers listed in the "Servers" tab. There's no new version of the client on GitHub. Is there an issue that I've overlooked or an issue on my laptop config? Thanks.
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