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Found 87 results

  1. Hi, I have just finished a review for AirVPN and have also run some speedtests on some of the servers. The article isn't meant for advanced users, but mainly for people looking for a decent VPN to start using. I have also tried to give some advice where I can If you think that there is something that I have missed, or have incorrectly described I would be more than happy to make some edits as it is important that any potential users get the best advice. http://www.techfleece.com/2015/12/03/airvpn-review-plus-speedtests/ Regards, Richard
  2. Hey guys, Can anybody help or explain why i'm getting DNS leaks even with Network Lock enabled? It's intermittent but using ipleak.net i can see it is occurring. Not sure what information i can provide to help anyone answering. I'm currently using a wired connection and running Windows 7(64bit). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. So it looks like since Upgrading to Windows 10 - the Network Lock is no longer working. I am still able to connect to the internet while not connected to a VPN server. I get notifications when activating and deactivating the feature; however I am not 100% sure this is working correctly. I didn't download any AirVPN update after my upgrade - as it looked like AirVPN was working fine already. Has anyone else experienced this same problem?
  4. Hi. I have small problem, I want to run airvpn over Tor, without network lock everything work fine and the connection is established. After Disconnecting and activating network lock and then Reconnect again --> checking autherization Fail I have tried several times, I'm using Tor , Portable Eddie for debian. the following are some logs collected from Tor, eddie and iptables Eddie log Tor Log "note the time" Iptables -L output Any Ideas ? Is there anyway to activate network lock after connection get established ? Thanks,
  5. So I just downloaded AirVPN yesterday and started exploring it today. I am very new to this vpn thing. I figured out port forwarding for qbittorrent, but I haven't tried to torrent yet. Anyway I used dnslinktest.com When I turn on the Network lock there are leaks, when I turn it off there are no leaks. Isn't the purpose of the network lock to prevent leaks?
  6. Hi, I can't seem to deactivate network lock. Rather, I do deactivate network lock, but then I can't access the internet anymore. From what I remember... Installed AirVPN. Used the client. Connected to a server, accessed internet, disconnected from server, still accessed internet. Decided to try network lock. Activated network lock, connected to a server, accessed internet. Disconnected from server, could not access internet. Deactivated network lock, still can not access internet. I've tried a couple times reactivating, reconnected, deactivating, etc, but still I can only access the internet when connected to a server, regardless of the network lock status. Any ideas? I imagine I can manually change some windows firewall settings to open it up again... but I shouldn't have to do that if the airvpn client works, right? Windows 7. AirVPN client 2.9.2. Thanks,
  7. Hi, I'm connecting through Eddie 2.9 in Ubuntu. In the preferences I have LAN and ping both enabled, and I've also whitelisted the ip address of the networked printer at my office. But I still can't access it unless I turn network lock off. But I can access other computers on the LAN. It's just the printer that I can't talk to. Any advice?
  8. Hi guys, Like I mentioned in a previous post of mine, I've just started using airVPN and VPN's in general and need a bit of guidance. With my setup, I've made sure to turn on the network lock in order to make sure I have no data leaks. What I have found though is that if I restart my machine while the VPN is connected, on restart my machine will connect to the VPN but it will deactivate the network lock before doing so. I've attached some of the text from my logs: 2015.04.14 09:56:32 - Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0I 2015.04.14 09:56:33 - OpenVPN Driver - TAP-Windows Adapter V9I 2015.04.14 09:56:33 - OpenVPN - Version: OpenVPN 2.3.6 (C:\Program Files\AirVPN\openvpn.exe)I 2015.04.14 09:56:33 - SSH - Version: plink 0.63 (C:\Program Files\AirVPN\plink.exe)I 2015.04.14 09:56:33 - SSL - Version: stunnel 5.09 (C:\Program Files\AirVPN\stunnel.exe)I 2015.04.14 09:56:33 - IPV6: AvailableW 2015.04.14 09:56:33 - Recovery. Unexpected crash?I 2015.04.14 09:56:34 - DNS of a network adapter restored to original settings (NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller)! 2015.04.14 09:56:34 - Deactivation of Network LockI 2015.04.14 09:56:43 - Session starting.I 2015.04.14 09:56:43 - Installing tunnel driver My machine is running windows 8.1 if that matters. Does anyone have any ideas how keep the network lock on even after it restarts while the VPN is connected? Thanks again in advanced for the help..
  9. Hi, I have been using AirVPN for a few weeks now and had no issues. The network lock has always been activated, but since yesterday when I open uTorrent or Firefox it looks like these programs are now trying to access the net not through the VPN firewall rules but through their own firewall rules - see below / attached screen prints. So unless I allow the connection I can't download in uTorrent for example. The question now is - Why are these programs creating their own firewall rules and not using the VPN inbound rules? They always used to go through the VPN rules? - If I allow the connections, will these programs still go through the tunnel or am I at risk of broadcasting my real IP? Thanks
  10. I am trying to connect via a batch file: CLI.exe -netlock -advanced.windows.dns_force -login=<username>-password=<password> -connect -server -port=443 -protocol=UDP First thing to mention is that CLI.exe must be run as administrator in Win 8.1, if not the ARP flush fails. In the command line I can see "netlock activated" but if visit www.ipleak.net webrtc and dns is leaking. edit: I also have the problem with the GUI WebRTC and DNS is leaking.
  11. Hi, I am using successfully the network lock option in Eddie 2.7 on OsX https://airvpn.org/faq/software_lock/ I use it with the option "OSX PF", I would like to see the custom PF config file which is being loaded. You mention that it is created "under the data folder", but where, I cannot find it? Do you mean /etc/data ? or /Applications/AirVpn/data? I cannot find an airvpn folder under /Library/Application Support
  12. Hi i am using comodo on one of my laptops and am wondering if enabling the Network lock feature will cause issues.I know i can configure comodo to block the internet if the vpn loses connection but this is not something i want to do on this laptop for a few reasons.I noticed when i enabled it it said windows firewall and comodo were on in the action center(as expected) but does this enable the whole windows firewall rules or just the Network lock? Thanks for any feedback. Also thanks to Airvpn team for making a brilliant service even better.Thank you
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