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Found 59 results

  1. Steve talks about encryption in the near future . One of the conclusions is that whatsapp and other "point to point" , is going to change.Law and enforcement needs to be able to look what its going on between your ears. Also a few words about vpn.The week episode more .. Of course its an opinion of Mr Gibson,but interesting ;at least think about it.And discuss it. https://twit.tv/shows/security-now/episodes/606?autostart=false Greetings,Casper
  2. This may or may not be the right area for this, so I apologize in advance if it's not and would love it moved to the correct location. I've been very happy with AirVPN for about a year and a half now, after looking into details as best I knew how. I'm not unhappy in any way, but I would like any clarification about the ranking/rating/evaluation of AirVPN in https://thatoneprivacysite.net/simple-vpn-comparison-chart/ There is a simplified rating of various categories in the page body and then a little lower down is a link to a spreadsheet with more detail. From what I can tell, AirVPN still hits about all the bases I'm concerned with, but I'd love to have information that this review is lacking under the Activity, Connection, Leak Protection, and in categories that have no data. If not only for the additional information, I think it'd be great if I could email the host of this rating schema and help him fill in the missing data and update anything that seems incorrect in order to best represent the wonderful product that is AirVPN.
  3. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/03/senate-votes-to-let-isps-sell-your-web-browsing-history-to-advertisers/ Comments, questions, concerns.
  4. I think a must see. ​http://www.jupiterbroadcasting.com/107436/vault-7-unlocked-unfilter-228/ ​ ​Important that there is no prove of a relation between Russia and Tromp compain.....according clapper. ​Lies and more lies from cia and others.Question what is the reason for this behavior. ​Casper ​ ​ ​
  5. Hello, I am reading border guards can now ask for your mobile device passwords, and denying them the passwords are not an answer - you can be detained. What would you do if a border guard asked you for your phone and PIN? Would you leave your phone at home Is there any recourse? Delete browser history - sure. Delete all Whatsapps conversations? Should one delete all banking apps? They can see some of my naughty pix.... Thoughts? Comments? Thanks, Mr. V
  6. Whenever I read something about Windows 10, be it a news article or a forum post, I also read the word "privacy nightmare". It refers to excessive data collection practices by Microsoft's new operating system. Some of these can't even be disabled by going the usual way using built-in settings. Luckily, these are the forums of a VPN provider where you can find guides on what to look out for when you want to forcibly shut down the unnecessary "spying". And I wanted to contribute to this by introducing software which helps with this task. O&O ShutUp10 Focused on privacy settingsMust be installed: NoIcons after every setting warn you about possible risksShows you what exactly is changedConvenient search if you look for a specific settingDoNotSpy10 Focused on disabling services like Cortana, sensors, telemetry, and othersMust be installed: Yestraffic light coloring of settings indicates possible impact on the systemshows brief explanations for every settingfree download is ad-supportedW10Privacy Focused on privacy settings and all pre-installed appsMust be installed: NoMore detailed toggles, like just preventing OneDrive's sync feature instead of disabling/uninstalling it as a wholetraffic light coloring of every setting indicates possible impact on the systemhovering over a setting shows some info on what is done when toggledMaybe we should not ditch the OS but ditch the name: Microsoft Privacy Nightmare, or PN. Microsoft PN. Would really be a witty step after the last creative developer left Microsoft sometime after the Vista release. If you ask me, they instead hired devs who get an instant erection seeing so much data.... from just one Win10 installation.
  7. Very interesting paper here: ​ ​ http://blog.csiro.au/tinker-torrentor-streamer-spy-vpn-privacy-alert/ ​ ​No mention of AirVPN, though.
  8. Hello, I just heard of a news story that said the UK government is mandating all ISPs keep records of peoples browsing habits for a year - all webpage they have gone to. This will also be shared with other governments. No warrant required, your info sits in a database for whenever they need it. The European courts said it was illegal, the UK cited security concerns. Oh and that have been doing it all along - but now being transparent about it. Question: What does that mean for VPNs? Are they subject to these laws? What about VPNs outside the UK? Thoughts, comments? Thanks, Mr. V
  9. Hello, I have been reading about the differences between UDP and TCP and they basically say that TCP is more reliable, as it does some extra "error-checking stuff", while UDP does no such thing. From that I can inferr basic things for example: TCP guarantees that your downloads are not corrupt in case of connection problems and so on. But as a newbie, i am not sure how to interpret that in another context: Do these extra error checkings also protect your privacy and anonymity against (theoretically) any kind of hacking, like intercepting and compromising the packets, or sniffing them ie spying on your activity online (from the government for example) ? And would i be at a disadvantage when using UDP in that case? Thank you
  10. https://torrentfreak.com/vpn-provider-proxy-sh-compromised-gag-order-160626/ How would AirVPN react in such a case? Could they just shutdown the server? The thing I don't get: Proxy.sh is unser seychelle jurisdiction but they are forced to turn on logging on french server? Weired...
  11. Leo laporte and Cathy O'Neil,talking about, how algorithms influences our daily life`s. ​https://twit.tv/shows/triangulation/episodes/275?autostart=false ​Good to know ,to be aware. ​ ​
  12. I found this info here https://www.reddit.com/r/VPN/comments/4j3cna/purevpn_disconnect_your_vpn_or_enter_phone_number/ and somewhere else ( probably there too ) i heard the same with ID pictures. So they actually straight Force their costumers to give out information else they cant use their vpn anymore So you cant buy them anonymous .
  13. https://netzpolitik.org/2016/secret-report-german-federal-intelligence-service-bnd-violates-laws-by-the-dozen/ Published by Netzpolitik.org, a privacy-focused german blog which has a reputation for taking a stand on privacy, net neutrality and the political part of the internet in Germany In the past politicians tried to sue the blog's creators for disclosing secret documents. Sometimes, it's like a smaller, less hardcore version of Wikileaks, just not so "boom, secret documents in your face", more like "we've got some docs here, we think it's critical for you to know, so we sum the contents up for you". Most of the time they publish news with a few comments from the privacy's point of view and give recommendations to certain privacy-related problems. My recent software against Windows 10 spying thread originated from one of these posts.
  14. A few days ago, Obama supposedly gave control of the Internet's global Domain Name System from ICANN (where it's been FOREVER) to the United Nations... thoughts? - http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/06/09/obama-administration-backs-plan-to-relinquish-internet-control.html - - -
  15. CLIQZ GmbH is a start-up based in Munich, Germany, developing the web browser Cliqz. Cliqz focuses on two things: An integrated "advanced" tracking protection feature which rewrites "unsafe" tracking links to fixed fake ones. If you are using CLIQZ, your tracking data would be mixed with those of other users, making it harder to identify you as a specific user with a specific profile. A revamped search feature powered by Human Web, a web index by CLIQZ to which other users passively contributed. In short, they seem to have edited the relevancy calculation a bit so that the ways how users interact with the search results are more important than technical things like links. It can redirect your search queries through CLIQZ' proxy servers. Their location is not documented.Some thoughts: 1. and 3. can easily be integrated into the regular Firefox as well via extensions, so it's not that new. 2. might be interesting, but building a search index the way they do it requires data from users. Besides, it directs the search query to another search engine if the user couldn't find what he was looking for. They added an about:transparency page which lists all the data your usage of the browser generated. But they completely removed addon support for security reasons, so you can't install things like NoScript which, ironically, would contribute to your security.. Cliqz can be downloaded from its website. Current version is 1.0.2 based on FF 44.0.2 (as of post date, not edit date). Update: Mozilla officially announced a strategic investment into Cliqz GmbH, the developer of the browser CLIQZ.
  16. ​Hi there, As I said I have no skills to do it and may be it already started somewhere Flash Player that can simulate Adobe flash player, but open source, like a uBlock can show the ads that been seen something similar but for youtube there is a lots of interesting stuff on youtube I like watching, but their NAZI policy it is freaking me out ​
  17. Hello, i am not aware if anyone else experiences this issue, but when i lock my phone when i am not using it, and wake it up again some minutes later, even with full network access my client fails to re connect to the tunnel. Below i have attached my log file and the view i get from the app after unlocking my device. Any help the user base could provide would be much appreciated. I also have a support ticket regarding the matter but they seem to be clueless as to the cause. OpenVPN Log File.txt
  18. So I am a US resident. Thus in my scenario the US AirVPN servers offer the least latency from what I can tell. However I am hesitant to switch to the US servers though because I am not certain how that will affect my privacy. I am assuming that the US based AirVPN servers are applicable to US laws and regulations since they reside in the US. If I were to connect to these servers instead of the default for me which is Canadian based servers, how would connecting to the US based servers effect my privacy? Do these servers have the same, minimal amount of logging just like the other servers? Can an internet service provider from the US obtain any logs or records from said servers? Is connecting to a VPN server in the same country as secure as connecting to a foreign server? I mostly do an occasional amount of P2P sharing. However my ISP has very strict regulations, i don't want to risk them having access to the records of my occasional peer to peer sharing. I just like my privacy and don’t want to risk losing it. If anybody can answer my questions, I would appreciate it.
  19. Hello AirVPN As stated in the title, I'm fairly new to this way of 'interneting' but hopefully this works out in the long run. My reason for joining AirVPN is due to my father working for my isp and I fear he may be spying on my downloads and internet browsing. I found this vpn via Reddit in search of ways to keep prying eyes out of my internet life. I guess I have just a few questions about just how private vpns are when it comes to things like that. -Am I really invisible from my isp? -What are the dangers of using VPNs? -Can an ISP bypass a VPN to access someone's searches? -How much can isp employees/supervisors see when looking at a client's internet usage? (If this isn't supposed to be on this forum please let me know T_T) Thank you in advance SSC
  20. AirVPN in the short time i have been able to use it thusfar has been an excellent tool in the business of bypassing the censorship of ISP's ranging from workplaces, public wifi etc. I have previously used PIA, IPvanish, ExpressVPN and NordVPN. AirVPN by far makes the goal of privacy and censorship bypassing their main priority of their business plan and as a customer that has been extremely valuable as other providers only give you a assurance of privacy, however AirVPN will take you the time and walk you through and SHOW you that your data is safe and the EU legislation that makes all of this possible for them. No one likes spy's, big brothers or the moral watchdogs of today's internet society's.
  21. Hi there! Imagine a scenario in which one is in a country in which it is illegal to use a VPN. In this scenario, the ideal solution for would be to use a VPN or method in conjunction with the VPN that conceals the fact that one is being used. Is this a service that AirVPN offers? How does one implement this, if possible? Is it automatically a part of the setup/deal? If it's not possible using AirVPN alone, how does one go about making this possible? Many thanks!
  22. So, the question here is threefold. (The first being more a matter of opinion, the second two being technical questions.) 1.) Say Joe Schmoe mistakenly logged into his personal email while connected to the VPN server and also while using Popcorn Time, or another similar Bittorrent service. The result is that Joe COULD be connected to the VPN use and therefore the P2P activities, but the question is whether or not this should be cause for true concern? 2.) Port-Forwarding: In what scenario would this be a good idea to use? I previously thought that it would increase privacy, but I realized that this is not the case. So, should I stop port--forwarding to become more anonymous? 3.) Finally, what does it mean to "open a port on your router?" Is that simply the same as port-forwarding, or is it a different situation? Thank you to anyone who can respond to this for me! In my experience, these forums are incredibly useful and I very much appreciate any help that I am given. Please note that I am still in the learning stage when it comes to the more technical aspects of VPN use, but I am a fairly quick learner, so I do not discourage the use of more technical jargon, but I may need to ask for an explanation. Also, if it helps the discussion: OS: Fedora 22 Network Lock always enabled in the Eddie client. Virtually always connected to VPN, unless I need to use personal accounts.
  23. The EFF compiled it's annual report regarding major internet companies transparency. Worth to read which ones you should avoid (I would recommend avoiding most) https://www.eff.org/who-has-your-back-government-data-requests-2015 PDF version: https://www.eff.org/files/2015/06/18/who_has_your_back_2015_protecting_your_data_from_government_requests_20150618.pdf
  24. Hi everybody, At the moment i am using Comodo internet security 8 and i like it.I have not noticed any security problems whilst using it but from reading some of the comodo forums its not as secure as CIS 7. I have used Airvpn's guide to block everything outside the VPN which is mainly why i use it. I would like to know some of the views from Airvpn and its users on what the best firewall and antivirus solution is.Also recently with the privdog issue bundled with comodo 6 and 7 and also its browsers i'm less sure that security and privacy is really their top concern.I have not been able to find a decent explanation about the privdog issue from comodo so am looking for an alternative. I am not a wreckless googler clicking on anything but i worry with the bugs in 8 i may not as secure as i thought. Some of the videos i've seen about how easy it is for those who know how to bypass its security make me wonder if comodo is still the best option for me. What do you guys think and recommend. This is the link about comodo 8 issues ( https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/do-you-still-think-that-comodo-v8-is-safe-to-use-t108660.0.html )
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