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  1. We released a new experimental version, mainly to fix some "Checking route IPv4" failure related to network adapter not active when Eddie starts. Other issues still under investigation. Version 2.22.0 (Mon, 13 Jun 2022 09:01:26 +0000) [bugfix] [all] detection of network information when needed, not only at start [change] [linux] libcurl, avoid need of curl binary [bugfix] [linux/windows] font issues
  2. 2.21.8 tries to detect the default gateway at startup, hence those who enable the network later will run into issues. This is fixed in 2.22.0 ready to be released as experimental version, we are only waiting for confirmation. About ping issue, honestly I haven't found a solution yet: we never reproduce the issue (in this video https://www.clodo.it/files/temp/ping.mp4 i have OS ping both in Linux and Windows, and Eddie in both OS always matches the outcome). Still under investigation, we need to identify the reason and reproduce it, in order to fix. It's normal that, when connected to a VPN server, ping results are not populated or updated. Ping aims at finding the best server to connect to, therefore collecting results when you are connected to a server is useless. Those who allegedly experience the ping issue should confirm it WITHOUT ever trying to connect (open Eddie only), and should specify the OS (apparently there's no macOS user with this issue?). Thanks
  3. This issue is under investigation, will be fixed as soon as possible, please be patient.
  4. Exactly, the NETSH error above is an OpenVPN error, not Eddie's. Seems related to the wintun driver, but tap-driver is deprecated. @ProphetPX the issue is under investigation, please be patient.
  5. @EclecticFish @BlueBanana fixed, please perform an "apt-get update" or re-download the .deb.
  6. @EclecticFish @BlueBanana please wait, our fault, will be fixed as soon as possible.
  7. @EclecticFish @IG-11 @st4r Your ping/latency issue is under investigation, but currently we can't reproduce it, see my results in attachment (my results matches ping from cmdline). - Ping engine is used to determine server score, hence it isn't updated when VPN is connected, it is only when not connected. - Seems an issue reported only by Windows users. Please tell me more if possible, focus on "Castor" for example: when Eddie starts, your latency result compared to real (ping for Castor)? If you close Eddie and reopen, do you obtain almost the same result? In "Stats" tab, there is "Pinger stats": a double-click on it resets all ping results and restarts testing, should it be useful. Thanks for any feedback.
  8. I understand you want to help resolve issue, but please don't suggest anymore to check the "Force usage of old TAP driver": it's a deprecated feature, and we need to resolve issue without this fallback. Thanks. @zeroone1zero i will reply your ticket soon today
  9. In Linux do we need to manually transfer the Hummingbird binaries to a folder, like \etc and set permissions? I usually pull the latest Hummingbird binary out of the AirVPN Suite and point Eddie to the folder location. If this has changed, please clarify before I upgrade. Thank you. Hummingbird Is bundled in any macOS version of Eddie, and in linux portable and AppImage versions of Eddie. In the above cases, to use it users need ONLY to check "Use hummingbird" in Preferences > Advanced, they needn't write a path to a binary file. Arch AUR, .deb or .rpm packages don't include HB for the same reason they don't include either OpenVPN, stunnel or ssh, as a OS package is made of plain Eddie with dependencies to other packages like OpenVPN, so Hummingbird must be in the environment path to be found.
  10. 2.21.6 has an issue with NetLock when IPv6 is disabled at OS level (Linux only). This is fixed in the next release, please be patient a couple of days.
  11. tray-icon under Linux will be reactivated at the next release (experimental), under testing, expected next week. Please have patience.
  12. Just tested a Monterey (arch: M1/arm) and i can't reproduce this issue, does anyone else have this issue? Please open a ticket, report your OS and CPU arch and a Logs>Lifebelt report (to allow us to understand what options cause this behavior). Thx.
  13. Was an error, fixed, now in "other versions" the "latest stable" link to 2.21.6. Thanks for the feedback.
  14. Mmm... 2.21 performs more checks than 2.20 about iptables/iptables-legacy/nftables, probably one of them when checking ipv6 returns an error, this issue is under investigation, thanks for the feedback
  15. No need to reinstall, same version number = no difference
  16. No, please look Preferences > Network Lock > look "Mode" and report here the list you see (it's a dynamic list of supported modes). And report also your Arch distro, maybe we can reproduce the issue. Thanks
  17. I honestly don't understand what cause your issue (probably correlated to "OpenVPN > write UDP: Unknown error (code=10065)"). Please: - try to send to me a full logs of version that work (2.20), so i can compare with the log you already send of 2.21.4 - try OpenVPN with TCP (Preferences > Protocols -> untick Automatic -> choose the second, TCP 443. - try Wireguard, same as TCP (i see you already joined the beta) thanks
  18. Focus only on eddie-ui for now. Yes, must be launched without "sudo". I just simply installed eddie-ui-git from AUR on an Arch Manjaro 21, and start with "eddie-ui" from terminal. Please report any information that can be useful to reproduce the issue, thanks
  19. I deleted the other topic, we talk about this issue here. Just tested on a fresh Debian11, for the moment we can't reproduce. Please launch Eddie, go to Preferences -> Logging -> check Log Debug, and send again a full log (via ticket if you prefer). Thanks
  20. You are right, we wrote a topic here: https://airvpn.org/forums/topic/50336-eddie-macos-unable-to-start-client-not-allowed-remote-executable-not-signed/ It will be fixed in the next version, at the moment if it occurs manually delete crash report. Thanks for your feedback!
  21. This issue will be resolved in the next beta release 2.21.5. Thanks for the report.
  22. WireGuard doesn't have any "signal" to communicate a disconnection, it is a "Connection-less Protocol". Simply if we don't receive a handshake in 3 minutes, our servers consider the connection closed. This is how WireGuard works. We can potentially add in Eddie some Air-specific "disconnection signal", but it wouldn't be coherent for sessions with software other than Eddie (e.g. the official WireGuard app). Anyway, currently if you already have 5 active connections, and you disconnect one and reconnect, sixth connection will work. In a previous message, you asked for keeping interface with WireGuard, or at least reuse MAC address. Unfortunately, creation & destruction of network adapter are performed by WireGuard library. Sorry if i need to reply NO to your requests...
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