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  1. On 11/9/2019 at 1:13 PM, acridsong said:

    Latest beta (portable) on latest macos, get
    Exception: Rules not loaded

    when trying to activate network lock (it doesn't lock)

    edit: Seems to work when I install full version in Applications folder

    Yes, I understand the error "Rules not loaded" is thrown when Eddie is launched from Download folder (or maybe with the confirmation 'This app was downloaded via Internet').
    In such cases, apps are launched in a kind of 'restricted' environment.
    A solution is still under development, but copying them on different folder (or Applications folder) fixes the issue.

  2. On 10/12/2019 at 1:04 AM, frnckdsrt said:

    I'm on raspberry 3 with raspbian buster lite (without ui) and I'm using 2.18.4b eddie-ui -cli command line and syntax.

    I run " sudo eddie-ui -cli -login=****** -password=****** -connect -netlock "

    - the first time I've launched it after install, all worked pretty smooth.
    - the second and next times I've launched it, it stucked after I press the "n" key on the "Server switch requested from keyboard" message.

    You can see the whole verbose bellow.
    By the way, the shutdown ends up with an error message, but I'm not sure it's linked to my "connection to server" issue.

    Issues confirmed, thx, will be fixed in the next release.
    You can write to us the output of 
    uname -m
    on raspbian buster? thx.

    p.s. if you don't have the UI, why you use "eddie-ui -cli" and not direct "eddie-cli" package? Just curiosity, it's equivalent (or need to be, bugs apart)

  3. On 10/4/2019 at 9:02 AM, xero said:

    2.18.4 seems to be working fine for me, except for one small issue: the "start with system" option doesnt work at all - at least on the latest Windows 10.

    Cannot reproduce. When you set the checkbox "Start with system",
    1- in Task Manager -> Startup tab, Eddie are showed?
    2- If you re-enter in Eddie Preferences, the checkbox is still checked?

  4. On 10/11/2019 at 7:35 AM, dedo299 said:

    The reason I think modifying the resources bundle (by changing a menubar icon) causes the elevated permissions failure is that I only get a startup crash AFTER I’ve swapped in a modified  menubar icon. If I don’t change the icon I don’t have any problems. Also, I want to reemphasize that I did not have this problem with the previous version of Eddie. Running 2.17.2 I could change menubars and even add mulitple menubar versions to the resources bundle without any problem. That's why I think my current issue has to do with changes you made to the way permissions and/or code signing are handled.

    To answer your questions, I’ve been running from a package installer version of Eddie, but the same thing happened with the portable tar.gz package. I’ve rebooted after installing and after making any changes, and I’ve tested with and without checking the elevated privileges checkbox. I've launched from /Applications. 

    Here is what shows on the screen  when it fails:

    Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 9.43.23 PM.png

    Thanks, but i still can't reproduce the issue... i don't think is related on permissions or code signing...
    The error "elevated version mismatch" occur (normally) when the launchd service point to an older version (es. 2.18.3) and a more UI version are launched (2.18.4).
    So, seem like you have the "launchd" enabled, at least i hope that...
    Advanced: the path (ProgramArguments)  inside file /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.airvpn.eddie.ui.elevated.plist are the same location of the Eddie.app you launch?

    Please try to disable launchd, in terminal:
    sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.airvpn.eddie.ui.elevated.plist
    sudo rm /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.airvpn.eddie.ui.elevated.plist
    and after try to run your altered bundle, to understand if you still have the same error. Thanks,

    OT: You can post here the resources you change? To understand if can be used in standard distribution. Thanks.

  5. On 10/10/2019 at 1:27 AM, X7iGmXYQBrnz said:
    Cheers Clodo.

    Installing the sevice manually using
    SC CREATE "Eddie Elevation Service" binpath= "C:\Program Files\AirVPN\Eddie-Service-Elevated.exe" start= auto

    in an elevated command prompt works fine and seems to get rid of the problems, so hopefully this should be a simple installer issue rather than a compatibility one.
    Yes thx, i checked it, Eddie 2.18.4 use a syntax accepted by Win10 but not by Win7 (the space after the option-name...), it will be fixed in 2.18.5,
    anyway the solution you write it's correct, thx.

  6. On 10/8/2019 at 5:45 PM, X7iGmXYQBrnz said:

    I'm running 2.18.4 beta on Win7.  The service to elevate privileges doesn't install, so I get a UAC prompt every time I log in (when Eddie loads).  I'm also getting a UAC prompt when I tick the "Don't ask elevation every run" checkbox, but as far as I can see no service is being installed or run.  Running "Eddie-CLI-Elevated.exe service-install" from an elevated command prompt returns no message, but also does not install a service.

    Also, if I shut down or log out of Windows without manually closing Eddie, I receive the following error.  Manually closing Eddie works fine.

    Other than these side issues (and once I'd changed the profile data protection to Plain), everything is fine - cheers


    Issues under investigation.
    I confirm that service installation works on Windows 10 but not on Windows 7, it will be fixed in the next release if possibile. Thx.

  7. 18 hours ago, harold.lewis said:

    After decompressing the Linux Portable of Eddie I've found two .exe of eddie-ui, one in the main folder and another inside a 'bundle' folder

    which to use?  I'm using the one inside the main folder right now

    The .tar.gz contains a script "eddie-ui" (the right launcher) and a directory "bundle" with other files.  So the one in the main folder is the right executable.

  8. On 10/8/2019 at 1:34 AM, dedo299 said:

    Running MACOS Mojave 10.14.6, using custom menubar icons breaks beta 2.18.4. I’ve modified these icons so the colors are much more visible (in the originals the colors are virtually impossible to see). This worked fine on Eddie 2.17.2, also running Mojave, but the new beta does something to permissions so that if the icons are changed from the original it throws the ‘elevated permissions version mismatch’ error and won’t start. I’ve tried this both with the elevated permissions daemon installed and uninstalled and startup is blocked either way. It may have something to do with code signing but I’m not sure. Any way around this? Visible menubar icons are important to me and I’d rather not have to revert to the 2.17.2 version of Eddie to get them back.

    I think "Custom icons" and "elevated permissions version mismatch" are totally different problems.
    Focus first on "version mismatch": Please confirm that you still have the error "elevated permissions version mismatch" even after a REBOOT. If so, what version you install? .dmg?  Do you launch eddie from /Applications? Thanks.

  9. On 10/5/2019 at 3:08 PM, hipnihilist said:

    2.18.4 on windows 10 doesn't let me connect to any server.  It just immediately shows "restarting in 3 seconds" as soon as I hit connect, and tries to rotate through a bunch of servers.

    You can post some lines from Log tab? Thx

  10. For betatester /devs
    The following commands enable Eddie as systemd service (also at boot level).
    If executed, the root password when Eddie starts is not asked anymore.
    Please experiment and report if it works in your OS, thx.
    It doesn't work in systems without systemd (Devuan, for example). If anyone wants to implement an alternative (old init.d script?), I give a gift 😀
    Works only on installed Eddie (.deb, .rpm, Arch), doesn't work yet on portable (.tar.gz or AppImage).

    sudo curl -o /usr/lib/systemd/system/eddie-elevated.service "http://eddie.website/temp/eddie-elevated.service"
    sudo systemctl enable eddie-elevated.service
    sudo systemctl start eddie-elevated.service
    sudo systemctl stop eddie-elevated.service
    sudo systemctl disable eddie-elevated.service
    sudo rm /usr/lib/systemd/system/eddie-elevated.service

  11. 16 hours ago, amilino said:

    With 2.18.4 I have again problem with elevated privileges.
    It works if I start it from terminal, but doesn't if script is running in the background. In version 2.18.3 it worked fine.

    Just a simple sample, this doesn't work:

    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Eddie - OpenVPN GUI
    Comment=OpenVPN GUI with additional user-friendly features
    Exec=sudo /usr/bin/eddie-ui


    and if I switch Terminal to true it works.

    Sorry i'm missing your situation.
    The default .desktop have
    why you added "sudo" ? It's normally that don't work with sudo, root probably don't have the display.
    What package you use here? Raspbian edition? .deb edition?

  12. 9 hours ago, radolkin said:

    I am using Eddie 2.18.4beta on Arch Linux.
    Someone seems to have forgotten to either change '/usr/bin/eddie-ui' or rename '/usr/lib/eddie-ui/Eddie-UI.exe'.
    As it stands, '/usr/bin/eddie-ui' has mono call '/usr/lib/eddie-ui/eddie-ui.exe', which does not exist.
    I fixed this minor problem in seconds, no biggie. Nevertheless, I thought you should know about this.

    Many many thanks for this feedback.

  13. 4 hours ago, Atomas said:
    After several tries, I can now start Eddy 2.18.3. However, I can not activate Network Lock, I receive the following message:
    Exception: Rules not loaded

    1- Download the latest 2.18.4 version
    2- Launch, Preferences -> Log -> Enable "Log Debug".
    3- Exit and relaunch Eddie
    4- When you hit the error, copy the logs to me with a direct message, or write here, or open a ticket. Thanks.
    4 hours ago, Atomas said:
    Eddy starts all the same and I have to put my login password each time, he does not save the Remember option.

    ? you mean the AirVPN password, or your OS password?

  14. 7 hours ago, Monotremata said:

    Just updated to beta 2.18.3 and can't connect at all anymore on MacOS 10.14.6.

    Eddie runs fine, I can login to Air ok, but any server just disconnects right away with the message 
    OpenVPN: Error: Unknown Command

    Tried deleting my profile, that didnt help, tried running it from the console, but the console just showed the same 'Unknown Command' error as well. 
    Trying to find where I put 2.18.2 so I can sign back in hah.

    You and @Maggie144 have the same error.
    My suspect is that: when you have 2.18.2, you enable launchd service. After, you download the 2.18.3 (what version? dmg? tar.gz?) and... replace the old 2.18.2 in /Application? or run from another path?
    Please try to disable launchd, exit from Eddie, relaunch Eddie, re-enable launchd.
    In any case it's a bug, will be fixed in 2.18.4.

  15. 11 hours ago, amilino said:

    Just downloaded lates beta version and it is working without asking for root password

    sudo eddie-ui -H -cli -connect -netlock


    Linux, terminal, right?
    1- You can just download the "CLI" version, and run "sudo eddie-cli -connect  -netlock"
    2- What is -H ?

  16. 35 minutes ago, steinok said:
    Now it's

     OpenVPN > Error: Not supported OpenVPN config: directive 'upuecaejjhe28syee5ghuf8pxx5shi8m3jyqrch+ae38tp2chfxhgjj3nyt4ttsl' not allowed

    I've sent full old and new log files via support request
    Re-download again now. Thx.

  17. 54 minutes ago, steinok said:
    Same error, restarts connection all the time, everything was fine on 2.18.2. Running on windows 10
    Both portable and installer 2.18.3 produce this error.

    Hi, i just updated the 2.18.3 Windows .exe and .zip to better log this issue.
    You can please re-download and report again the error? will be different.

  18. 7 hours ago, amateur25 said:

    I am running Windows 8.1.  Eddie 2.18.2 ran okay on my computer.  Eddie 2.18.3 has a problem every time I try to connect to a server.  It keeps resetting with the error " OpenVPN > Error: Not supported OpenVPN config: up not allowed".  I tried restarting my computer with no effect.  I have gone back to Eddie 2.18.2.  I have attached a log.

    eddie_2019-09-27.log 1.09 kB · 6 downloads

    This is very strange, i cannot reproduce it right now, but you are not the first with this issue, we absolutely need to understand what cause it.
    You are using the "Installer" or "Portable" version?
    If you download the Portable and extract in a temp folder, launch, it throw the same error?
    You can write here (or via ticket) a full log, generated by "lifebelt" button in Logs tab?

  19. 4 hours ago, pjnsmb said:

     Desktop: MATE 1.22.2 Distro: siduction 18.3.0 Patience - mate - (201811041851) 
               base: Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid 

    same for me - unexpected crash error
    beta2 was working ok for me


    @Gaechka and @pjnsmb
    I just installed a fresh Siduction Patience (download, install OS, install eddie.deb, run), connecting to a London server (same of you), all works.
    Actually can't reproduce your issue, but this kind of error is priority for us.

    - Download and extract the PORTABLE version (.tar.gz), and launch it (without connect). This will not touch your .deb installation and don't touch/use your standard profile.
    - Go to Preferences -> Logging and enable both "Logging on file" and "Log debug".
    - Connect (cause the issue)
    - If crash, send here (or via ticket) the generated logs/*.log file.


    VirtualBox_Siduction 18.3.0 Patience - Mate_28_09_2019_12_52_10.png

  20. On 9/21/2019 at 8:24 AM, GJElde said:
    ** (eddie-tray:4500): WARNING **: Invalid borders specified for theme pixmap:
    borders don't fit within the image

    its freezing eddie every time.

    i am back to 2.13.6, this works well on openSUSE 15.1

    This is still unresolved/unidentified. Please retry with 2.18.3.

    On 9/20/2019 at 6:55 PM, Atomas said:
    I have the same problem on Mac OS 10.14.6. I can not start Eddy 2 .18.2, I get the message that I do not have the higher permissions to have access to Eddy's login. I tried with the root user and I have the same message. I tried to modify Eddy's permissions directly on Eddy by (read the information-permissions) and I lost full access to my user accounts. Fortunately I had made a backup on Time Machine before. Uninstalling Eddy 2.17.2 by deleting the default file, does not fix the problem. After reinstalling 2.17.2 everything works again.

    This is still unresolved/unidentified. Please retry with 2.18.3.

    On 9/14/2019 at 6:24 PM, radolkin said:

    I'm using Eddie 2.18.2 on Arch Linux  It works for the most part, but here are two things (errors), that I observed.

    1. Sometimes (not always) I get the following message, when I try to activate the Network Lock.

    F 2019.09.14 11:55:59 - Operations that change non-concurrent collections must have exclusive access. A concurrent update was performed on this collection and corrupted its state. The collection's state is no longer correct.
    When I exit Eddie and restart it, activating the Network Lock will work without fail.

    2. Every time I exit Eddie via the main menu, I get the following error message(s).
    . 2019.09.14 00:14:45 - Connection terminated.
    . 2019.09.14 00:14:45 - DNS of the system restored to original settings (Rename method)
    . 2019.09.14 00:14:45 - Flushing DNS
    ! 2019.09.14 00:14:45 - Session terminated.
    . 2019.09.14 00:14:45 - Deactivation of Network Lock
    F 2019.09.14 00:14:46 - Unexpected error. Please contact our support staff. - CurrentDomain - Object reference not set to an instance of an object -   at Eddie.Core.Engine.OnRefreshUi (Eddie.Core.Engine+RefreshUiMode mode) [0x002c4] in <340a1946f0a9426c8813241b7eee6ee9>:0
    F 2019.09.14 00:14:46 -     at Eddie.Forms.Engine.OnRefreshUi (Eddie.Core.Engine+RefreshUiMode mode) [0x00000] in <5fbe796381a84f5a98be2d000f3cda3f>:0
    F 2019.09.14 00:14:46 -     at Eddie.Core.Engine.DeAuth () [0x00037] in <340a1946f0a9426c8813241b7eee6ee9>:0
    F 2019.09.14 00:14:46 -     at Eddie.Core.Engine.OnDeInit2 () [0x00020] in <340a1946f0a9426c8813241b7eee6ee9>:0
    F 2019.09.14 00:14:46 -     at Eddie.Core.Engine.MainStepDeInit () [0x00027] in <340a1946f0a9426c8813241b7eee6ee9>:0
    F 2019.09.14 00:14:46 -     at Eddie.Core.Engine.OnRun () [0x00016] in <340a1946f0a9426c8813241b7eee6ee9>:0
    F 2019.09.14 00:14:46 -     at Eddie.Core.Thread.DoRun () [0x00000] in <340a1946f0a9426c8813241b7eee6ee9>:0
    F 2019.09.14 00:14:46 -     at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context (System.Object state) [0x00014] in <d59a6ed4e2f34efbabec0525e05bcea7>:0
    F 2019.09.14 00:14:46 -     at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal (System.Threading.ExecutionContext executionContext, System.Threading.ContextCallback callback, System.Object state, System.Boolean preserveSyncCtx) [0x00071] in <d59a6ed4e2f34efbabec0525e05bcea7>:0
    F 2019.09.14 00:14:46 -     at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run (System.Threading.ExecutionContext executionContext, System.Threading.ContextCallback callback, System.Object state, System.Boolean preserveSyncCtx) [0x00000] in <d59a6ed4e2f34efbabec0525e05bcea7>:0
    F 2019.09.14 00:14:46 -     at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run (System.Threading.ExecutionContext executionContext, System.Threading.ContextCallback callback, System.Object state) [0x0002b] in <d59a6ed4e2f34efbabec0525e05bcea7>:0
    F 2019.09.14 00:14:46 -     at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart () [0x00008] in <d59a6ed4e2f34efbabec0525e05bcea7>:0
    [ERROR] FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
      at Eddie.Core.Engine.OnRefreshUi (Eddie.Core.Engine+RefreshUiMode mode) [0x002c4] in <340a1946f0a9426c8813241b7eee6ee9>:0
      at Eddie.Forms.Engine.OnRefreshUi (Eddie.Core.Engine+RefreshUiMode mode) [0x00000] in <5fbe796381a84f5a98be2d000f3cda3f>:0
      at Eddie.Core.Engine.DeAuth () [0x00037] in <340a1946f0a9426c8813241b7eee6ee9>:0
      at Eddie.Core.Engine.OnDeInit2 () [0x00020] in <340a1946f0a9426c8813241b7eee6ee9>:0
      at Eddie.Core.Engine.MainStepDeInit () [0x00027] in <340a1946f0a9426c8813241b7eee6ee9>:0
      at Eddie.Core.Engine.OnRun () [0x00016] in <340a1946f0a9426c8813241b7eee6ee9>:0
      at Eddie.Core.Thread.DoRun () [0x00000] in <340a1946f0a9426c8813241b7eee6ee9>:0
      at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context (System.Object state) [0x00014] in <d59a6ed4e2f34efbabec0525e05bcea7>:0
      at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal (System.Threading.ExecutionContext executionContext, System.Threading.ContextCallback callback, System.Object state, System.Boolean preserveSyncCtx) [0x00071] in <d59a6ed4e2f34efbabec0525e05bcea7>:0
      at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run (System.Threading.ExecutionContext executionContext, System.Threading.ContextCallback callback, System.Object state, System.Boolean preserveSyncCtx) [0x00000] in <d59a6ed4e2f34efbabec0525e05bcea7>:0
      at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run (System.Threading.ExecutionContext executionContext, System.Threading.ContextCallback callback, System.Object state) [0x0002b] in <d59a6ed4e2f34efbabec0525e05bcea7>:0
      at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart () [0x00008] in <d59a6ed4e2f34efbabec0525e05bcea7>:0

    If I perform the exiting manually, meaning
    - Disconnect
    - Deactivate Network Lock
    - Logout
    - Exit
    then I don't get the aforementioned error.

    Both problems do not prevent me from using Eddie, but I guess they warrant a closer look nonetheless.

    This is still unresolved/unidentified. Please retry with 2.18.3.

    On 9/16/2019 at 2:41 AM, Grindle222 said:

    Running Ubuntu 19.04, previous versions of Eddie didn't work with Wayland, so I ran X-org.  This beta, though, is working fine with Wayland, except for one thing:
    When I started it up, I accidentally entered the wrong password.  i got an error message about entering an incorrect password, and everything involving Eddie froze.  I was unable to end or kill the process, restart Eddie, or do anything else with it until I rebooted.  After that, still on Wayland, I restarted Eddie, entered the RIGHT password, and it's been working fine.  (I havent yet tried entering the wrong password while running X-org - I guess I'll have to try that to see if this is Wayland-specific or not.)

    This is still unresolved/unidentified. Please retry with 2.18.3.

  21. On 9/19/2019 at 7:19 PM, nlbRxwy said:

    On debian 10 (buster), when starting eddie or trying to activate network lock, I get the following error:
    Exception: ip6tables don't reply, probabily kernel modules issue
    I get a similar error on my laptop, which has the same operating system.

    Resolved in 2.18.3.
    Now Eddie detect the legacy presence of iptables in Debian10. In future Eddie version we will implement a native nft network lock.

  22. On 9/19/2019 at 12:02 PM, GJElde said:

    On openSUSE 15.1 I already had eddie crash a few times on flushing dns.
    Can't do anything anymore, just Ctrl-Alt-Backspace.
    and then a restart.

    can't find much in the log file?

    . 2019.09.19 11:51:14 - Routes, added a new route, 213,152,162,165 for gateway
    . 2019.09.19 11:51:14 - Routes, added a new route, 2a00: 1678: 2470: 16: 2536: 2634: 117a: ef44 for gateway fde6: 7a: 7d20: 4fa :: 1
    . 2019.09.19 11:51:14 - Flushing DNS
    . 2019.09.19 11:57:24 - Received signal SIGHUP
    . 2019.09.19 11:57:24 - Received signal SIGTERM

    Issue (hang near flush-dns phase) resolved in 2.18.3, thanks. Anyway, if happen again, more data are logged to identify the issue, thx.
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