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Found 56 results

  1. Just a number of floors deeper into the security/privacy rabbit hole. https://odysee.com/@AlphaNerd:8/using-google-without-google-using-you:8 Gr,Casper
  2. Recently, the Tor Project announced a membership program. As Air has always been a strong supporter of the Tor Project, maybe you can also consider the membership? This can help secure its independecy while also making AirVPN known to a wider audience. Many NGOs still struggle as the pandemic has decreased their donations. Here is the link to the announcement: https://blog.torproject.org/tor-project-membership-program
  3. Techlore talks about privacy and security in a more easy and friendly way. For this you have to visit youtube and this is perhaps a contradiction . A solution is the tor-browser .The “hatedone” on youtube uploaded a video about using the tor-browser in daily live ;also on youtube (recommended!) If you want to know more about defending your security and privacy ,look around on techlore’s youtube page. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1i-3xwcSGA&pbjreload=101
  4. Recently, I read that the US government is planning to pass a bill called the EARN IT act proposed by senators Lindsey Graham and Richard Blumenthal. Basically, with it passed, the government can force companies to drop encryptions for online messages so they can read our private conversations.I don't need to explain why this is a bad idea so I'll just cut to the chase. Please follow this link, read about it and Call on your representatives to oppose the Graham-Blumenthal Bill! (U.S. Citizens only I'm afraid)
  5. Lately I've been thinking about the prospect of using VPN's in conjunction with the Tor proxy and done some research. I know there are both pros and cons to Tor-over-VPN and VPN--Over-Tor connections and played with the idea of using both connection types at once - something I like to call the "Sandwiched Connection" in that you layer your Tor connection between two separate VPN connections. Please correct me if I got any details wrong or missing. First, you have your plain naked internet connection without a VPN or proxy so your ISP and local network can see everything you're doing. Next, you connect to a VPN server. It masks your IP address and location from your ISP as well as encrypts your web traffic so they have no idea what you're doing. However, the company managing the VPN server will have access to your real IP address, location and web traffic that will be decrypted in their servers - making it important it is a trustworthy service provider that doesn't keep logs of your activities and allows you to create your account with a temporary email address, no personal details and paid with cryptocurrency (that is untraceable like Z-Cash and Monero). You connect to your Tor proxy. Ordinarily, the Tor entry node will know your IP address and location. Since you are using a VPN, it will only know the masked address provided by the VPN server. Not only that but the Tor proxy will further encrypt your web traffic so even the VPN provider won't know what you are doing, just like how it, in turn, hides it from your ISP. Even better? Your ISP won't even know you are using Tor in the first place. However, the Tor exit node decrypts your web traffic and has full access to it as if you were never using a VPN to begin with. If the exit node happens to be malicious or operated by any authority that doesn't like what you're doing, they could potentially call whoever is operating the entry node and/or follow the mask IP address to the VPN service provider and contact them for details concerning you. Again, a trustworthy VPN provider with a no-logs policy is important. Then comes the second VPN connection. After you connect to Tor, you connect to that second VPN server which should encrypt your web traffic from the tor exit node. Whatever company is managing that second server (it could be the same service as the first one or a different one) will only know the IP address and location provided by the Tor proxy and first VPN server but it will know your web traffic as it is being fed to their servers and decrypted. Not to mention that this "sandwiched connection" will deliver a big dent to your connection performance so it helps if you have a powerful router connected via ethernet. So at the end of the day, I figured, someone has to know what you're up to online which leaves the question "Who do you trust with your personal information?" Plus this is all just theory, as far I can tell. Has anyone ever tried putting this into practise? Can anyone provide any further insight into the "sandwiched connection"? I look forward to talking about it.
  6. Firefox has enhanced its security/Privacy as of nr 70.Direct noticeable the cookie/tracking policy;now you can go from custom to strict. I used the new Firefox for a few hours now and no tracking alert or such... But i use ublock and decentrales ,so you have to see the "strict " setting, in perspective. Perhaps more important is that the German bsi ,choose Firefox as the best browser for security and privacy. Also Steve Gibson -probably known of his podcast "security now" - was very enthusiastic about nr. 70. (https://twit.tv/shows/security-now/episodes/737?autostart=false) Already know the website http://restoreprivacy.com. Full of reviews ,about security and privacy stuff And you will find also an how to guide for Firefox (about :config etc) Have a good day,Casper
  7. The hated one , latest video about facial recognition. Experiences from the past ,about using tech in general,and what is already going on,makes me worried. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri9vkrlNiU4&pbjreload=10 At the end the mass decide ,how we going to use this technology.
  8. For the security and privacy minded people overhere ;-), i discovered a very rich Podcast site. https://www.inteltechniques.com/podcast.html The information is more targeted for people living in the us. But it can be beneficial for the rest of the world to. Specially the podcasts about moving to Linux and why /how ( started at no.66 to 72).Very useful ,as a starter or more advanced user. Also how to hide your identity from trackers like google/facebook etc. Gr,Casper
  9. As of the beginning of the new Airvpn website ,I noticed so called,canvas tracing . I find it annoying; is this really necessary .If yes, can someone explain this to me? Gr,Casper
  10. Hello, first post here. I was really getting interested in hiding my IP from websites, and suddenly I noticed this issue: whatever I do the site whatsmyip always detects my real ISP given IP and location. I did some reading and tests, but all posts and topics related to IP leak lead to WEBRTC, that was the first fix I did - disabling this service on my browsers, however that didn't solve my problem, although all WEBRTC testing sites confirmed that I have successfully disabled the service. Then I changed my DNS, connected to various AirVPN servers, no change, that site is always showing my real IP (it's IPv6 if it matters) So, if anyone can explain this and possibly gives me an idea what to try next, it will be appreciated! using Win10-64, Chrome and Firefox browsers. Cheers! Waylander131
  11. A german IT security blogger recently discovered that NordVPN's official android app transmits personally identifiable information to NordVPN and a few third parties. The checked version of their app is v3.9.8 which seems a few versions behind the current branch but still fairly recent. The blogger discovered that a user's Google mail address along with the advertising ID and a bit of other info are sent to Iterable, AppsFlyer and Tune along with some Google services like Analytics - all seemingly without the user's consent and even without mentioning it in the app's ToS. Of course customer support has been asked as well. Their answer was not satisfactory: Everyone interested in some of the HTTP POSTs discovered can look at them in the article linked above. The article itself is German-language, but it doesn't contain more info than this, only a bit of the writer's opinion which I share: It's very questionable that a "no-log" or even "privacy-centered" VPN provider like NordVPN is bold enough to state "marketing reasons" as their justification to track users of their Android app. Even worse that this tracking is performed by third parties who will most likely use this data in cross-referencing... Try to avoid NordVPN. Searching for "NordVPN" in this forum alone will yield more than enough reason. One in three newly created threads is about them.
  12. The Hatedone uploaded -again- a very good docu. :"Online privacy is a first amendment right and why encryption is NOT a munition" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3HsqLKpoO4&pbjreload=10 Privacy is a human right! Are you already abandoned the big "socials" ? Look at the clips of the Hatedone,how to do this and why . Gr,Casper
  13. If you realize that whatsapp is more of the same as facebook (-problem) and you want to do something about it. Look for Signal app. Its opensource ,end to end encrypted and recommended by Bruce Schneier ,Matt Green and Edward Snowden. You can use the program on mobile ,but also on the desktop. Btw on the desktop you have text+voice only.The nice thing is you can use your keyboard. Some explanation from Tom Lawrence his channel :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM7cDTm3sCQ To set up the program in detail optional, not to use your private phone number:infosec//bytes https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfET6btFpe1e0CRGTFOulNg Gr,Casper
  14. Mullvad enhances wireguard protocol with "post quantun cryptography. Mullvad thinks that this, quantum crypto can be a solution to the coming quantum computer. https://www.mullvad.net/blog/2017/12/8/introducing-post-quantum-vpn-mullvads-strategy-future-problem/ Not bad at all Mullvad. Gr,Casper
  15. http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/economy/article/2113521/new-internet-looks-keep-user-data-away-tech-giants-and-bypass
  16. I've came across with different settings via about:config and found them too tiresome, so I've decided to amend the existing user.js from ghacks Short description is here: In Firefox profile folder ( Help-> Troubleshooting information-> Profile directory ) copy and save your current pref.js file. If something falls apart you can safely delete your user.js and replace pref.js with its older version. It's important!! The following part is my amendments to ghacks user.js. user_pref("network.cookie.cookieBehavior", 1); 2- is too much, you cannot enter some websites with it. Or be ready to change it in user.js ( and in pref.js as it preserve previous user's choice) every time. user_pref("network.cookie.lifetimePolicy", 2); the commented option from original file was 0 (The originated server sets the cookie lifetime. (default)) user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.cookies", true); it was false on ghacks-user.js, but true was the good default option I also uncommented related safebrowsing options, for example: user_pref("browser.safebrowsing.malware.enabled", false); user_pref("browser.safebrowsing.phishing.enabled", false); I like some old add-ons , so user_pref("extensions.legacy.enabled", true); For those, who prefer searching from the address string user_pref("keyword.enabled", true); Yes, this is invocation for DuckDuckGo user_pref("browser.search.defaultenginename.US","DuckDuckGo"); user_pref("browser.search.defaultenginename", "DuckDuckGo");
  17. Hello, Lately when I connect to AV I am getting put on US servers - latency is good. But should I be more concerned about privacy? Those US servers are under US laws - Homeland security. Think they are monitored different that non US servers. So I switch to non US serves with a close latency. I am sort of waiting for the day when all governments tell us VPN services that do not have logging are to be banished... Thoughts? Comments? Thanks, Mr. V
  18. Hello, I have been referred by a friend who recommended this service, and I have some doubts. Does AirVPN store the IP address of the person connecting to the server ?, if so ... for how long? Do you have access to identifiable user data such as IP address? Do the servers used by AirVPN only work in RAM? At the request of a government / police force / intelligence agency will you release my IP address or any other information that can identify me? Thank you very much for your kindness. I send you a big hug.
  19. http://ip-check.info/?lang=en https://browserleaks.com/ip https://ipleak.net/ https://www.doileak.com/?cb=2eu3h98tlz08z7kr http://check2ip.com/ https://whoer.net/#extended http://witch.valdikss.org.ru/ https://panopticlick.eff.org/results? https://amiunique.org/ And to tweak firefox for a better privacy https://www.bestvpn.com/make-firefox-secure-using-aboutconfig/ https://privacytoolsio.github.io/privacytools.io/ Hope it could help
  20. Steve talks about encryption in the near future . One of the conclusions is that whatsapp and other "point to point" , is going to change.Law and enforcement needs to be able to look what its going on between your ears. Also a few words about vpn.The week episode more .. Of course its an opinion of Mr Gibson,but interesting ;at least think about it.And discuss it. https://twit.tv/shows/security-now/episodes/606?autostart=false Greetings,Casper
  21. This may or may not be the right area for this, so I apologize in advance if it's not and would love it moved to the correct location. I've been very happy with AirVPN for about a year and a half now, after looking into details as best I knew how. I'm not unhappy in any way, but I would like any clarification about the ranking/rating/evaluation of AirVPN in https://thatoneprivacysite.net/simple-vpn-comparison-chart/ There is a simplified rating of various categories in the page body and then a little lower down is a link to a spreadsheet with more detail. From what I can tell, AirVPN still hits about all the bases I'm concerned with, but I'd love to have information that this review is lacking under the Activity, Connection, Leak Protection, and in categories that have no data. If not only for the additional information, I think it'd be great if I could email the host of this rating schema and help him fill in the missing data and update anything that seems incorrect in order to best represent the wonderful product that is AirVPN.
  22. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/03/senate-votes-to-let-isps-sell-your-web-browsing-history-to-advertisers/ Comments, questions, concerns.
  23. I think a must see. ​http://www.jupiterbroadcasting.com/107436/vault-7-unlocked-unfilter-228/ ​ ​Important that there is no prove of a relation between Russia and Tromp compain.....according clapper. ​Lies and more lies from cia and others.Question what is the reason for this behavior. ​Casper ​ ​ ​
  24. Hello, I am reading border guards can now ask for your mobile device passwords, and denying them the passwords are not an answer - you can be detained. What would you do if a border guard asked you for your phone and PIN? Would you leave your phone at home Is there any recourse? Delete browser history - sure. Delete all Whatsapps conversations? Should one delete all banking apps? They can see some of my naughty pix.... Thoughts? Comments? Thanks, Mr. V
  25. Very interesting paper here: ​ ​ http://blog.csiro.au/tinker-torrentor-streamer-spy-vpn-privacy-alert/ ​ ​No mention of AirVPN, though.
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