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  1. Don't worry. DNS request when connected to a VPN server (without a DNS leak condition) are sent to an AirVPN DNS server (the server itself) within the IPv4 tunnel. DNS server receives the request, and performs the resolution (Recursion) with IPv4 OR IPv6, it doesn't matter for users. You don't have any IPv6 leak.
  2. Ops, a debug line in production... sorry, fixed.
  3. Some server are already 2.4, others 2.3.*. Upgrading need disconnection of all users on that server, so it's not done frequently without a good reason.
  4. It's absolutely in-topic with this forum. In fact sometime i'm thinking if ipleak.net need to show some Fingerprinting detection, but at the same-time i don't want to transform it into a bloatware.
  5. Unbelievable. The uBlock list RUS: RU AdList (Дополнительная региональная подписка) https://easylist-downloads.adblockplus.org/advblock.txt blocks any website with TLD ".website" under https, for a bad rule ||s*.website^$third-party,script I am trying to register to support forum https://forums.lanik.us/index.php but his web site throws PHP errors. The only email I found is no-reply@lanik.us , not it is not read by anyone. I would be grateful if someone who is able to contact him can warn him about the problem, otherwise remove this bad-written list.
  6. Little note: we write in the download page deb http://eddie.website/repository/apt stable mainbut if anyone wants, the https version can be used deb https://eddie.website/repository/apt stable mainThis because the apt https transport protocol is not installed by default in Debian (but it is installed by default in Ubuntu...). So, using https under a fresh Debian 8.7.1 throws a The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/https could not be found.until a apt-get install apt-transport-httpsis done. For me, unbelievable .
  7. I tested with Manjaro 16.10.3 KDE, i cannot reproduce your issue. Anyway, there isn't any real security issue here, so please wait some days until we focus on others issues that have more priority, after i will contact you.
  8. In this page: https://airvpn.org/linux/ the GPG key and PPA details. Please report here any issues specific to PPA repo, thx.
  9. You can provide a screenshot? Thx
  10. I just tested 2.11.12 with Manjaro 16.10.3 KDE. "GUI completely freezes and becomes unresponsive" and "Network lock activation" are two different issues. Our team reproduce the GUI freeze and fixed it in the latest experimental (now 2.11.13). It happen only in Linux build with "Log Debug" enabled, rarely used. About Network lock activation issue, i can't reproduce it, but please retry and re-post here the logs with the 2.11.13. Thanks. We need to release the 2.11 series as stable soon, maybe today or tomorrow. Note that use a new dll "Lib.Common" that need to be added in your PKGBUILD.
  11. I can't reproduce this issue but absolutely need to be investigated. What OS you have and what package (installer, portable, rpm etc)? In this 2/3 times you do something, or simply launch and close (without connection, without anything else) produce the issue? You can send to me (PM or open a support ticket) the report of Logs->Lifebelt? Thanks.
  12. You can reproduce every time this issue? Anyone else have this issue? Thx.
  13. Don't worry. ipleak.net perform more than 200 tests in-a-row, to have an accurate detection. A single test may fail for many reason, it's not a security issue or a real problem.
  14. Yes, stable and testing PPA. Stay tuned, in a few days our team test internally the new PPA, after that (some days) i will write here instructions (key url for apt-key, and deb-line for /etc/apt/sources.list); at least for testing PPA until we release the first stable 2.11 with a Debian PPA.
  15. We done this today (haha ). Debian repository with apt-key signature. If the latest experimental 2.11 don't have any big problems in the next days, we will finally move it to stable and release at the same time the Debian repository specs.
  16. I can't reproduce the issue on Win10 or Win8.1. It's always reproducible this issue for you? If yes, please open a ticket and paste the Logs->Lifebelt report. Thx. Maybe you whitelist "outside tunnel" an IP address (ex. for ipleak.net) but not your DNS that can resolve ipleak.net?
  17. Yes. From what i know, we can sign a .deb file, but user need to run explicit command to check if digital signature is valid. It's not done automatically when .deb is installed. But if the package are downloaded from an apt repo, the repo signature it's checked. For this reason it's important to create an apt repo. In contrast, .rpm it's already signed, and our maintainer key need to be installed otherwise the installation throw warnings (sudo rpm --import https://airvpn.org/static/keys/maintainer.key, explained in download page, RPM version).
  18. Yes, a ppa repo (Debian and derivatives) will be available soon. Binary x64/x86/arm7i ('classic' as giganerd explain). Mainly because .deb don't have a digital signature (may have, but in any case are not checked by OS); ppa repo can be digitally signed. Our *.RPM are already digitally signed. ArchLinux it's under evaluation, but already exists packages maded by a member of this community in AUR. I also think (in future), when Eddie3 works well also with other VPN providers, to request to be maintainer in official repository (at least Debian). I still don't understand how-to create a deb-src package to generate binary from sources, if anyone know an official debian package with a software compiled by sources WITH MONO please write the package-name. Thanks.
  19. Right... Beta/experimental cannot be 'recommended', otherwise 'stable' doesn't make sense. 2.11 (due to a lot of changes) was an exception, in the future, experimental-builds will still be for special user-cases and beta-features. As explained here we have a long term plan to separate the AirVPN service and Eddie. The switch to eddie.website for changelogs & downloads is a step in this direction. We are doing some clean-up also in versioning.
  20. We are looking about this. Don't occur on Windows 10, please wait until we can reproduce the issue. In the mean-time, please open a ticket and paste a full report (Log->Lifebelt). Thanks.
  21. Yes, in the next version. I send to you a PM some days ago, please check.
  22. With chattr -i /etc/resolv.conf your issue still occur? thanks.
  23. and Please report the output of the following command: lsattr /etc/resolv* thanks.
  24. and Please try to re-download and retry, it's fixed now.
  25. Of course. For this reason we don't simply replace "AirVPN Client" with "Eddie". And there are a lot of string "Eddie - AirVPN client" around. Exactly. There are a lot of UI wrapper of OpenVPN: Tunnelblick, Viscosity etc. With different kind of restriction about features, OS platform, free or not, source-code auditable etc. Eddie can be a great alternative of this kind of software, and it's released under GPL3 and free for all. Here at AirVPN we are mainly hacktivist, develop tools for Net Neutrality it's our main mission. I still think Eddie can be a great software for all people that need it, and i don't find a reason to restrict it to AirVPN service. The fact that actually it's user-friendly only with AirVPN servers it's only a limit due to our priority around AirVPN customers issues/feedback. For this kind of reason, we plan (long-term) to distinguish Eddie (software) vs the AirVPN service. Note: Eddie 2.11.* can ALREADY works with ANY openvpn configuration files, also of course with servers of our VPN competitors. Note for example this topic. Not user-friendly, ok. Documentation about this is lacking, ok. But the objective it's clear. Eddie 3.* will have a better UI interface about that.
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