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  1. So really this entire topic becomes simplified with the FORWARDED PORTS option that AirVPN offers. We are finding so many uses for this feature. Love it. You folks cored big with us offering this feature included in our VPN service, especially at your prices. Thanks goes to AirVPN! SEPARATE NOTE, TWO (OR THREE) QUESTIONS (and please forgive the ignorance): 1. Out of curiosity, how many ports can you (AirVPN servers) offer? Is there a set limit? Will it always be this amount if so, meaning, is there a fixed supply? a. Why does zBHkpzWzVCyquVZQ recommend the use of ports 40,000 to 50,000? 2. Lastly, who offers VPS at the lowest price out there? Anyone have someone in mind? I would like to find the rock bottom numbers for VPS solutions in U$D. I am doing some market research, and would appreciate anyone's input if they have a vote for best priced VPS provider. Reply with a link please.
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