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Found 81 results

  1. Hi, i am having a tls key negotation problem with android, this is the log generated by Openvpn for android: I don't know what could be, pls help.
  2. ​Has anyone sucessfully made and received SIP phone calls, on Android, while connected to the VPN? I'm creating a WiFi only Android phone (No SIM card, Airplane Mode) and inputting all the open access points in my area, for a data connection. I have an OSTEL.co account, which allows for encrypted (ZRTP) SIP phone calls, using the CSIP Simple application. It also interfaces with Jitsi on the desktop. I want to activate the VPN before leaving the house, and make and receive phone calls. This all works great when using my bare home ISP connection, and on my carriers data network - but as soon as I connect to the VPN, I get nothing. Is this because I would need to forward ports in my Air account? ​ ​
  3. Hi- this isn't so much a problem as a change I've noticed since upgrading my OS to run OpenVPN Last year was running 2 main devices. Laptop on Ubuntu 9.04 and a tablet on Ice Cream Sandwich. OpenVPN wouldn't run on Ubuntu 9.04 on laptop, had to configure seperately via Network Manager. Worked a treat on laptop, except whenever my connection was disrupted and AirVPN automatically reconnected but to a different server, Facebook and Gmail would go into spasms, lock me out and I'd need to reanswer security questions. It was painful, but I felt safe I could run OpenVPN on my Android tablet, and I don't recall having this reconnection security issue at either site ( but didn't use the tablet much ) I upgraded to Mint last year, was able to install OpenVPN and run my AirVPN acct through it. But I did notice that since then, neither FB or Gmail has had security issues with this when connection drops and is re-established via a different server A colleague suggested that perhaps in the interim AirVPN may have updated it's routing so that reconnects don't cause Facebook/ Gmail to warn about session hijacks, and I should check that first Is this the case? Or is OpenVPN somehow signalling that a VPN is being used with some sites such as Facebook? TIA
  4. Hi, sorry for being a noob, i am trying to connect mg phone with Android 4.2.2, i followed the instructions but when i try to import the ovpn file openvpn says "profile import failed: line too long" any help? Thanks
  5. I have a suggestion for an addition to the Android installation instructions. After importing the profile into OpenVPN Connect, you should delete the profile from the Download folder. In many cases, any app with WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (and, recently, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) will be able to read the contents of the Download folder, allowing a malicious app to grab your profile. The profile is more secure in the OpenVPN Connect app storage area. Is this worth adding?
  6. I have just installed openvpn on my galaxy s4, following the instructions here. Downloaded the config file, installed in the android app, tried to connect and got the error message given here in the title. How or what do I need to change to get authorised? Any help appreciated.
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