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  1. Without, "windows-driver wintun" without quotes. The stable 2.18 includes the same tapctl.exe of OpenVPN, and runs automatically the "tapctl.exe create --hwid wintun" if no wintun adapter is available. But we know there are some issues under investigation.
  2. A new beta version released here addresses an urgent issue on older macOS and Custom DNS under Windows. Other feedback is under investigation. Thanks to all.
  3. No, sorry. You need to be able to download the 2.18.9. What package? .deb ? what you mean with "18%", apt-get ? curl? your browser download? You can try other kind of package, like portable or AppImage? Thx
  4. The download 2.4.8 installer for Windows 7/8/8.1 from OpenVPN website has exactly the same tap-windows.exe (575288 bytes) of Eddie 2.18.9 Windows 7/8. The issue is anyway under investigation, thanks
  5. Confirmed, will be fixed as soon as possible.
  6. Yes, my fault, forgotten to update when deploy an urgent fix, hash recomputed now. Thx.
  7. Honestly, no... We use the original wintun packaging/deployment, and the original tunctl.exe from OpenVPN for creating adapter, but there are a lots of issues in a lots of Win version (never uninstall, fail to create adapter etc).... We are working on testing to identify all the issues related to new wintun driver, please be patient.
  8. Cannot reproduce. Maybe you clicked the "Name" column header? Try to click the "Score" column header. If the issue still occurs, please provide a screenshot to understand, it's the first time we see this issue. Thx.
  9. I personally tested 2.18.8 with rPI4-raspbian-buster without any issue (with sudo or without). I think your issue is somehow specific, so i write to you a private-message to understand and fix. Please continue in PM, thx.
  10. OT: Thank you 😘. I live in Lombardia, the epicenter. It's a disaster here.
  11. Great to know it works as expected. I think you also manually add the directive "windows-driver wintun", in next version this will be automatic if wintun driver is detected. Thx of the feedback, i will check this.
  12. We updated the Windows build (without changing version number) to identify better the following issues (Windows only): - Unable to find driver path 'C:\WINDOWS' - Fixed - VCRUNTIME140.dll (reported by @rdbrn) - Fixed - Options error: Unrecognized option (reported by @Telos , @kiwi, @blaHbluBB) - Fixed
  13. I confirm this issue. It doesn't happen every time. When it happens, it's infinite and you need to manually press key N. It will be fixed soon, sorry.
  14. Hi to all, the latest Eddie 2.18.8 experimental released today, works with wintun, please test if interested. Go to https://openvpn.net/community-downloads/, at bottom "OpenVPN 2.5_git wintun technology preview", click the "here" link and install. If you already have the right "openvpn.exe", use it directly: Eddie will install the wintun driver when needed, and also create the adapter. Eddie -> Settings -> Advanced -> OpenVPN Custom Path -> choose your "openvpn.exe" from 2.5, if already installed probably it is "C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\bin\openvpn.exe". At this point, Eddie will use OpenVPN 2.5 (but still with standard TUN driver). Eddie -> Settings -> OVPN directives -> Custom directives, add "windows-driver wintun". At this point, Eddie will use the OpenVPN 2.5 with the newest Wintun driver.
  15. @rgrdgr @funkoholic Now the latency tests have a feedback also in CLI edition, are faster (more concurrency threads), and specify a --server skip the latency test. @rgrdgr the bug about routes in cmdline is fixed, please retry.
  16. You are right, for a bug the latency tests are not skipped with "server" option, bug will be fixed in tomorrow release. Thx
  17. Thx, we will release a new version today or tomorrow, after checking this issues. About 1), it occurs because Eddie tries to perform some latency tests (ping) to choose the best server for you. I confirm there is a bug: the UI shows the tests progress, the CLI does not, it will be fixed. Anyway, how many seconds is your "extremely long time"? We are thinking about enforcing some limits/timeout to reduce it. If you use "-servers.startlast" the latency tests are skipped, Eddie connects directly to the last used server (if available). And if you whitelist servers or countries, the latency tests are performed only with whitelisted servers, reducing time.
  18. Interesting, thx, I will check it soon.
  19. Sorry I need to remove your instructions, because they are based on tests, not valid anymore and create only confusion. The only and right method is by using Eddie Preferences checkbox. If it doesn't work, it will be fixed when we understand the issue, please have patience.
  20. We encounter this issue on some Ubuntu, bug fixed in 2.18.7 (latest version, some days ago). Anyway i'm installing just now a OpenSUSE 15.1 with KDE Plasma to check your issue. Thx for your feedback. Edit: cannot reproduce, I still think it is fixed in 2.18.7. Do you have the latest version? Thanks
  21. I'm investigating this. In the meantime, please try to disable Systemd service, close Eddie, restart Eddie and re-enable Systemd, close Eddie, finally restart to check if the elevation password is asked. Thanks.
  22. You report Eddie log. Please go to your "C:\Program Files\AirVPN" and manually launch tap-windows.exe. It's not related to Eddie, it's the standard OpenVPN Windows Tun. Please report what kind of error is given back. Maybe Wireguard causes some kind of conflict, but I don't really think that (I have Wireguard installed too). I need the tap-windows.exe feedback to help you. Thanks
  23. Please go to your "C:\Program Files\AirVPN" and manually launch tap-windows.exe. Maybe it will give you/us some more information about the problem, thanks.
  24. There was a bug in Windows Installer. We just fixed the current 2.18.7 Windows Installer to avoid this kind of issue for new beta users. Thanks to all for the report. Do you still have this problem? "Driver installation failed" isn't related to the elevation service.
  25. Previously we compiled ourselves OpenVPN, but for a problem (that I don't remember exactly now, sorry), for this release we bundled the same OpenVPN 2.4.8 you can find right now here: https://openvpn.net/community-downloads/ , OpenVPN Inc. linked against OpenSSL 1.1.0l. As soon as possible we will return on this issue and try to compile with 1.1.1 branch.
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