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  1. This was exactly why I was asking, is it not best to run a mac software changer..... that way your software is changing the mac address every now time you restart the pc ? Noscript is highly annoying and blocks much websites, takes a while to setup I guess.
  2. I am reading old news around the net suggesting your isp or a exploit like the java one above could get your MAC address, is this true ? Is it work enabling mac spoofing under your router or changing your mac address via register or software then ?
  3. Puts ones mind to ease at least, thanks.
  4. The NSA believes it’s on the verge of breaking a key encryption algorithm—opening up hoards of data. http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2012/03/ff_nsadatacenter/5/ Doesn't just about everything use AES encryption ?! There I was thinking how secure I was adding a long password to my Zip files !
  5. Just wanted to say thanks to Baraka for the awesome guide, I noticed a few other guides around the net but they were more specific for other companies etc and thanks to VPN staff. Gone from throwing a bricked Asus Router in the bin to being able to flick between 2 servers Yes the CA and CERT and what exactly to copy threw me off also, everything in CA and Key is fine to copy and paste but in the cert, I forgot to delete the top lines, so remember all when copying Cert file it should start with -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and end in -----END CERTIFICATE-----, in fact all 3 boxes should look the same and have begin and end. That is perhaps the only thing I feel the guide could be improved upon, if there was a 3rd screen cap showing the "keys" part, and an example of what it looks like with an arrow saying : Certificate Authority Box copy and paste all ca.crt contents Client Certificate box copy and paste user.crt contents (but delete top part so it begins with -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and ends in -----END CERTIFICATE-----) Client Key Box copy and paste all user.key contents I can try my dodgy paint shop skills if you want ? Still that part is quite tricky at the beginning, once its all done and setup its fine. Performance is solid and good, although I noticed to start and stop a server sometimes it does not work and I have to start and stop again and wait 30 secs then it kicks in. Still I will not be switching that much and its a minor thing, perhaps I just have to wait a minute or 2 next time ill try. Other then that very happy and pleased ! and best of all I can confirm the Asus Tomato Router works fine with all types of Broadband be it ADSL or Cable broadband Modems!
  6. Ok need some help please, have reached the very last part (part 6) but still not connecting through the Asus tomato router. I can surf fine with airvpn client with it off from my tomatoe router in windows btw. Part 6 mentions: <ca> and <cert>, but I do not see any mention of those words in any of my files, I have opened the ovpn files (2 of them), ca.cert, user.cert, user.key and none of them mention CA or Cert ? Either way I assumed perhaps wrong and copied and pasted ca.cert into the certificate box and same for user.cert into client certificate box and then user.key into client key, since it sounded like those were the ones mentioned ? I may have got that wrong.... so needs clarifying. Also the guide does not mention what the Port number is off the server, I got my entry server IP from AirVPN directly and added it under Basic but the port number I assume is the TCP or UDP port I chose? I created 2 ovpn files also, perhaps I put the wrong server port number. Just those 2 points need a bit of scarification....
  7. thanks good to hear and very helpful
  8. Hi I was wondering what is the best VPN to go about connecting to and is there any reason why to connect to a particular one? For example, looking at my air client I can see the most popular VPN servers are usually ones in Europe, Amsterdam, and also Singapore Servers. I usually am connected to a server closest to me in the same Country and lowest number of connections, but obviously there is some other reasons why Amsterdam and Singapore are more popular ! Any Suggestions are welcome, thanks.
  9. Thanks, yes I got some more information regarding this on another question and thread I posted here: https://airvpn.org/topic/9789-newbie-vpn-questions/ But your link is good, and has a nice fingerprint test. I think like most folk are now doing running browsers with lots of extensions/add-ons that help with security and avoiding commercial websites like Hotmail, Google, Facebook ie the ones where big brother is watching you. It is far better as you suggested to use tormail or other email providers that use better security. This website can give more info also: https://prism-break.org/
  10. Ok figured it out after spending 2 days attempting everything including the kitchen sink, turned out to be a bad LAN driver. Installed an up to date driver via windows 7 updates and volla, can now access the Asus router with any firmware on it, that was a close one indeed ! Now to finally try and set up my connection, I noticed on the tomato config there is a chance to enter 2 openVPN clients, can I enter in 2 AirVPN servers in here and then flick between either one when required ?
  11. Tried the above, installed telnet since under win7 tried the commands of telnet but no joy it does not see anything, I pinged and it pings successfully however. I can also once using a static ip as you suggested bring up the router login username/password prompt, but after loging in it is still the same says on top of browser Asus login but blank white page. Tried on 2 other browsers as well. I tried to revert back to stock asus firmware but same error of nothing being displayed on router login page. Tried multiple names ie Root/admin or admin/admin it still accepts them but is white blank page I tried the 30 sec wps/red button Reset Nvram trick and I believe it may have cleared the settings since my wireless light popped up once defaulted but same error as before. I have googled and only a few people have the same issue of Asus router login page not being displayed.... Seems people are discussing using static ips (which I did before flashing and after) also tried no static and dhcp (auto) I am considering flashing it with the DDWRT firmware see if that shows a login at least!
  12. Thanks I will give it a try with that filename. My issue is I think I set the configuration of the router incorrect, and now can no longer pull up the router login page, it attempt to access it but just does not show any config/settings info. I noticed even when flashing with other firmware like the original Asus one it brings back the wireless, and normal default admin/admin login details, but soon as I try 'any' tomato type firmware it still remembers my changed password. There must be a way to reset the configuration or default the router, so I can pull the router login page and get full access to the router again.... I will spend today trying to figure it out in hopes to not have bricked a great looking router !
  13. thanks for the info, sadly I followed the instructions on here and downloaded this firmware as pointed out on page 1 " filename of tomato-K26-1.28.7501MIPSR2Toastman-RT-VPN.trx" this firmware bricked my Asus router, I have tried reflashing it to original firmware and others but no joy when I try to access it attempts to load but just attempts to but nothing shows, yet it shows password and tomatoe router found, please be careful with the firmware you use after several hours of digging around the net I found this article: http://patricksheedy.net/blog/simple-tomato-firmware-install-on-asus-rt-n16-router/ http://www.nextgendigitalhome.com/1993/home-network/scalable-gateway/installing-tomato-firmware-on-the-asus-rt-n16-router/ they confirm you need this type: Kernel 2.6 (experimental) for MIPSR2 Routers – Ext version firmware I will try again tommorow since been trying to do this for a whole day with no joy !
  14. Hi I am connected via airvpn client windows, to bootis UK server. I have always checked ipleak and it has always shown 2 boxes one says your ip address : BurstNET Limited - AirVPN Server (Exit) (with VPN IP) Detected DNS Address: BurstNET Limited - AirVPN Server (Exit) ( With VPN IP) Both IPs shown are the same in both windows, no evidence of my original ISP IP or other DNS addresses, I hope this is right and no dns leaks ? Sorry should have added I am still going through the tomato guide but stuck on question 4 of finding my ip address in the cert/downloaded files: https://airvpn.org/topic/6652-airvpn-tomato-configuration-step-by-step-guide/ So not fully up and running on the router yet !
  15. Hi on part 4 of the guide it says " After downloading, text edit the file and look for your IP, again noting it (near the top after "remote")" I text edited all 4 files produced, and looked everywhere for remote, but can not see any IP address noted ? Any other way to get the IP address, can I not just see the address via the client area and jot down the IP connected and I assume its the IP of the VPN connected server ? Thanks
  16. Hi I followed parts from this guide here: https://airvpn.org/topic/9289-dns-leaks-and-how-to-fix-them/ however rather then create static IP and then add AirVPNs DNS servers of & 10.5.01 and entering these into my LAN and IPv4 settings on Windows Operating System, I simply added the AirVPN DNS servers into my Routers DNS config(instead of my ISP's) and edited my host file to include AirVPN servers. That way I can now launch and connect to AirVPN client and connect and 'then' able to Surf the internet, I checked ipleak.net (great site!) and it is showing only Airvpn type IPs, out of the 2 shown none are from my ISP name or ISP IP address. Is this ok ? I figured it is far quicker and easier and anything else connected to router goes the Airvpn route only! Just wanted to make sure Its ok this way? thanks !
  17. That is a great complex way and truthful way of looking at it, I agree still Air VPN sounds the best one out of the lot.... and there no monitoring or logs policy can only be tested, but considering not one bleep yet shows its the best VPN provider out there currently, I would imagine if there was one negative comment ever made that would be the end regardless !
  18. Thank you very much hotrootsoup for taking the time to answer my questions, I can certainly believe you harassed Air VPN staff but for the better I am half tempted to get a router with tomato firmware, and see how that goes. But I understand it would still be wise to setup firewall rules regardless that way am safe always. And Yes I use chrome and enjoy google account for now so they must have seen my cookies/passwords/bookmarks etc always, but I can see it is better to use firefox, it has that lovely option to not save web cache/history option which chrome does not, you can incongnito mode it but not quite the same. May need to make 2 versions of firefox, one with flash enabled and the other with all addons/java/flash disabled for normal surfing ? Still it is gonna be tricky I can't browse without using Adblock plus/many other secure addons ! Do not fancy Tor really so will see. Regarding VPN to VPN tunneling I read it was a good idea from this link : "“If you don’t trust your VPN provider 100%, use two VPNs,” explains Felix from VPNetMon. “This way you are tunneling your already encrypted connection through another tunnel.” https://torrentfreak.com/how-to-make-vpns-even-more-secure-120419/ But as you said it maybe overkill to do so....
  19. 1. Is VPN really secure, I was reading how if one was surfing the internet and visited a website with flash or java your real IP is revealed, not the AirVPN one ? 2. Is it true once connected to an AirVPN server, multiple users share that same IP hence no one can tell who is who ? 3. Some people advice to use AirVPN and then tunnel it to another VPN provider giving a vpn tunnel to vpn tunnel, is this the best way to remain undetected and unmonitored and private ? 4. Would it not be easy lets say if I visited a website then disconnected my AirVPN software and shut down my computer, that few seconds to shutdown I would reveal my real ISP IP address, so anyone could look at the logs and simply ID this was the person ? I am just trying to get a better understanding of how VPNs work, thanks !
  20. Had the same issues myself sadly, Its best to disconnect VPN and then use the problematic sites. I would also love to hear an answer to magnumpi question, if a router with tomatoe firmware and connected to VPN, I hope there is an off button or use ISPS IP mode ?
  21. 100% agree to this, would be awesome to have more options via the router like change of servers etc
  22. Hi I added the and VPN into the dns, but noticed afterwards once disconnected when I relaunch my AirVPN software it fails to connect. I need to delete the DNS entry, and then it launches and connects fine Did I do something wrong ?
  23. Hello, about p2p activities: we have never received any communication or request of any kind from legal authorities (neither jurisdictionally competent nor jurisdictionally not competent). From private entities, we have received communications of alleged copyright infringements perpetrated through usage of p2p protocols through some of our servers, but we have never received any request of data disclosure. Until now all of such communications have never been accompanied by any proof, and now and then they referred to servers which were not operational at the time of the alleged infringement, casting serious doubts about the validity of any similar allegation. In case of personal data disclosure requests from private entities, the request would be simply ignored or in extreme cases cause us to report the private entity to competent authorities, because in general complying to such requests, in our jurisdiction, would imply to commit civil and criminal infringements. In every other case, we can't give away information that we do not have. Kind regards Thanks and informative to hear, I do enjoy recommending AirVPN around the net Am I right or wrong when I say its impossible for anyone to really pin anything on anyone considering so many are connected to an AirpVPN server, so they all share the same ip address?
  24. I have a question has AirVPN ever received communication from law or any other bodies in relation to "tracking someone" or "what someone's doing" or in relation to p2p activities before ? How would you respond to it anyhow, is it not impossible to tell once someone is connected to a vpn server and there are dozens of others using the same ip address ?
  25. Guess it is a matter of time, personally I feel we have become a net nanny state-world.... everyone is following the Americans and other English speaking countries. Soon the only thing you will be able to google is "funny cat videos" everything else will be blocked
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