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  1. https://torrentfreak.com/ipvanish-no-logging-vpn-led-homeland-security-to-comcast-user-180505/
  2. Seems to be working from Camelopardalis
  3. Any progress on this? ( ) I get better stability and somehow way better ping from some of the swedish servers. Routing for this would be great thanks!
  4. Noscript looks shite. Came to this thread to see if it was just my computer messing up Any way to revert back to the normal look?
  5. All connected to the same server should work, you just have to choose a different protocol/port for each one
  6. It means you can connect using your router, your laptop, your iphone, your android phone and your ipad at the same time
  7. It is very effective. I happen to use airvpn myself! Often with popcorntime
  8. Works excellent from the norwegian servers, but not from any of the ones I have tried from other countries. Maybe add routing? thanks
  9. https://airvpn.org/topic/23275-london-uk-server-exit-ip-in-dubai/?hl=maxmind&do=findComment&comment=63505
  10. Site works fine for me. Which server is the problem?
  11. Did you try different ports and protocols? Settings>Protocols thats what zhang means IME you should disregard what is the closest and use the good ole trial and error. Surprising locations give great speed
  12. If safety and privacy is of no concern to you, maybe you should use the free "botnet VPN" browser addon- hola? I used it to buy cheap games from Brazil before I found out how much of a mess it is http://adios-hola.org/
  13. What do you need an aussie Ip adress for? If for streaming forexample, you may not need it
  14. nice! edit: This is now my fastest server DL speed is more than 3x of any other swedish server
  15. The "new" streaming site https://blockbuster.no/ will also only be available from Norwegian IP adresses Mostly new movies (opening june 28.)
  16. It's been working flawlessly the last year or so but now suddenly I can't connect. Tried to reconnect. Restarted modem&router. Restarted computer. Reinstalled eddie Im on win 8.1 64 I dont believe I have done any changes recently that would cause this Anyone got any clue? thanks EDIT: No idea what the problem was but it's working now. Tried restarting router & modem, computer, direct cable from modem to computer, unplug and plug everything blabla. Ended up waiting 24hrs and I replaced my modem. Now working ....somehow
  17. ZPKZ

    airvpn AP script

    In laymanterms- wtf is this? thanks
  18. Absolutely brutal And that intro... the accurate error message I get is:
  19. Makes sense indeed. But: https://airvpn.org/specs/ This is what I'm hoping for
  20. Channel 5 streaming catchup (www.my5.tv ) doesn't work unless using a UK server Everything appears to work fine then a message appears "Ca- the content is not available at the moment. Please try again later" or something to that extent example: https://www.my5.tv/cant-pay-well-take-it-away/season-5/episode-14
  21. YES I start Eddie then the Tor browser. TLDR; Eddie+Tor browser=
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