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  1. Confirmed bug. Eddie have some issue on network \\ path. Copy to local disk, or map the network path on a disk letter, or wait a new release that fix this issue. Thanks for the report.
  2. Thx for the feedback. As explained here a bugfix exists: https://github.com/lewurm/mono/commit/f1361193d559a132cc356e03d2673bbcb9a05277 not sure when it will be deployed on AUR. In the meantime, to avoid downgrade of ncurses, TERM=xterm it's a working workaround.
  3. This is very strange... Eddie under macOS have different sets of icons just to adapt to light/dark theme.. on my High Sierra with dark theme look: Anyone else here use dark-theme on macOS and don't see correctly the icon?
  4. It was a bug, fixed in 2.14.2.
  5. The portable version doesn't require Mono, it's embedded internally. There isn't a recommended version Mono for us. We are still investigating the memleak reported issue.
  6. We profiled the Linux build with Mono with Eddie connected to VPN for more than 8 hours about three times. There isn't any evident memory leak, at least not in normal circumstances. We continue to perform tests about this issue. If anyone wants to perform some test (user-friendly edition): - Download the MONO version of Eddie 2.14.0 - Download and extract this: https://airvpn.org/repository/misc/HeapShot.zip - Open a terminal and launch sudo mono HeapShot.Gui.exe(remember the 'sudo', otherwise Eddie relaunches itself and profiling ends prematurely). If it doesn't start, probably it's missing some Mono assembly, like the GTK. Try to install mono-complete. - Click the "Run" icon and pick Eddie-UI.exe (or /usr/lib/AirVPN/AirVPN.exe if using the .deb or .rpm edition) - Eddie will start. Connect to the VPN. - Click "Take a Memory Snapshot" on HeapShot when you want (at VPN connection, after 8 hours etc). Before that, clear Eddie logs. - .... - Disconnect and close Eddie. - Click Stop in HeapShot. - Every click of "Take a Memory Snapshot" are showed in the left pane: More documentation about other profiling methods: http://www.mono-project.com/docs/debug+profile/profile/profiler/
  7. This is a bug, it will be fixed in the next release. Ouch.. libappindicator package is called "libappindicator" under Fedora, and "libappindicator1" under many other distributions. Current Eddie RPM package requires this package for the tray. Deploying two different RPM packages based on distro would be complex right now. So, in the subsequent release we removed the libappindicator dependencies as "Required". Unfortunately, RPM doesn't have an equivalent of "Optional" like .deb control format. Users who want Tray in RPM-based distro must install manually libappindicator package. Maybe in the next releases we can add a warning to suggest that.
  8. It's NOT "less reliable or secure". If there are concurrent iptables (from another process for example), iptables returns an error ("Resource temporarily unavailable" in older version, or "Another app is currently holding the xtables lock. Perhaps you want to use the -w option?" in newer versions). Previously Eddie detected if the iptables version supports the "--wait" (or -w) flag, and used it. But with newest distro, that seems not sufficient and throws another kind of error (still under investigation). Eddie 2.14.x implements a workaround: it doesn't use --wait flag anymore, but detects if iptables fails for this reason, and retries at least 10 times with incremental delay. If all 10 times fail, Eddie throws a fatal error. So NOTHING has changed about 'reliability' or 'security', this is only a different method to detect if iptables effectively added the requested rule.
  9. To use spoilers type [_spoiler_] without the _ _ then copy and paste your log, then type [_/spoiler_] without the _ _ I edited your and @cse post to fix spoiler.
  10. Absolutely not! I mean it's actually opt-in be because it's a beta feature, but will become a default=true and the option removed.
  11. Maybe. Thinking about that. Yes, but doesn't matter for now. "Skip Process checking" is only a specific workaround about an issue on macOS. "Multi provider support" will be removed as an option, is here only for the beta-phase of this feature. Windows and macOS have tooltip. Only Linux don't have tooltip, due to a stupid bug with Mono currently pending. All correct. You installed the .deb edition, that don't have any bundled software, are linked as dependencies. So, in your distro OpenVPN is an older version (2.3.10) that don't support tls-crypt (neither IPv6). So, tls-crypt protocols modes are not available. I will check it. (anyway another developer in our team write the tray code). If you use Eddie without AirVPN servers, Eddie detect the country and location of .ovpn profiles. Double click will refresh (re-detect) this kind of info. Similar to double-click the stats "Latest Manifest Update" to force the re-download of the list of servers. Fixed in the next release. Ehm.. it's correct. Eddie contain links to "eddie.website", it's dedicated website separated from AirVPN. But currently isn't ready yet, so eddie.website re-redirect to airvpn.org website. When we release the eddie.website, all will be correct. Shortened to "Use only Custom directives". For tech details, people can look the faq linked below. Not sure if there is a bug here. Probably the path was logs/something.log, your click try to open the file-explorer on the "logs" directory not yet exists. In the time when you manually open the file-manager, some logs occur and Eddie create the "logs" directory and the log file within. @lz1, i not yet read other parts of your post, give me time
  12. Exactly. Apologies for that, a new 2.14 release that fix this issue will be available soon.
  13. Fixed in the next release, it was easy. All other kind of issues are under investigation.
  14. Under macOS, Eddie write in /Users/ . Remove that directory, and there isn't anymore any traces.
  15. If you want a workaround to the current 2.14.0, edit AirVPN.xml and add the following option: and retry.
  16. Sorry, we detected a bug that cover your situation. Please wait until we release a new Eddie 2.14 version.
  17. We cannot reproduce this issue. Please answer: 1- Does it occur EVERY time you close Eddie? Even if you simply launch and close without connection to the VPN? 2- Do you see a dialog error, or is it reported only in Event Viewer? 3- Do you use .exe installer or .zip portable edition? 4- If you download the .zip portable edition, extract to a temporary directory, launch, quit: still crash? Thx.
  18. I don't see the issue. The preferences window is resizable. It's correct, the new second set of port/protocol is specific to tls-crypt. This is a known bug. This occurs because you have IPv6 disabled at OS or network-adapter level. Please re-enable, or wait for the next release that manages this situation better.
  19. My personal apologies about the delay.
  20. Fixed, only a UI bug. Please re-download. I can't reproduce this issue on High Sierra yet. Anyone else have this issue?
  21. Hope correct. Please check in Windows "Open Network & Internet settings" > "Change adapter options" > right click on EACH interface > "Properties" > check if TCP/IPv6 is checked. If not, check it.
  22. Good, thanks to you to confirm that. Absolutely. An issue with deployment. Fixed, please re-download. Thx.
  23. Are you using pfSense? Do you know what version of OpenVPN use? What score you obtain here: http://ipv6-test.com/ ? This logs are related to cipher negotiation, common in any protocols/mode. If you are using 3' or 4' entry-IP, it's under tls-crypt. If you have in your .ovpn, it's under tls-crypt.
  24. Note: Eddie will NOT show the keys combobox if there is only one device/key that can be selected. For this reason the majority of users that still have the "Default" key don't see the combobox.
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