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  1. Enable temporarly debug log (Preferences - Log -> Log Debug) and log to file, try to connect, and post a log when the "Checking Environment" issue occur. Thx.
  2. If you mean minimize in tray icon, sorry. it's under development but in major release Eddie 3, release date unknown yet.
  3. I reply to you https://airvpn.org/topic/23200-eddie-213beta-released/?p=64303 , plz read.
  4. Please provide a full log, to identify the phase where the error is generated.
  5. Unfortunately to avoid a Win10 DNS issue, the latest beta use another method to set DNS.Why you have "Advanced > Force all network interface" enabled? Try to disable it and check.
  6. https://airvpn.org/topic/19909-eddie-with-other-providers-or-custom-openvpn-configuration-files/ https://airvpn.org/topic/22200-i-cannot-add-other-providers-eddie-reverts-to-original-options-upon-startup/ It's easier with the new version of Eddie (available now as Experimental). GIF: Note: only in Windows and Linux edition. macOS will be available soon. Note that AirVPN account or subscription is not required: AirVPN can even be totally removed as VPN provider. Remember: The features 'Check Tunnel' and 'Check DNS' are AirVPN servers specific, so they will not be performed on other .ovpn files. The full conversion of Eddie to a generic OpenVPN wrapper is still under development, currently it's an hybrid (for example Settings contains AirVPN specific options that will be moved in the future). In any case, collecting feedback about how Eddie works with .ovpn of other VPN providers will be interesting. Maybe a dedicated forum.
  7. I never encounter this issue, and i need help to understand why this happen. It's also reported on github issue tracker. I found a lot of similar issue around, for example about PIA and also in other kind of software, ex. Probably it's a Windows issue. If anyone hit this issue, please report: 1- OS 2- What has disappeared exactly, tray icon or window or both? 3- If tray icon, check if was automatically moved by Windows under the arrow-up icon . 4- If both, is Eddie really running? Is AirVPN.exe process is running, or only openvpn.exe? 4- Did it happen randomly or after an action (resume from sleep, only at boot, minimizing the window etc.)? Is it reproducible? 5- If tray icon, is it restored by killing "explorer.exe" and restarting it? Thanks for any feedback.
  8. I received my TinkerOS hw. Some confusion here... If you install openvpn and stunnel4, you don't need to copy openvpn and stunnel from the portable bundle. Eddie will find them in system. In fact, it's strange that you copy x64 binary and works... probabily Eddie ignore it and use the system packages. Please check by posting a log file. Anyway, my objective is to make .deb and our Debian repo compatible with both Raspbian and TinkerOS. There are some confusion about architectures... Raspberry it's armv7l but rasbian repo it's armhf. Tinker OS 'uname -m' report armv7l, Tinker OS repo it's armhf. Still studying this kind of stuffs, but i can ensure that next release of Eddie will work on both.
  9. Sorry about the delay.The syntax must be: <providers> <OpenVPN title="ProtonVPN" path="C:\Users\User\Downloads\ProtonVPN_config\"/> </providers> with a backslash before the closing >, and NOT: <providers> <OpenVPN title="ProtonVPN" path="C:\Users\User\Downloads\ProtonVPN_config\"> </providers> It's not your fault, the docs here it's fixed now. Sorry. Anyway, with 2.12 you don't need to do that anymore, simply add a "ovpn" directory inside your data directory. About "Login & password", Eddie right now don't prompt in UI, but you can close Eddie, edit AirVPN.xml, you will find the piece of code "and change like his: <OpenVPN title="Custom Profiles 1" path="d:\archive\ovpn1\" login="mylogin" password="mypassword"> It will be improved in next versions, please be patient.
  10. You are right, Eddie detect flag and other info at runtime, but don't save it yet. Will be improved in next versions.
  11. Thanks for your feedback @NaDre. From what i understand (playing with Tor OutboundBindAddress directive and Wireshark to understand it), OutboundBindAddress binds the traffic to an interface about outgoing request. It's used for example if someone configures many Tor daemons on a Tor Exit relay, where each daemon uses different IP as exit. From what I understand, that doesn't work to bind interface for traffic between Tor and the first guard relay. For me, Tor simply doesn't have a "RelayBindAddress" option. I understand that a workaround exists (like your setfib/ipfw/pf ideas), but to implement it in Eddie we need to understand how to-do it in every OS (also Windows, also iptables etc). I still think that a better approach would be proposing for Tor a patch/implementation of a "RelayBindAddress" directive, but it needs time to develop/test/submit.
  12. In theory, another approach is using OutboundBindAddress option of Tor, like @NaDre explains here. If Tor always uses the real network interface for contact Guard IP (even when Tun exists) with binding, the Eddie steps to identify the Guard IP address are not necessary anymore, and will work also with obfs obfuscation. In practice, at least under macOS I could not make it work: Googling, some people say Address and more options are also required, some other persons claim that a bug affects OutboundBindAddress etc. I need to test better with Wireshark to understand if it is a Tor issue or my configs issue, but this is the right direction to support obfs4.
  13. When the OS changes the default gateway, macOS and Linux reset the socket catalog. Windows doesn't do that. This is the reason.
  14. If i connect without obfs bridge, Tor shows the list of three IPs about the circuitif i connect with obfs bridge, the first IP is hidden: THIS is the reason about the error Eddie asks for info to "Tor control" about the first IP of the circuit, the Guard IP, but Tor doesn't reply in obfs mode. Need investigation if is possible or not to obtain the first IP of the circuit in obfs mode. ------------------------------------------ The ONLY reason of the talk between Eddie and Tor is only knowing the Guard IP for the reason described in the first paragraph here: https://airvpn.org/tor/Eddie will create an automatic rule "data to the Guard IP must be outside the tunnel" during VPN connection. So, in theory it's possibile to mimic it. If you use directly "Socks" as proxy-type, and not "Tor", host, port 9150,it's the same thing the "Tor" proxy mode does, but without the attempt to detect the Tor Guard IP and create a rule for it (that causes the error of the first post) - Now, go to : https://bridges.torproject.org/bridgesand obtain a bridges list, like 3189748017897CCB46D3CDC20E2A0A120963E2DC DCC2C7053DD50563D4873328542F86DFA18AA62B AEE1B9E56103B0B89996D12A2190A819EB9A58FD - Tor Browser -> Tor Network Settings -> My Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocks connections to the Tor network- Check "Enter custom bridges" and enter the lines above- Restart Tor Browser From what i understand, in obfs mode, Tor picks one of the three IPs above (randomly?) to use it as Guard IP (first node of the circuit).So, go to Eddie -> Routes -> create three entries for the above IPs, with "Outside tunnel". --------------------In practice, honestly i don't know why currently, it works also if you don't do this (custom bridges list and manual routes outside tunnel). Only "socks",, 9150, and go to connect. Currently i can't reproduce the error in the Tor guide. Feedbacks are welcome
  15. Please look and continue here: https://airvpn.org/topic/21715-ipleak-test-two-dns-addresses/?p=57227
  16. Don't worry. DNS request when connected to a VPN server (without a DNS leak condition) are sent to an AirVPN DNS server (the server itself) within the IPv4 tunnel. DNS server receives the request, and performs the resolution (Recursion) with IPv4 OR IPv6, it doesn't matter for users. You don't have any IPv6 leak.
  17. Ops, a debug line in production... sorry, fixed.
  18. Some server are already 2.4, others 2.3.*. Upgrading need disconnection of all users on that server, so it's not done frequently without a good reason.
  19. It's absolutely in-topic with this forum. In fact sometime i'm thinking if ipleak.net need to show some Fingerprinting detection, but at the same-time i don't want to transform it into a bloatware.
  20. Unbelievable. The uBlock list RUS: RU AdList (Дополнительная региональная подписка) https://easylist-downloads.adblockplus.org/advblock.txt blocks any website with TLD ".website" under https, for a bad rule ||s*.website^$third-party,script I am trying to register to support forum https://forums.lanik.us/index.php but his web site throws PHP errors. The only email I found is no-reply@lanik.us , not it is not read by anyone. I would be grateful if someone who is able to contact him can warn him about the problem, otherwise remove this bad-written list.
  21. Little note: we write in the download page deb http://eddie.website/repository/apt stable mainbut if anyone wants, the https version can be used deb https://eddie.website/repository/apt stable mainThis because the apt https transport protocol is not installed by default in Debian (but it is installed by default in Ubuntu...). So, using https under a fresh Debian 8.7.1 throws a The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/https could not be found.until a apt-get install apt-transport-httpsis done. For me, unbelievable .
  22. I tested with Manjaro 16.10.3 KDE, i cannot reproduce your issue. Anyway, there isn't any real security issue here, so please wait some days until we focus on others issues that have more priority, after i will contact you.
  23. In this page: https://airvpn.org/linux/ the GPG key and PPA details. Please report here any issues specific to PPA repo, thx.
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