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  1. These and https://www.viafree.no/ www.vgtv.no The x-forwarded-for workaround for NRK doesn't work anymore
  2. Same issue with the Austrian servers
  3. Where do i have to enter this? In Eddie client: Preferences>OVPN directives>Custom directives
  4. ZPKZ


    I saw 15k earlier today
  5. You can exclude IP adresses in Preferences>Routes if that helps
  6. Pandora.com is blocked from Porrima "Pandora isn’t available where you are… yet. Pandora is only available in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand right now – but we are working on bringing our music service to other parts of the world.Enter your email address below, and we’ll notify you when Pandora is ready to launch in your country." EDIT: Also blocked on Scheat
  7. Where are you watching from? If you are using firefox, have you turned off geolocation? Not sure if it applies you to as you're connecting with the DD-WRT tho good luck
  8. You get to a (real) air referral link when you click to buy
  9. From their wordpress site Seems legit
  10. Me too. Im very close to Sweden but I get crappy speeds. Strange No biggie tho, like number2 mentioned there are plenty of servers that pretty much max my speed anyways
  11. Yeah heard obout this. Sounds good to me so far! Now that's a an incentive
  12. You can have a laugh at me, I am not sure what lmgtfy means, laughing your something, lol Hey thanks this was simple and to the point. I appreciate. np lmgtfy = let me google that for you http://lmgtfy.com/?q=openvpn+route+outside+the+tunnel
  13. This and http://dropcanvas.com
  14. lmgtfy just kidding Netflix can easily check up the IP adress you are connecting from and see if it's a residential IP (home connection) or a "business" IP (possibly dedicated servers, VPS) When they see you connecting from a "business" IP like from OVH or others who sell dedicated servers, they assume you are using a VPN/proxy. Trouble is netflix uses many IP adresses. Too many to easily add them to "Outside the channel" in Eddie>Routes
  15. Maybe we should make a list of countries that has been tried and are out of question at the moment (as long as conditions like censorship in said countries are like they currently are)? Not to be confused with countries lacking because of shitty server quality Maybe add to OP Examples: France Italy Japan Korea edit: umm maybe those were all of them
  16. how do you that please? i would love to this for netflix Go to Eddie>Preferences>Routes Add 4chan's ip adresses and choose "Outside the channel" Won't work for netflix
  17. I don't have that problem. Maybe specify which server(s)?
  18. Working good here @ 190 mbit with 443 ssl edit: Oops I was wrong. Getting great speed with UDP 443 but with SSL I lose more than 95% of the speed
  19. Yes it used to work flawlessly. Now it just wont play edit: oops I don't get that error message though
  20. Sorry just had to Some very interesting info in there though!
  21. Well I believe Air was on a second page last time... So this is a step up
  22. https://torrentfreak.com/vpn-services-anonymous-review-2017-170304/
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