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  1. What??! Tell me more Have I spread my password with my logs here? You and your sneaky log guide lol You obvisouly long for our passwords! Also a big +1 for the Log pausing. Good idea. Always annoyed me
  2. Client area > Config generator for config files
  3. The server ( Thuban ) is closed but there is 121 people connected? Or are the stats not updated?
  4. ZPKZ

    Really impressed

    Awesome show. Different "subject" , people and story in each episode
  5. ZPKZ

    AirVPN Trap?!

    Search the name felicixus and most topics on the guy is "FELICIXUS SCAMMED ME"....
  6. Using 3 x win 8.1 + 1 x Ubuntu
  7. Serious question: anything wrong with OVH or do they just sell VPS or something? Also +1 on the suggestion on more french server(s)!
  8. https://i.imgur.com/Jg0gWBo.mp4 edit: damn can't embed
  9. www.up1.ca used to be my favorite. It was "recommended" by privacytools.io or prismbreak (dont remember which one) but it's been down for a long time now Now using https://unsee.cc/ Don't know anything about it
  10. The french servers are great. Very rare disconnects, but I'm not from France g-translated
  11. https://torrentfreak.com/youtube-signs-landmark-deal-to-end-music-video-blocking-in-germany-160101/
  12. You either have a unhealthy interest in this or you are heavily invested in this otherwise... I'd really like this cryptocurrency to "blow up", I would really like a cryptocurrency to be easily obtained (and used), but the numbers aren't looking good. I hope I'm wrong but this sounds like something that would fizzle out in the sand like the rest of that list
  13. Thanks for the info. Didn't know that. Hadn't really tried it. It is now my current go-to server for my laptop after some testing edit: thank you mr forum-dominator wink.png
  14. Watch out BTW: Norway is planning to do what Sweden does with this FRA fuckery. Collect & or analyze ALL data from/to/via Norway edit: sorry not exactly 100% relevant.... (maybe 2%?)
  15. No offense but with autostart with (i assume) windows and click "network lock" and then "connect". If you have chosen in options to always connect to the same server, they are only 2 mouseclicks from being connected (almost senile-proof)
  16. ZPKZ


    Lols Everything is a step towards linux!
  17. In contrary to what mr LZ1 thinks, Furud was a great name Also used to get awesome speeds. Only bad thing was the whole no SSL thingy. Marfic on the other hand... Never any decent speeds. Well well... RIP FURUD
  18. You could also make a virtual machine on your computer and connect to Air via that too. Triple VPN! (SLOW!) edit: oops. MAC. Don't know shit about VM on mac
  19. Got any 3rd party software that might be preventing the network lock from working? (Symantec, ESET etc)
  20. From the lock-icon, it looks like you have network lock disabled. Have you tried enabling it?
  21. This. Tried dozens of servers Gave up streaming from netflix and started downloading season packs instead via torrents
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