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  1. You are right, we know the cause. No manual intervention will be required in future, this will be fixed before the next release. Thx.
  2. I understand the perplexity, but even in "Latency" mode, Load and Users on the server penalize the final score (for the 'stars') If there are: - server A with 30ms latency, but 100 users and 80% load and - server B with 40ms latency, but 3 users and 5% load even in Latency mode, B is preferred over A. Anyway, in the latest release (2.18.7), we tuned the formula and will give less importance to load and users when in 'Latency mode'.
  3. I tested the latest version with openSUSE 15.1, i don't understand the issue. Please report details or screenshot about the "no longer readable" issue, thanks
  4. Some people report issues with IPv6 connection. Seem related only to Windows, and somehow related to the newest TAP driver. Unfortunately, we can't reproduce those issues right now... we performed every possible test (with newest and latest Eddie version, with newest and latest tap driver version, with upgrade or not of the driver). This is very important for us, we need to release as soon as possible a 2.18 version as stable, so if anyone discovers a sequence to reproduce the issue, please give us a feedback. Thanks.
  5. You still have this issue with 2.18.7? If so, please report your OS, thanks.
  6. We cannot reproduce this issue. Please retry with the latest version. If the problem occurs, i will try it in Kali (your OS, right?)
  7. Unfortunately, we can't reproduce the issue right now to fix it. It's not the first time users report this kind of error, for example here . I honestly don't think it's a problem of Eddie version, something changed if you have now a working 2.18.5. It's something specific to special permission, the main error is ''NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'launch path not accessible''. Two questions: 1- You installed in path "/Applications/Eddie.localized/Eddie.app". Did you manually build that path (the .localized part) or was it automatic? 2- If you download 2.18.6, put in another folder (like documents or Download itself) and launch it, does it throw the same error? Thanks for any help, this is an old issue, it occurs sporadically, and we need to understand how to reproduce it to fix it.
  8. Please wait, the next expected release (few days) doesn't need this for macOS with Hummingbird.
  9. What do you mean by search path are you referring to path environment variable? Simply try to copy in /usr/lib/eddie-ui/hummingbird, and restart Eddie.
  10. Please remember it's an experimental feature. Now, Linux AppImage and Portable edition, and any MacOS package already have Hummingbird in the bundle, simply tick Preferences -> Advanced -> Use Hummingbird. In other kind of linux packages (.deb, .rpm etc) a binary simply called 'hummingbird' need to be in the search path, or place it in /usr/lib/eddie-ui. Restart Eddie.
  11. Simply please wait if you don't have any issues. The official AUR will be updated as soon as possible, thanks.
  12. Yes, I understand the error "Rules not loaded" is thrown when Eddie is launched from Download folder (or maybe with the confirmation 'This app was downloaded via Internet'). In such cases, apps are launched in a kind of 'restricted' environment. A solution is still under development, but copying them on different folder (or Applications folder) fixes the issue.
  13. I ask to you a log here: https://airvpn.org/forums/topic/45326-eddie-desktop-218beta-released/?do=findComment&comment=101810 Without a log, i can't help you...
  14. Issues confirmed, thx, will be fixed in the next release. You can write to us the output of uname -m on raspbian buster? thx. p.s. if you don't have the UI, why you use "eddie-ui -cli" and not direct "eddie-cli" package? Just curiosity, it's equivalent (or need to be, bugs apart)
  15. Cannot reproduce. When you set the checkbox "Start with system", 1- in Task Manager -> Startup tab, Eddie are showed? 2- If you re-enter in Eddie Preferences, the checkbox is still checked? Thx
  16. Thanks, but i still can't reproduce the issue... i don't think is related on permissions or code signing... The error "elevated version mismatch" occur (normally) when the launchd service point to an older version (es. 2.18.3) and a more UI version are launched (2.18.4). So, seem like you have the "launchd" enabled, at least i hope that... Advanced: the path (ProgramArguments) inside file /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.airvpn.eddie.ui.elevated.plist are the same location of the Eddie.app you launch? Please try to disable launchd, in terminal: sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.airvpn.eddie.ui.elevated.plist sudo rm /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.airvpn.eddie.ui.elevated.plist and after try to run your altered bundle, to understand if you still have the same error. Thanks, OT: You can post here the resources you change? To understand if can be used in standard distribution. Thanks.
  17. Yes thx, i checked it, Eddie 2.18.4 use a syntax accepted by Win10 but not by Win7 (the space after the option-name...), it will be fixed in 2.18.5, anyway the solution you write it's correct, thx.
  18. Issues under investigation. I confirm that service installation works on Windows 10 but not on Windows 7, it will be fixed in the next release if possibile. Thx.
  19. Yes, confirmed, will be fixed in the next release, thx.
  20. The .tar.gz contains a script "eddie-ui" (the right launcher) and a directory "bundle" with other files. So the one in the main folder is the right executable.
  21. I think "Custom icons" and "elevated permissions version mismatch" are totally different problems. Focus first on "version mismatch": Please confirm that you still have the error "elevated permissions version mismatch" even after a REBOOT. If so, what version you install? .dmg? Do you launch eddie from /Applications? Thanks.
  22. You can post some lines from Log tab? Thx
  23. For betatester /devs The following commands enable Eddie as systemd service (also at boot level). If executed, the root password when Eddie starts is not asked anymore. Please experiment and report if it works in your OS, thx. It doesn't work in systems without systemd (Devuan, for example). If anyone wants to implement an alternative (old init.d script?), I give a gift 😀 Works only on installed Eddie (.deb, .rpm, Arch), doesn't work yet on portable (.tar.gz or AppImage). Install: sudo curl -o /usr/lib/systemd/system/eddie-elevated.service "http://eddie.website/temp/eddie-elevated.service" sudo systemctl enable eddie-elevated.service sudo systemctl start eddie-elevated.service Uninstall: sudo systemctl stop eddie-elevated.service sudo systemctl disable eddie-elevated.service sudo rm /usr/lib/systemd/system/eddie-elevated.service
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