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  1. Hello!

    We are facing a major incident to our infrastructure, probably due to our provider. VPN servers are not responding. We are inquiring and we will keep you updated.

    Premium users will be refunded for the downtime

    Kind regards

    AirVPN admins

    UPDATE 19:35 CET - 12 Mar 2011

    As we suspected, the total outage of the VPN servers is entirely our provider's responsability.

    Unfortunately, nobody from that company could be reached at the moment, so we have no feedback from them.

    We will clarify the situation as soon so possible. We also would like to ensure all our premium members that our services will be restored in any case, with or without our current provider cooperation. If, for any reason, this website too should become unreachable, you will be able to follow updates (and eventually new link to the website) through our twitter account:


    UPDATE 21:50 CET - 13 Mar 2011

    We are working as fast as possible to bring back service for premium users. We can't give an exact date and time, but we announce that new server will be in installation phase tomorrow morning early, in case we can't rescue previous VPN servers. This is a precaution action due to the total lack of answers and assistance, at this time, from our current servers provider. Please note that no data regarding accounts is kept on the VPN servers which are currently unresponsive.

    UPDATE 11:00 CET - 14 Mar 2011

    After having finally received feedback from our current provider, there is no interest to continue our commercial relationship with it since this incident shows that its quality and support standards do not meet our requirements anymore. New server installation procedure had already started earlier this morning, so premium service will be restored very soon. We will keep you updated. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    UPDATE 12:45 CET - 15 Mar 2011

    Although we can't give an exact ETA for premium services at the moment, we confirm that everything is proceeding as planned with minimal delays due to servers installation and connections. A very rough estimate to bring back services is within 24 hrs from now. Don't take this ETA for granted but we assure you that we are doing our best during these days. We would like to express our gratitude to all our members who are showing support with very nice words. It is very much appreciated, thank you.

    UPDATE 17:25 CET - 16 Mar 2011

    The first server for premium members has just been connected. We're starting to work on it; from now on we need some or several hours to "integrate" it in our infrastructure and make it available to you. It is located in a datacenter in the Netherlands and is sufficient to satisfy demand of all premium users.

    Furthermore, we are still waiting for the installation and connection of another server, which will be dedicated to premium users too, located in a datacenter in Germany. It should be ready in the next 24/48 hrs. We are also preparing some good surprise for premium members. You will receive updates as usual, as well as instructions to connect to the new servers.

    UPDATE 20:00 CET - 16 Mar 2011

    Server in the Netherlands passed tests and is currently properly configured and operational. We are performing some more tests and if everything is ok we will give premium members access to it later in the evening (CET).

    UPDATE 20:25 CET - 16 Mar 2011

    Service is now UP for all premium members! Please note that if you connect without AirVPN client, you need to re-generate configuration file. You can do that simply selecting "Member"-->"Access without our client" and choosing your favourite port. We will soon give you more news about the new server in Germany, compensations for downtime and new special offers aimed to premium members.

    UPDATE 02:35 CET - 17 Mar 2011

    German server has been installed and is now available to premium members! As usual, if you connect without AirVPN client, you can generate a new configuration by simply selecting "Member"-->"Access without our client". Keep the different configurations (for ports and servers) with different names so that you can choose freely each time you connect with OpenVPN client. With the current configuration, we are now providing the minimum guaranteed allocated bandwidth as we did before the outage. Soon we will deliver the compensations due to our premium members for the outage.

  2. gattolino wrote:

    some site resolv ip but throw tunnel i can not download site page... like www.wowebook.com . anyone know if is a provider filter or a web server problem? thanks


    Just checked: no problems from the premium server.

    Kind regards


  3. md88x wrote:

    Hi, I have this problem:

    When I try to log-in i have this error:

    "Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure"

    I use win XP sp3.



    If you refer to the connection to our website, please note that the valid SSL certificate is for


    Be sure to type it exactly in your browser (do not add www for example).

    If you refer to some other issue, do not hesitate to contact us again.

    Kind regards

    AirVPN admins

  4. Hello!

    Some of the payment methods suggested in this thread have unacceptable conditions for us.

    However, there is a simpler method to reassure the cautious (or "paranoid", as you define him/her) customer.

    1) Contact us and require a coupon

    2) Pay the coupon with your regular PayPal or AlertPay account

    3) Receive the coupon via e-mail

    4) Use the coupon to activate an account completely unrelated (different e-mail address, no sensitive data or nickname). Take care to activate the account when you're already connected to the VPN (for example, to the free server), so that, thanks to no logging, not even the activation may be related to an IP address. For the paranoid, it's better to use the coupon and activate the account while using AirVPN over TOR, or TOR alone.

    In this way, no identity correlation between payer and account can be proved, legally or otherwise, not even if, for a mysterious "attack of madness" and business suicide will, we wanted to.

    Kind regards

    AirVPN admins

  5. akkiisgreat wrote:

    tnx for replay , its a great sugg to switch to premium account. i think that will be good. so i am a daily user of u's airvpn great service and if u can grant me a month free service of premium account so that i can judge the performance and i will pay after the trial one month .


    Premium service is reserved to paying members. You can evaluate the performance in a few days, after that we offer a 100% refund, no questions asked.

    Kind regards

    AirVPN admins

  6. dziGfxcDemk wrote:

    I am aware that there is a bandwidth limits on the free server imposed @ 1mb up/down for all active users.

    Is there a limit on the number of users which are allowed to connect to the free server?

    I've disconnected my machine to do some maintenance and tried to connect again, but I can't and I have been trying for the past 30 minutes or so! My openvpn client cannot even establish a connection to the free server, let alone do the ssl negotiating.

    I can see from the server status that the number of users connected stands at around 240 and the bandwidth used is about 38/100.

    Any help in clarifying this would be appreciated! Many thanks.


    There is no limit on the number of users who can connect, except physical machine limitations. These limitations are far to be reached and anyway, even if reached, we would expand the infrastructure in our ongoing commitment against censorship and in protection of Net Neutrality.

    That said, we don't guarantee anything on the free service, it is given "as is". It is free, but no bandwidth, uptime or connection availability is guaranteed. Please upgrade to premium membership to use a full featured VPN with guaranteed bandwidth, uptime and much more.

    Currently the free server is up and running, so it might be a problem on your side. Do not hesitate to open a ticket if you can't solve the issue and please attach your complete OpenVPN connection log.

    Kind regards

    AirVPN admins

  7. akkiisgreat wrote:

    hi me connecting on port 53 and its very slow, and when i i dont connect with airvpn its very fast, spedtest show's ping of more than 2300 ms, help!. its wont even open a single site.


    There is no guaranteed bandwidth on the free server, it's best effort. Please switch to a premium membership to have guaranteed bandwidth and much more!

    Kind regards

    AirVPN admins

  8. ActiveDNS wrote:

    Thanks for the quick response,i also tried with OpenVPN..

    Pls Suggest -

    After installing open VPN=>unzip the Zip downloaded from AirVPN in OpenVPN %programfiles%\OpenVPN\bin

    Then run OpenVPN=>and final connect using my DialUP connection,but on airVPN page it still shows not connected..

    OpenVPN is minimized to SystemTray in its proxy setting it is set to

    Use OpenVPN config-file settings

    am i doing anything wrong... :unsure:


    Check the 1st step. You should copy all the files inside air.zip and paste them not in bin, but in OpenVPN configuration directory.

    Finally, first connect to your ISP (even in dial-ip), and THEN connect to AirVPN.

    Kind regards



  9. ActiveDNS wrote:

    Dear Admin,

    I'm trying to connect using CiscoVPN client,but it keep on getting disconnected..

    pls help :(

    My Config :

    Client - Cisco PN Client - 5.07 (adminPrv)

    OS - Windows 7 Ultimate x86 SP1


    Please follow our instructions and use OpenVPN client to connect to AirVPN. Cisco client is based on IPsec, not OpenVPN. You can find instructions for Windows on menu "More"-->"Access with..."-->"Windows".

    Kind regards

    AirVPN admins

  10. dnniwa485 wrote:

    ok, i just made my payment through alertpay.. waiting for the coupon code.

    Thank you very much! Your account is already on premium status (according to the e-mail specified in the AlertPay payment). Do not hesitate to contact us for any information.

    Kind regards

    AirVPN admins

  11. dnniwa485 wrote:

    Hmmm... Is it possible to use different currency.

    I only have US Dollar here, and asking if it is possible to pass money using alertpay in US Dollars.


    Yes, it is possible. Currency conversion is automatically performed by AlertPay.

    Kind regards

    AirVPN admins

  12. @ferridder


    You are trying to access the premium server. The free server is Polaris,

    We hope that the service will meet your expectations so that you will upgrade to premium membership which have much more bandwidth and help us sustain our commitment to privacy and against censorship. :)

    Kind regards

    AirVPN admins

  13. Hello!

    First problem is that your TUN/TAP interface is not coming up.

    See here for hints on how to solve the problem in Windows system:


    Second problem seems to be related to your line quality (unfortunately we can't do anything about it).

    Third problem (no connection on certain ports) may be related to firewall misconfiguration or your ISP configuration. Check your firewall and see whether your ISP blocks certain connections; if it's the case, try connection on port 53.

    Kind regards

    AirVPN admins

  14. nikhil1994 wrote:



    Make sure you have installed OpenVPN with admin privileges in your system. Feel free to open a ticket. Please attach complete OpenVPN connection log.

    Kind regards

    AirVPN admins

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