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  1. First of all, thank you. So, I bought a ASUS CHROMEBIT CS10 Stick-Desktop PC (85$ on amazon.com) to test (and improve) your guide. Some feedback from me. In my case, I need also to add the Cipher "CompLZO": "false", "Cipher": "AES-256-CBC", "Port": 1194, "Proto": "tcp", otherwise the connection loops in Connected/Disconnected forever, because it tries to use the OpenVPN default BF-CBC (from chrome::/system -> netlog) It's very strange that your guide works without needing this. The password will not need to be the AirVPN account password. Can be left blank. You can also use openssl pkcs12 -export -in user.crt -inkey user.key -certfile ca.crt -name 334f26309ded140bcea1b9e61afa59359cdc58c3 -out user.p12 -passout pass: to skip directly. Correct, highlight "Import and Bind", there are "Import" and "Import and Bind" buttons. I picked "Import" and I lost a lot of time for this Yes, my fault. If a user chooses "Import" only, it doesn't work, "Cannot load certificate using PKCS#11 interface" in chrome://system -> netlog . I'm not sure but I don't think this is mandatory. You don't need to enter the real password. But it's mandatory, so you can write 'xxx'. Me too. I have not yet tested other ports. So, I will perform some other test, but I think we can write together a guide that can be considered an "official" guide for AirVPN and ChromeOS. I will do all the automation that can be done, for example adapting Config Generator to generate directly .onc and p12 files. Stay tuned and thanks again for your work. Ciao! NOTE by Staff: the mentioned guide is available here: https://airvpn.org/topic/23846-using-airvpn-with-chromeos-chromebook-chromebit-etc/
  2. "Skip processes checking" simply skip checking if openvpn/ssh/stunnel it's already running. Not really important.But this is still a great issue that still need to be identified. I cannot reproduce it in any macOS in our laboratories. You can, please: 1- From a terminal sudo -s ps -eo pid,command >test.logand send to me (in PM if you prefer) the test.log file2- Settings->Log->check Log Debug, Settings->Advanced->uncheck "Skip processes checking", it will freeze at Checking Environment, send to me the logs in the Logs tab. Thx.
  3. How it can crash and connect? Maybe there are two instances... "crash" mean? an error or disappear? Try this: go to Settings->Logs->Enable "log on file". Go to log dir, close Eddie, delete any log files. Reboot. Now in the log folder there is one file. Post the entire log file here. Thx.
  4. Yes, connecting will give you a full 10/10 rating here: http://test-ipv6.com/ and of course reach any ipv6 sites, even if your ISP doesn't support IPv6.
  5. It's meant to rename an .ovpn profile if a non-AirVPN provider is used.
  6. I tested a Mint 18 Sarah, no issue (video). What do you mean exacly? You can't click the button (neither Yes and No?) or stuck after click? It's reproducible? Occur any time? Thx.
  7. Only because are redundant. WPF 'Filtering platform' it's the recommended, 'Windows Firewall' was the first method, and now must be used only temporarly if some issue/bug with WPF exists. Maybe deprecated in future if WPF works for all. If checked, Eddie skip to check if OpenVPN (or stunnel/ssh tools) are already running. We add an option because some users on macOS have an issue with it. If checked, Eddie can be used with any VPN providers. See https://airvpn.org/topic/19909-eddie-with-other-providers-or-custom-openvpn-configuration-files/ Don't check it. Sometime we put some additional stuffs to understand issue for debugging purpose, and we ask to specific people to check it.
  8. You can de-check temporarly 'Skip processes checking' and send the same report with 'debug log' i asked above? Thx. It's very strange, it seem that Eddie stuck when run "ps -eo pid,command".. The new option checked simply skip it.
  9. problem sorted thanks a lot staff You can anyway: 1- Launch Eddie 2- Go to Preferences -> Log -> tick Log Debug 3- Enable Network Lock 4- Disable Network Lock, de-tick Log Debug 5- Go to Log -> click Support (lifebelt) button, and send to me (PM) or open a ticket with the report? Thx. Ok, i don't need this anymore, thx anyway.
  10. Because they are servers under testing, showed by pinger for a mistake (now fixed). Please wait some days.
  11. Confirmed, will be fixed in the next release. Confirmed, will be fixed in the next release. Confirmed, will be fixed in the next release.
  12. Both, please open terminal, log as rootsudo -sand launchps -eo pid,command. I don't really need all the output, just understand if throw an error or stuck. Thx.
  13. I will test this on a Mint 17.3 soon. Will be fixed soon. It's an OpenVPN error, difficult to understand without a context. Please provide more info (log) when occur again. Thx. Latencies are 'stable' (in acceptable range, i think) after some time after run, or if you restart Eddie now have already acceptable latencies values?
  14. Yes, thx. Will be fixed in the next release, next week.
  15. Thx for the great report. 1) Probably a bug. Normally there isn't no problem between Eddie and "resolvconf", but maybe some changes in Debian9. I will try to check as soon as possible. 2) Yes, known issue. An oversight issue caused by the adding of the "Providers" tab. Will be fixed in the next release, around first days of the next week.
  16. Enable temporarly debug log (Preferences - Log -> Log Debug) and log to file, try to connect, and post a log when the "Checking Environment" issue occur. Thx.
  17. If you mean minimize in tray icon, sorry. it's under development but in major release Eddie 3, release date unknown yet.
  18. I reply to you https://airvpn.org/topic/23200-eddie-213beta-released/?p=64303 , plz read.
  19. Please provide a full log, to identify the phase where the error is generated.
  20. Unfortunately to avoid a Win10 DNS issue, the latest beta use another method to set DNS.Why you have "Advanced > Force all network interface" enabled? Try to disable it and check.
  21. https://airvpn.org/topic/19909-eddie-with-other-providers-or-custom-openvpn-configuration-files/ https://airvpn.org/topic/22200-i-cannot-add-other-providers-eddie-reverts-to-original-options-upon-startup/ It's easier with the new version of Eddie (available now as Experimental). GIF: Note: only in Windows and Linux edition. macOS will be available soon. Note that AirVPN account or subscription is not required: AirVPN can even be totally removed as VPN provider. Remember: The features 'Check Tunnel' and 'Check DNS' are AirVPN servers specific, so they will not be performed on other .ovpn files. The full conversion of Eddie to a generic OpenVPN wrapper is still under development, currently it's an hybrid (for example Settings contains AirVPN specific options that will be moved in the future). In any case, collecting feedback about how Eddie works with .ovpn of other VPN providers will be interesting. Maybe a dedicated forum.
  22. I never encounter this issue, and i need help to understand why this happen. It's also reported on github issue tracker. I found a lot of similar issue around, for example about PIA and also in other kind of software, ex. Probably it's a Windows issue. If anyone hit this issue, please report: 1- OS 2- What has disappeared exactly, tray icon or window or both? 3- If tray icon, check if was automatically moved by Windows under the arrow-up icon . 4- If both, is Eddie really running? Is AirVPN.exe process is running, or only openvpn.exe? 4- Did it happen randomly or after an action (resume from sleep, only at boot, minimizing the window etc.)? Is it reproducible? 5- If tray icon, is it restored by killing "explorer.exe" and restarting it? Thanks for any feedback.
  23. I received my TinkerOS hw. Some confusion here... If you install openvpn and stunnel4, you don't need to copy openvpn and stunnel from the portable bundle. Eddie will find them in system. In fact, it's strange that you copy x64 binary and works... probabily Eddie ignore it and use the system packages. Please check by posting a log file. Anyway, my objective is to make .deb and our Debian repo compatible with both Raspbian and TinkerOS. There are some confusion about architectures... Raspberry it's armv7l but rasbian repo it's armhf. Tinker OS 'uname -m' report armv7l, Tinker OS repo it's armhf. Still studying this kind of stuffs, but i can ensure that next release of Eddie will work on both.
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