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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I was working in January and February remote from Cuba for my client in Italy, I will go back in one week and stay another 3 month. During my time in Cuba, i tried many different VPN solutions; What i found out is that Wireguard works always, while pure OpenVPN seems to be blocked. That's why i joined AirVPN as i would like to know if SSL over OpenVPN or SSH over OpenVPN work over there. I will let you know as soon as I am there. I have tried several VPN solutions, the most disappoining was NordVPN. Their promise to bypass censorship is wrong. What worked was ExpressVPN, Proton VPN and Proxy solutions such as Outline, Vless, VMess, Brook, Hysteria, Psiphon, Lantern. Still, Wireguard is easy to detect and can be easily blocked. So i need a backup solution, hopefully not a Proxy one as it is difficult to tunnel all traffic on a WIndows System (i use Proxifier for this, but i am not sure if really all traffic gets tunneled). I hope AirVPN with OpenVPN over SSH/SSL is another option/backup solution for me. Let's see... Does somebody know what happens with UDP packets (for example if doing Teams calls)? How will they be forwared when using OpenVPN in TCP mode? Will the packets simply bypass the VPN and be routed directly?
  2. I finished reading https://jigsaw.google.com/the-current/shutdown/ the other day, this beautiful presentation highlights mostly the spectrum of political 'lights out' events when entire regions are denied access to the Internet, for example during elections. I commend them for including a lot of references there, the kind of action modern journalists don't need to do apparently. One of these references linked this UN document: https://undocs.org/A/HRC/47/24/Add.2 One of the most flagrant attacks on the Internet that had an immediate impact on me personally were commited in Belarus and Russia in the recent years. In the past 7 or 8 years Russia had been tightening their control over the Internet and that included banning websites (like EVE Online and their wiki article about an in-game drug LOL) or bloggers/apps that did not agree with the mandatory "registry" registration, e.g. Telegram. In their attempt to ban Telegram, the government has had over 2 million IPs of Google and Amazon blocked which led to massive and unrelated service failures. Some of the international traffic in and out of Belarus is routed through big russian transit providers and as a result some of these blocks have unlawfully hit belarussian citizens. And of course these laws were used to block political websites. How often does Russia appear in this report? Answer: ONCE. As a footnote 78 on page 12. This doesn't reference law changes from 2012-2014 and later that lead to current blocks! Belarus' internet censorship. I don't think I have to explain much because this was so recent during the last "election". At least the report acknowledges it fully, five times no less: I can confirm there were disruptions, but I'm still here thanks to AirVPN : ) Thanks for non-standard connection options. I don't know who exactly they're talking about, but this reminds me of Cisco helping to build the Great Firewall of China! The UN welcomes internet censorship How often does China appear in this report? Occurrences: 0. What's legal today can quickly become illegal tomorrow, no matter justified or not, morally correct or not. The UN completely agrees with such laws: just please don't block the entire internet, ok? Basically totalitarian governments can do whatever if they take 2 months time to write it as law. Maybe the new law was put together by a lobby group, doesn't matter. You are allowed to censor then. American services banning Iranian users if connected without VPN? Totally cool with that! Russia banning 2 million IPs? Haha at least you didn't ban 4 milliard IPs, you get a free pass! Ukraine blocks access to all russian social networks due to war in the east? Ukraine, occurrences = 0. The UN loves "lawful" internet censorship.
  3. Hello. I live in the US and have been using VPN services here fine for around 2 years, but next week I am planning on going on a 3 week trip to Iran and am only bringing my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S9+ running Android 8.0.0) . I would like to know which VPN protocols, ports, and locations would be best for me to use while in Iran both in terms of effectively blocking censorship, and also in speed. Thank you
  4. Since it is not very easy to use a VPN from countries like Iran a recorded a tutorial on how to use airvpn from these countries: https://usefulvid.com/bypass-the-persian-and-chinese-firewall-by-using-airvpn-with-ssl/ The videos are hosted on my website and on youtube. The reason is that it is not possible to access youtube from Iran. https://youtu.be/jl8I2-GQF94 It would be nice if you could share this with your friends in Iran, China, Turkey, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and provide feedback if this method works. You can also download this video from my website to make it easier to share and spread the word. A video on how to use stunnel on android will follow and also published on this site. Update on 6.1.2018: The Video for Android is finally published: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwf5JI6t0TI For all who suffer from youtube censorship this is the link for you: https://usefulvid.com/bypass-the-persian-and-chinese-firewall-by-using-airvpn-with-ssl/ Second Video on the page
  5. Today Putin has signed the law to ban VPN and Proxy services in Russia. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fstrana.life%2Fnews%2Fputin_zapretil_anonimajzery_i_servisy_vpn%2F2017-07-30-9205 One more country with a "Great Firewall"? Will you use your VPN service anyway when visiting Russia?
  6. It's a new feature in OpenVPN 2.4, for more privacy and can also help with censorship circumvention in some cases. https://github.com/OpenVPN/openvpn/blob/master/Changes.rst Can AirVPN implement this?
  7. I like to know if AirVPN is capable of bypassing the turkish firewall. For this I did a video tutorial on how to get the best results. I am not in Turkey but I like to know if this works! I hope its ok to post this link here: http://usefulvid.com/tutorial-bypass-turkish-censorship/ Would be nice if some Turkish users within Turkey could test it.
  8. Veep Peep

    TPP and VPN

    Hello, Do you think the passing of the TPP (trans Pacific Partnership) will mean either and end to VPNs or more scrutiny of them? The trade deal has universal laws on copyright infringement. Or like Netflix, if using a VPN you will be blocked? Thoughts, comments? Mr. V
  9. AirVPN in the short time i have been able to use it thusfar has been an excellent tool in the business of bypassing the censorship of ISP's ranging from workplaces, public wifi etc. I have previously used PIA, IPvanish, ExpressVPN and NordVPN. AirVPN by far makes the goal of privacy and censorship bypassing their main priority of their business plan and as a customer that has been extremely valuable as other providers only give you a assurance of privacy, however AirVPN will take you the time and walk you through and SHOW you that your data is safe and the EU legislation that makes all of this possible for them. No one likes spy's, big brothers or the moral watchdogs of today's internet society's.
  10. You probably heard of GEMA, the german licensing agency for music content. And you may have heard them and YouTube arguing about licensing fees on YouTube in Germany. As a result YouTube agreed to prevent german IPs from viewing music videos and videos containing even fractions of licensed music. Personally I call this censorship for both viewers and artists/producers. I suggest to create a rule for routing YouTube traffic from all german servers to any server not located in Germany, if possible. Of course I can circumvent this by just connecting to another server outside Germany... but I'm mostly connected to german servers and connecting to another server just to watch one music video is not expedient in my opinion. You may ask: Why do you connect to german servers, then? They're the nearest to my real location and had the best ping results. Advantage for online games.The use of YouTube-only proxy addons like ProxTube is a valid option, though it's proxy servers are not reachable sometimes. But why should I use a tiny proxy service to circumvent blockades if I'm already using a proxy service to which I'm connected the whole time? And for which I pay? It's easier for me to just surf and see that it's running without any modifications, right?I'd really like to see such a routing option. I miss it. -- Being connected to certain servers might not show you the right version of YouTube. The reason isn't clear, it might be a geolocation bug. Following servers are prone to this: Aquilae, DE > Google UK/ITVelorum, DE > Google UK/ITCarinae, UK > Google TR
  11. Hello! We're very glad to introduce native support for OpenVPN over SSL and OpenVPN over SSH, and a completely re-designed configuration generator which includes exciting, additional AirVPN services and features. Our service becomes more censorship resistant and easier to use with a wide range of OpenVPN GUIs and wrappers. UPDATE OCT 2014: EDDIE CLIENT AirVPN client version 2, codename Eddie, gets out of the beta testing with version 2.6. Free and open source, it is a major breakthrough from client versions 1.x. Available for Linux, Windows and OS X Mavericks and Yosemite. Eddie includes Network Lock, full integrated TOR support for OpenVPN over TOR, support for OpenVPN over SSL and SSH, "intelligent" anti-censorship circumvention technique, "intelligent" VPN servers efficiency and rating calculations and much, much more. https://airvpn.org/topic/12464-eddie-27-available Currently the only open source OpenVPN wrapper in the world which allows OpenVPN over TOR connections without middle boxes or VM on three different OS. NEW SERVICES: OPENVPN OVER SSL - OPENVPN OVER SSH OpenVPN over SSL and OpenVPN over SSH will allow you to bypass OpenVPN connections disruption. Known ISP countries where the disruption takes place are China, Iran, Syria, Egypt. The connection disruption is possible because OpenVPN connections have a typical fingerprint which lets Deep Packet Inspection discern them from pure SSL/TLS connections. Connecting OpenVPN over SSL or OpenVPN over SSH will make your connection undiscernable from pure SSL or SSH connections, rendering DPI fingerprint identification powerless. OpenVPN over SSL/SSH is included in every Premium subscription without any additional payment. Use OpenVPN over SSL/SSH only when necessary: a slight performance hit is the price to pay. The performance hit is kept as low as possible because the "double-tunneling" is performed directly on our servers without additional hops. NEW FEATURES A new system for host resolution (not available for Windows) and dynamic VPN server choice is available. This will let you have OpenVPN configuration files which will try connections to various servers (according to your preferences) if one or more servers are unavailable. A new connection port (2018) is now available on all Air VPN servers. A new, alternative entry-IP address is now available on all Air VPN servers. NEW CONFIGURATION GENERATOR FEATURES - You can now select servers by countries, continents and planets (currently only one planet) or any combination between single servers and countries. - You can now select an alternative entry-IP address. Each Air server has now an additional entry-IP address to help you bypass IP blocking. - You can now choose a wide variety of compressing options: zip, 7zip, tar, tar & gzip, tar & bzip2. - You can now choose not to compress the files and download them uncompressed one by one NEW CONFIGURATION GENERATOR "ADVANCED MODE" FEATURES - Total connection ports range available, including new port 2018 in addition to 53, 80, 443 and (for SSH) 22. - Option to generate non-embedded configuration files, mandatory if you use network-manager as OpenVPN wrapper under Linux or just in case you use any wrapper that does not support embedded with certificates and keys OpenVPN configurations. - Option to generate files and scripts for OpenVPN over SSL/SSH connections by clicking on "Advanced Mode" - Option to select "Windows" or "Linux and others". Make sure you select the correct option according to your OS, because connections over SSL/SSH in Windows require different files than those required for Linux, *BSD and Unix-like / POSIX compliant systems such as Mac OSX. - New options to generate configuration files that support proxy authentication for OpenVPN over a proxy connections, particularly useful if you're behind a corporate or college proxy which requires authentication. A significant example of usage of OpenVPN over a proxy is OpenVPN over TOR: https://airvpn.org/tor Instruction page for OpenVPN over SSL (only if you don't run our client Eddie): https://airvpn.org/ssl Instruction page for OpenVPN over SSH (only if you don't run our client Eddie): https://airvpn.org/ssh Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information. Kind regards & Datalove AirVPN admins
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