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    ZPKZ reacted to squawkbox in NRK TV   ...
    When trying to access the Norwegian public broadcaster (nrk) nrk1: https://tv.nrk.no/direkte/nrk1.    The following message appears on screen:

    Translation:  "It appears as if you are using a VPN service.  Turn off this service and try again.  For more information, go to info.nrk.no"

    I have tried accessing Norwegian servers and servers outside of Norway, with the same result.

    Is it possible to have a routing server/update in Norway for these issues?

    I note that NRK is listed here, but that is almost 10 years old:   
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    ZPKZ reacted to cambell in [ENDED] Spooky Hallowen 2022 deals   ...
    i am good now.
    4756 days (do. 8 nov. 2035 11:58).
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    ZPKZ reacted to stramargio in [Proposal] Meta (formerly Facebook) blocklist   ...
    It would be nice to have a Meta Blocklist. This list block all Meta apps, services, trackers etc. (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp).
    Maintained by Lightswitch05 (https://github.com/lightswitch05/hosts) A hosts file to block all Facebook and Facebook related services, including Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. License: Apache 2.0 (https://github.com/lightswitch05/hosts/blob/master/LICENSE) Raw URL: https://www.github.developerdan.com/hosts/lists/facebook-extended.txt
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    ZPKZ reacted to Staff in Server replacement (LV)   ...

    We inform you that the following servers in Latvia:
    Meissa Phact Schedir Shaula
    have become suddenly nonoperational because the upstream of our provider blocked all traffic. They should come back online within a couple of days, due to new deals with a new transit provider. However, all IP addresses will change. We have decided that this is a good moment to switch to new lines and servers: we are changing the previous 100 Mbit/s lines with 1 Gbit/s lines and ports, and replacing the hardware with more powerful CPU. The four 100 Mbit/s servers will be replaced by three 1 Gbit/s servers. Location will not change, the new servers will be in Riga.

    We should be able to announce the new servers in the next days.
    EDIT 2022/02/02: replacement has been completed.

    Kind regards and datalove
    AirVPN Staff
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    ZPKZ reacted to Staff in New 1 Gbit/s server available (IE)   ...

    We're very glad to inform you that a new 1 Gbit/s full duplex server located in Dublin, Ireland, is available: Minchir.

    The AirVPN client will show automatically the new server; if you use any other OpenVPN client you can generate all the files to access it through our configuration/certificates/key generator (menu "Client Area"->"Config generator").

    The server accepts connections on ports 53, 80, 443, 1194, 2018 UDP and TCP for OpenVPN and ports 1637 UDP for WireGuard.

    Minchir supports OpenVPN over SSL and OpenVPN over SSH, TLS 1.3, OpenVPN tls-crypt and WireGuard.

    Full IPv6 support is included as well.

    As usual no traffic limits, no logs, no discrimination on protocols and hardened security against various attacks with separate entry and exit-IP addresses.

    You can check the server status as usual in our real time servers monitor:

    Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or issue.

    Kind regards and datalove
    AirVPN Team
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    ZPKZ reacted to flare in dns does not work very well sometimes   ...
    I noticed that sometimes the dns cannot resolve common sites like reddit or for example if I open imgur with the vpn on firefox or safari,

    the spinner keeps spinning till I disable the VPN , then it works . Looks like there's a kind of cache poisoning or filtering because other sites work just fine .

    Not sure what's going on but just wanted to let you know

    for example  (using netherland server)

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    ZPKZ reacted to Staff in No log4j vulnerability here   ...

    We would like to inform you that we have never used the  Apache Logging Services and/or Java in general, so any Log4j vulnerability, CVE-2021-44228 included (overall CVSS score 10.0 - critical) doesn't affect AirVPN web site or anything related to AirVPN.


    Kind regards and datalove
    AirVPN Staff
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    ZPKZ reacted to Stalinium in Happy AirVPN power user   ...
    I don't know what to write about... Everything's fine and I love AirVPN. Sounds cheesy but it is what it is. I've been using AirVPN for half a year.

    Many servers to choose from, very transparent from the user's point of view - something I value. Transparency about server status and an API (admittedly I haven't used it much). From reading the forums I grasped that AirVPN has very strict (legal) criteria for choosing server locations (countries), an approach that is unique across all providers I've seen so far. Yea placing servers in China wouldn't be the best idea or many other more "democratic" as a matter of fact which were ruled out.
    The config generator is awesome if you're not using their open source client Eddie (bonus points again!) - plenty of flexibility. Configs? Afaik there're some providers out there who still have user/password prompt on each connection, laughable. AirVPN not only properly makes use of certificates (that's how the server knows you are you without asking for credentials) and on top of that allows you to properly distribute different access keys across your devices (in case of theft etc). Lost a device? Revoke access to that single one and done!

    Port-forwarding support ALONG WITH Dynamic DNS is unparalleled. Sure an advanced user probably could create an ad-hoc DDNS solution for themself, but offering it along the VPN is ingenius.
    The servers are very stable, the stats currently show a user has been connected since January. I've read comments where other VPNs often force reconnects etc, that just sounds wild to me. Before AirVPN I've been on a private VPN server with 24/7 uptime and that's the quality of service I got used to and wouldn't want to downgrade from (looking at those other VPN providers)

    The AirVPN forums are a great source of information. The staff cannot be commended enough for responding to concerns and generally being here for discussion. @OpenSourcerer is a damn community hero, this place is unimaginable without him! I myself have contributed in one form or another and will continue to. As a side note to forums: AirVPN appears to have customized the forum software for privacy. I can't assess how far it goes (hopefully "enough"), and it's a far better choice than those completely relying on Reddit - undoubtedly a useful puppet of/for the certain government.

    The only problem I've had was with initial payment. I bought the 1 month plan and found no clear indications it was still active (because it is a PayPal recurring payment), so before the month expired I bought the 1 year plan. I was quite surprised to see a few days later my access days to have been extended by +31d - the automatic Paypal payment kicked in and I paid a single month extra. Though I like the service so much I decided not to bother with a refund (consider it a donation hehe). You need to login in Paypal to cancel those, I wish this was made clear/er. What's unclear to me was whether/how much info is retained on payment after all the transactions... but to grossly paraphrase an official response: use crypto. Just make sure your mug shot (photo) isn't connected to the coin wallet

    Roses are red,
    AirVPN's great.
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    ZPKZ reacted to Staff in Spooky Halloween 2021 deals   ...

    We reluctantly have to announce gloomy news to you all: Spooky Halloween Deals are now available in AirVPN...

    Save up to 74% on AirVPN longer plans (*)
    (*) When compared to 1 month plan price
    Check all plans and discounts here: https://airvpn.org/plans

    If you're already our customer and you wish to jump aboard for a longer period any additional plan will be added on top of already existing subscriptions and you will not lose any day.

    Every plan gives you all the features that made AirVPN a nightmare for snoopers and a scary service for competitors:
    a clear mission without compromises https://airvpn.org/mission active OpenVPN 3 open source development WireGuard support exclusive and very flexible, opt-in block lists against malware and other hostile entities. Pick pre-defined lists, add exceptions or additional blocks, or just use our totally neutral DNS by default ChaCha20 cipher on OpenVPN Data Channel for higher performance and longer battery life on tablets and smart phones IPv6 support, including IPv6 over IPv4 configurable remote port forwarding refined load balancing to squeeze every last bit per second from VPN servers free and open source software for Android, Linux, Mac and Windows easy "Configuration Generator" web interface for access through third party software guaranteed minimum bandwidth allocation GDPR compliance and very high standards for privacy protection no log and/or inspection of clients' traffic effective traffic leaks prevention by AirVPN software Tor support via AirVPN software on Linux, Mac and Windows various cryptocurrencies accepted without any intermediary no obligation to use our free and open source software to enter AirVPN infrastructure. Interoperability is an AirVPN priority. perfectly clear and easy to read Privacy Notice and Terms https://airvpn.org/privacy
    No tricks, only treats!

    Grim regards & datathrills
    AirVPN Staff
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    ZPKZ reacted to OpenSourcerer in [Proposal] [Implemented] OISD   ...
    Seconded. I use OISD in all my adware filter software as well. Started doing so because it was recommended over Energized.pro on Reddit. I was looking for alternatives due to the servers being down for weeks back in Summer, and then it turned out to be a massive, massive overkill regarding the blocked domains.
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    ZPKZ reacted to spinmaster in [Proposal] [Implemented] OISD   ...
    I'd like to propose adding the (very popular) OISD Blocklist. This list is also used by other free DNS "Adblock" services like Adhole.org, AhaDNS.com, etc.
    OISD (https://oisd.nl/) OISD is a pre-filtered blocklist consisting of lots of other popular blocklists. Domains which do not resolve from these blocklists are filtered out on a daily basis. OISD is focusing on functionality and not overblocking. License: ? I couldn't find any licensing information on the website. Raw URL: https://dbl.oisd.nl/ or (alternatively) https://hosts.oisd.nl/
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    ZPKZ reacted to spinmaster in New feature: DNS block lists   ...
    I love this new feature! This is super useful, especially on mobile. With the OpenVPN app, I can now essentially get rid of all trackers and ads with a single click on my iPhone while having an encrypted AirVPN tunnel. 😀 Thanks for adding this. 👍
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    ZPKZ reacted to Staff in New feature: DNS block lists   ...

    We're glad to introduce a new feature in AirVPN infrastructure: DNS block lists.

    By default, AirVPN DNS remains neutral in accordance with our mission. However, from now on you have the option to enforce block lists which poison our DNS, in order, for example, to block known sources of ads, spam, malware and so on.

    You can manage your preferences in your account Client Area ⇨ DNS panel https://airvpn.org/dns/.

    We offer only lists released with licenses which grant re-distribution for business purposes too.

    The system is very flexible and offers some exclusive features never seen before in other VPN services:
    You can activate or de-activate, anytime, any combination of lists. You can add customized exceptions and/or additional blocks. Any specified domain which must be blocked includes all of its subdomains too. Lists which can return custom A,AAAA,CNAME,TXT records are supported. You can define any combination of block lists and/or exceptions and/or additions for your whole account or only for specific certificate/key pairs of your account (Client Area ⇨ Devices ⇨ Details ⇨ DNS) Different matching methods are available for your additions and exceptions: Exact (exact FQDN), Domain (domain and its subdomains), Wildcard (with * and ? as wildcards), Contain, Start with, End with. An API to fetch every and each list in different formats (see Client Area ⇨ API ⇨ dns_lists service) is active Any change in your selected list(s), any added exception and any added block is enforced very quickly, within few tens of seconds. You don't need to disconnect and re-connect your account. You can define your own lists and discuss lists and anything related in the community forum here
    Essential requisite to enjoy the service is, of course, querying AirVPN DNS while your system is connected to some VPN server, which is by the way a default setup if you run any of our software.

    Kind regards & datalove
    AirVPN Staff
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    ZPKZ reacted to Staff in New 10 Gbit/s server available (CH)   ...
    For the readers: Ain in Stockholm has been upgraded to 10 Gbit/s line and port. https://airvpn.org/forums/topic/48885-upgrade-ain-becomes-a-10-gbits-server-se/

    Kind regards
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    ZPKZ reacted to Staff in Upgrade: Ain becomes a 10 Gbit/s server (SE)   ...

    We're very glad to inform you that a server located in Stockholm (SE) has been upgraded: Ain. Server is now connected to a 10 Gbit/s line and port, while the motherboard has been replaced with a more powerful CPU. IP addresses remain the same. You don't need to re-generate configuration files, even if you don't run our software.

    As usual the server includes load balancing between daemons to squeeze as much bandwidth as possible from the 10 Gbit/s line.

    The server accepts connections on ports 53, 80, 443, 1194, 2018 UDP and TCP.

    Just like every other Air server, Ain supports OpenVPN over SSL and OpenVPN over SSH, TLS 1.3 and tls-crypt.

    Full IPv6 support is included as well.

    As usual no traffic limits, no logs, no discrimination on protocols and hardened security against various attacks with separate entry and exit-IP addresses.

    You can check the server status as usual in our real time servers monitor:

    Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or issue.

    Kind regards and datalove
    AirVPN Team
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    ZPKZ reacted to Staff in Canada Servers are not overloaded   ...
    Maybe you already know it. When a country consistently has more than 65-70% allocated (used) bandwidth, we consider the expansion. When a country has consistently more than 90% allocated bandwidth, expansion is mandatory. Currently Canada is around 55% while Sweden less than 50%. However, in Sweden, we have much stronger demand in Stockholm (better peering with various residential ISPs) than Uppsala. If you consider Stockholm as an area of its own, or equivalently Sweden as a country relying essentially on Stockholm, then you have consistently 70% allocated bandwidth. That's why expansion in Stockholm is now under evaluation with higher priority than Canada.

    Kind regards
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    ZPKZ reacted to Staff in Canada Servers are not overloaded   ...


    Stay tuned, infrastructure expansion will go on.

    Kind regards
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    ZPKZ reacted to Staff in New 10 Gbit/s server available (CH)   ...

    We're very glad to inform you that a new 10 Gbit/s server located in Zurich (CH) is available: Xuange. It's the first server we propose with a dedicated 10 Gbit/s line and port. As we have now circumvented several computing limits through load balancing and improved optimization, it's time to gradually test larger bandwidth.

    The AirVPN client will show automatically the new server. If you use any other OpenVPN client you can generate all the files to access it through our configuration/certificates/key generator (menu "Client Area"->"Config generator").

    The server accepts connections on ports 53, 80, 443, 1194, 2018 UDP and TCP.

    Just like every other Air server, Xuange supports OpenVPN over SSL and OpenVPN over SSH, TLS 1.3 and tls-crypt.

    Full IPv6 support is included as well.

    As usual no traffic limits, no logs, no discrimination on protocols and hardened security against various attacks with separate entry and exit-IP addresses.

    You can check the server status as usual in our real time servers monitor:

    Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or issue.

    Kind regards and datalove
    AirVPN Team
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    ZPKZ reacted to HannaF in Canada Servers are not overloaded   ...
    thanks! I´d like to agree here, the Stockholm servers are very crowded all the time, and I think most users would prefer them over Uppsala. So the server locations seem somewhat disproportionate.

    Best regards
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    ZPKZ reacted to arteryshelby in Canada Servers are not overloaded   ...
    Hi @Staff, any updates on that matter?

    Stockholm seems quite loaded ATM.

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    ZPKZ got a reaction from Antti Simola in Five simultaneous connections per account   ...
    All connected to the same server should work, you just have to choose a different protocol/port for each one
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    ZPKZ got a reaction from arteryshelby in more non-m247 swedish servers   ...
    Your m247 servers are great. With one exception. Sweden.

    My suggestion is to add more swedish servers that are not m247 or switch some to Altushost.

    The four Altushost ones work great.
    I'm often getting only a couple of mbit/s from the m247 servers while getting 100s of megabits from the four Altushost servers.
    It does seem like I'm not the only one to notice that the m247 ones somehow suck. There are about 5x more people connected to the Altushost servers than the m247 servers

    Lupus, Norma, Ain and Capricornus pretty much always have 100-150+ people connected.

    And then of course they get more than their share of the heavy load/traffic.

    Compare this to the m247 ones. They have 15-30 people connected at any time.

    I realized after writing this and connecting to some of the other servers that the slower ones are not m247 company, but Kustbandet

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    ZPKZ reacted to Staff in AirVPN 10th birthday celebrations   ...

    Today we're starting AirVPN tenth birthday celebrations!
    From a two servers service located in a single country providing a handful of Mbit/s, the baby has grown up to a wide infrastructure in 22 countries in three continents, providing now 240,000+ Mbit/s to tens of thousands of people around the world.

    In 2019 and 2020, software development enhancement has paid off: now AirVPN develops on its own an OpenVPN3 forked library which resolves various problems from the main branch and adds new features. The library is used in Hummingbird, a free and open source software for Linux and Mac, known for its speed and compactness, in Eddie Android edition and in a new software which will be announced in June. Hummingbird has been released even for ARM based Linux devices, and runs fine for example in Raspberry PI.

    Eddie Desktop edition has been extensively rewritten to improve performance, reliability and security. Now anything not related to the user interface is written in C++ and a lot of security hardening has been implemented. Total compatibility with macOS Catalina, Windows 10 and latest Linux distributions has been achieved, and specific packages for various, widespread Linux distributions are available for easier installation.

    Eddie can act as a GUI for Hummingbird in Linux and Mac, while in Windows, Eddie can also be easily configured to run OpenVPN 2.5 with the wintun driver to achieve remarkable OpenVPN performance boost and put Windows on par with other systems OpenVPN throughput ability. Furthermore, the wintun driver resolves various problems which affected TAP-Windows driver.

    Development for OpenBSD and FreeBSD has been unfortunately re-planned but we're glad to announce here that it will continue, starting from summer 2020.

    All AirVPN applications and libraries are free and open source software released under GPLv3.

    We think that it's somehow surprising that AirVPN not only survived, but even flourished for 10 years, in an increasingly competitive market and increasingly privacy hostile environment.

    No whistles and bells, no marketing fluff, no fake locations, no advertising on mainstream media, a transparent privacy policy, no trackers on the web site or in mobile applications, no bullshit of any kind in our infrastructure to sell your personal data to any personal data merchant, and above all a clear mission that is the very reason which AirVPN operates for https://airvpn.org/mission , are probably, all together, the factors which allowed such a small "miracle" and maybe make AirVPN unique.

    Thank you all, you users, customers, members of the community, moderators, developers: the small "miracle" happened because of you, because you saw something in AirVPN.

    Kind regards and datalove
    AirVPN Staff
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    ZPKZ reacted to OpenSourcerer in AirVPN 10th birthday celebrations   ...
    This provides me with an opportunity to say Thank you to AirVPN as well.

    I've been on this ride for nearly seven years now and I've seriously grown to fully trust AirVPN with whatever I do on the internet, in terms of both tech and ideology and the stability of both. Doesn't matter if I'm downloading with BitTorrent, playing a game or two or simply browsing the internet, it feels like nothing changed in terms of throughput or latency, while knowing that those activites are safer to use from a privacy point of view and that AirVPN will not sell me out. Now, I know that experiences vary and someone somewhere in the world don't enjoy the same quality of the service as I do – I live in Central Europe, after all. Problems are there to be solved, and that is what the AirVPN community does, which I personally see among the strong points of AirVPN: Despite the efforts of everyone to stay private and anonymous, even to the point of complete paranoia and exaggeration, there's still something I'd describe as the "AirVPN community spirit". When I started using AirVPN in 2013, and a short while after also spontaneously deciding to contribute to the forums, I didn't think how far this dedication would go. Well, here we are.

    Even though I was trying to help others, it would be a lie to say that I didn't learn anything myself. Through the forums I was able to pick up bits and pieces, read further manuals and how-tos, try things out myself, then pick up some more bits, read further, test deeper. The AirVPN community gave me some interesting hints and insights I wouldn't have gotten any other way and also influenced me on some of the more incisive decisions of mine. A humble example would be the decision to ditch Windows altogether, something that largely came from the community, and from the day I did that I not only learned more about the finer things of I.T., I was even able to directly translate what I learned into my job. Knowledge earned me respect, respect earned me.. well, nothing bad, you can be sure of that. Did I say that I never expected the decision to get involved here to turn out this way?

    As of today, AirVPN is the reference I compare the rest of the VPN providers to. Thank you again for the great service and may the next ten years be as good as the last and better!
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    ZPKZ got a reaction from Stevensep in Meanwhile in America after Trump   ...
    edit:  damn can't embed
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