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Found 54 results

  1. http://www.economist.com/news/business-and-finance/21711265-readership-surging-stephen-bannons-alt-right-news-outfit-about-launch-french-and?fsrc=scn/tw_ec/breitbart_news_is_taking_the_business_of_outrage_to_europe www.economist.com -Access Denied Error code 16This request was blocked by the security rules 2016-12-11 04:10:12 UTCYour IP23.88.114.**|Proxy IP192.230.66.108(ID 10517)Incident ID: 517000130788349872-2823555321975603417
  2. I've been connected to US server Alnair and gettting good upload / download speeds, but when I check my ip against blacklist I get the following: Checking against 98 known blacklists... Listed 2 times with 0 timeouts Blacklist Reason TTL ResponseTime LISTED BARRACUDA was listed Detail 250 94 Ignore LISTED SPAMCANNIBAL was listed Detail 43200 94 Ignore I've notice some websites / services are blocked (eg. snapchat....) I will try some different US servers and see If I can find one that isn't blocked. I've tried the Canada servers but I get low ping rates causing low download / upload speeds. Thanks,
  3. Just trying to connect from baham and Nike.com was blocked with the message "access denied" and some numbers I switched to canadian server and it worked. Then I switched back to baham in order to find the actual error message to post it here but it worked... idk what happened
  4. Hi, I've checked the FAQ and the forums but I couldn't see any answer to this problem. Basically I can't connect to the website TorrentZ.eu or any of the other 'TorrentZ' sites since Monday. I've tried every server country but the only ones that will connect to it are France and Hong Kong. Is there anything you can do to unblock it across all the servers, as it has been fine with these websites every since I became a member of AirVPN up until now. Many thanks for your help and support
  5. Can not connect to a Large number of OVH domains and would like to get this Resolved ASAP Seems like being they are doing some of Air's Hosting, This is kind of odd??? Please Advice As seen checking routes, although it seems ovh.nl works as of right now... https://airvpn.org/routes/?q=ovh.com
  6. Today (and yesterday), I tried to use Netflix while connected to AirVPN. I was trying to connect to the netflix.com website on Firefox browser. The servers that I have tried to use that are blocked: Naos, Pollux, Zosma, Alkaid, Pavonis. ​Miaplacidus. ​Zosma. Rasalas. ​Azha. ​Albireo. ​Dschubba. ​Metallah Picture of error message: http://imgur.com/pOnEZgr
  7. Hello, Yesterday I found out that I cannot login into my PayPal account. I'm getting this message: "Sorry, we can't log you in. If you believe there is an issue with your account, contact us." I never got any emails from PayPal saying some bad news about my account being blocked or something like that... I tried different Airvpn servers - still same problem. Last time I used PayPay was about a month ago and everything was ok. I wonder if it is VPN related? Does anyone else having this problem? Thank you.
  8. Hi All, I have some issues with Alrai (NL). Facebook, Outlook and Gmail report that it is a bad ip.. Are there more users who has problems with Alrai? Thanks in advance!
  9. Just wanted to inform that netflix is now blocking the Kajam (Netherlands) server as it just comes up that the server isn't responding all the others seem fine though
  10. Hi, I have noticed that http://hackforums.net does not work on any server that I have tried. The servers I have tried are: Kraz Grumium Chort Alhena Zosma Metallah Sabik Acamar Yildun Cursa Merope Alkes Alkaid Pavonis Cebalrai As you can see from the image below, I am having no IP leaks.
  11. I am using a USA server and have noticed strange behavior in the past month ( not saying it started then, but noticed it ) . When I create a new forward port it works fine for a few weeks, then it stops working. I have to use another port ( not previously used ) in order to get it working again. My isp is comcast and I know they are know for shady things like this ( the netflix slowdown comes to mind ) Is airvpn aware of this happening on USA servers? I just wanted to make users aware because I spent some time looking at my config before realizing the port was being blocked. My last port was set two weeks ago, today I found that it has been blocked and had to change it.
  12. Blocked URL: http://www.ulta.com/ AirVPN Server: Alchiba, Netherlands (NL). No other servers attempted. Type of Website: Shopping/eCommerce Message Received When Accessed:
  13. I tried from different AirVPN servers (some NL, Sweden, FR and others) to visit wiki.debian.org but it says: ForbiddenYou are not allowed to access this! ---- It opens when I try it without AirVPN... also it opens via TOR...
  14. Hello, Is there any posibility that you can bypass rojadirecta's vpn restriction? I tried several servers from Netherlands, Germany and Romania, but the website is always blocked. I receive this message: Temporarily, in compliance with a Court order, we must prevent access from Spain. The public IP address that you are using is listed in our database as a proxy address or anonymizer. If it were an error, please contact us. It would be great if you can find a way around it. Thanks!
  15. http://www.rpg.net/ is blocked while using Gianfar (netherlands)
  16. Hi, this live streams' channel is blocked on Brachium and Nihal ("Not available in your country" despite the fact that I'm using an ES VPN). You could test it here https://youtube.com/watch?v=bPcsH3Atnn8 It seems that Google has a prolific filter for VPNs. Only on my corporate VPN seems to work. More examples:
  17. Hi, I'm interested on use a vpn to get access to restricted sites on a local network with a moderate high speed bandwidth, I've been using a different vpn to fulfill this, but recently only use linux so I need an alternative to my previous vpn, I tried to connect with the client inside the network but got error 417, on an unrestricted network didn't get the error, instead got the message 'Subscription required'. I searched the 417 error on internet but didn't understood the answers so I'm asking here how can I solve this problem?, also is there any trial service to test the service to allow me connect and download on a restricted network before any purchase?.
  18. https://grepular.com/Punching_through_The_Great_Firewall_of_TMobile I have connection issues similar to the above due to spoofed packets. Could OpenVPN config changes be made?
  19. Seams to be blocked on Amsterdam Servers and Kuma. Works fine on Furud. Thanks.
  20. Hello, I tried to register an account on MercedesForum.com and Persei's IP was blocked. I was redirected to StopForumSpam. If you browse to the linked page from behind Persei, you'll see the same information I saw. I haven't tried from other servers. Regards, anonym
  21. Absolute Radio now blocked from non UK servers. Would it be possible to do your geolacation routing magic on the following: http://tunein.com/radio/Absolute-Radio-1058-s16679/ http://absoluteradio.co.uk/ Thanks in advance.
  22. For nearly the past week I have not been able to connect or download anything from public trackers (openbittorrent, istole.it, publicbt, rarbg, demonii, etc) which is one of the biggest reasons why I even subscribe to AirVPN. Torrents that show hundreds of seeds on sites like KickAss, ThePirateBay, and others just sit at 0 seeds on my client now - unable to connect (as others continue to leave comments on those torrents about how "perfect" they are), while torrents that I obtain from several other private trackers immediately connect to seeds and download normally. Prior to a week ago, this problem never existed, and nothing has changed about my setup - as I've been a subscriber of AirVPN for going on two years now without this problem. After troubleshooting the issue on Google, I'm wondering: Has AirVPN recently been blacklisted by the public trackers? I also recently noticed now that several sites that I used to visit with no issue are now saying that I am connecting to them through Tor when I'm running AirVPN, and a few sites now give me an error message saying "site down - try again later", but when I disconnect from AirVPN there is no problem with the site (this never happened before this week either). Has AirVPN recently made any changes that may possibly be preventing me from being able to connect to public trackers and other sites that I previously had no problems connecting to? Is AirVPN now being blacklisted also by certain secure sites (as well as public trackers)? It would seem that I can't be the only one experiencing this issue.
  23. Hello, When I tried to browse craigslist.org and my local craigslist site (a subdomain of craigslist.org) while connected to Persei today, I received the following message: "This IP has been automatically blocked." with an email address for more info. Can someone contact Craigslist to get Persei's IP whitelisted? Thanks, anonym
  24. Craigslist.org has been blocked for awhile, "This IP has been automatically blocked. If you have questions, please email: blocks-b1411086610062459@craigslist.org"
  25. I am unable to access tesco.com using AirVPN. Not that I actualy want to but the wife does! I have only tested it using Menkib (Germany) so far, although it is a problem which I noticed a few months back when I was using other servers. Any suggestions? Are Tesco blocking countries or VPNs? " Access DeniedYou don't have permission to access "http://www.tesco.com/" on this server. Reference #18.847a7a5c.1407102083.17b0f281 "
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