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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! I'm following this description (link) to create a VPN-proxy VM in Qubes OS. There is a step where i should create some firewall rules in the VPN-proxy to prevent leaks. I'd like to use a random European .ovpn configuration, so i go to Config Generator > choosing Linux as my OS, IPv4 only for IP layer exit and IPv4 as Connect with IP layer, tick the Advenced Mode, selecting OpenVPN version >=2.5, choosing OpenVPN TCP 443 tls-crypt, tls1.2 as the protocol and tick By Continents > Europe and finally generating and downloading the .ovpn config file, where i changed eurpe3.vpn... to europe3.all.vpn.... To create the firewall rule, I need the IP addresses that belong to the European servers. What is the easiest way to find out these IP addresses? If i'm downloading the .ovpn file as resolved hosts, i only get 1 IP address. Thanks any help you can provided!
  2. Hi I like to choose only one favourite server (with the green tick), so the server list has one server. What happens if i choose "lock current" and then that server is removed for maintenance. What does Eddie do next... does the server list become populated (caused by my green ticked server gone) and Eddie choose a random server? Or will Eddie stay disconnected with the server list be empty... until i choose a new favourite by green ticking a server so the list has a server in it? Thanks
  3. Hi there, I'm OS/X (10.10.5) and I used to have the latest stable client installed. I thought I'd try out the latest experimental version but I found that to be unstable when the client went into sleep mode and tried to reconnect. So I uninstalled the experimental client (using CleanApp to remove all files and settings) and reinstalled the latest stable version. However, CleanApp must have missed something as the Server list in the Stable Version has no names and as a result it has trouble authenticating and connecting to ALL servers. It gets stuck in a error loop of trying to authenticate to a I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before and what fixes I could apply?
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