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  1. Probably this: https://airvpn.org/topic/18436-unable-to-connect-to-furud-using-ssl/?hl=furud
  2. IPtorrent, torrentleech, hd-space, danishbits, hdclub Using seedbox from seedboxes.cc
  3. Also- it may show the wrong country. I.e "you tried to log in from Egypt- was this you?" when you connect to lets say Latvian server. No danger
  4. I have malwarebytes anti exploit premium running all the time. Got it cheap. No idea if it does anything good
  5. Maybe it's gulping down some russian collection of dirty ass US-election emails Anyways 20 weeks thats awesome
  6. Anyone know why this is the only server that won't work with SSL? Is it fixable? One of the best servers for downloading stuff IME!
  7. srs no cellphone? My grandfather @ 90 has the newest iphone
  8. All the netherlands-servers Ive trited lately still work with netflix
  9. ZPKZ

    Zero Days

    Saw it on TV. Pretty good imo
  10. Yes I am also on a spymachine. A g510 I believe
  11. Furud is 1gbit but they can only guarantee 100mbit. Furud is actually one of the very fastest servers for me
  12. Furud is the only server I can remember that has never worked with SSL for me Where do one change entry IP for SSL?
  13. Couldnt find it when I looked but i seem to remember someone talking about a bat script that did pretty much this. Not sure if it was shared or just mentioned hmmmm
  14. The problem has been fixed with both sites with so are working now Hasn't worked with any of the servers I've tried so far
  15. Looks like telegram removed the "regular chat" after snowdens tweet. Only E2E now
  16. "telegram's defaults are dangerous." E This must be that it's easy to chose a "normal" chat instead of the E2E-chats that are marked by a lock? I've had several aquintances repeatedly open a new, "normal" chat after being schooled on this by yours truly many times
  17. Temporarily turn off malwarebytes if you have it
  18. Does anyone know a server that works with leakforums.net or hackforums.com ? Interesting but no way I'm browsing them without my VPN thanks
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