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    LZ1 reacted to Staff in 90% of All SSL VPNs Use Insecure Or Outdated Encryption   ...
    AirVPN is in that 2.94% of VPNs put in "A" (best) grade and PCI DSS compliant (according to their own tool at least).
    Kind regards
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    LZ1 reacted to snapz in How do you use your VPN?   ...
    I use it for everything but I don't use social media.
    I'm a customer of Telenet (https://www2.telenet.be/nl/) which is the largest provider of cable broadband services in Belgium. But since 2007, an American company, Liberty Global own a 57.8% stake in Telenet (correct me if i'm wrong). Shorly after i started with VPN. And i'm a bit allergic concerning USA companies. U know, patriot act and other shit.
    I'm shure my isp logs metadata.  So i feel save behind my AirVPN connection.
    @ AN566, love your signature  
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    LZ1 reacted to GMPSQ in AirVPN does not recognize ICANN authority anymore   ...
    The United States is an enemy of the Internet. More and more our technology and communications are captured illegaly and stored for many years and then used against us in court. The government seems to sincerely believe that it owns the Internet and regulary hacks into foreign servers to retrieve data, seizes domain names, etc. and any citizen who can be considered a hacker under broad laws will be thrown in prison.
    My warning as a US citizen is to watch out, encrypt, keep everything secure, keep data offshore, and avoid any US-influenced entities such as ICANN.
    Thank you AirVPN for the great continued service. I've been using multiple VPN connections almost constantly for the past year everywhere and as far as I can see that will continue
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