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    LZ1 reacted to RidersoftheStorm in Google thinks my activities are unusual.   ...
    Google is paranoid of internet users depriving Google of advertising revenue.
    I use StartPage.
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    LZ1 reacted to zhang888 in Google thinks my activities are unusual.   ...
    Google dislikes all users, especially ones they cannot use for their evil monetizing purposes.
    There are some limits for searches originating from the same IP address during a certain amount of time.
    After this limit is reached, the clients receive a captcha challenge that is only good for a limited amount of time.
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    LZ1 reacted to zhang888 in Steam bypasses network lock   ...
    First, it might be that you allowed it before and it was just a residue of your previous configuration.
    Second, Network Lock is designed to do exactly as the name suggests, block Network Access to userspace
    apps that are bound to the Windows Firewall rules.
    If you run another program as a super-user (Administrator), which bypasses the Windows Firewall rules
    and acting as and can generally be classified as malware - Network Lock cannot be effective in this case.
    That "allow" screen is just a courtesy - if a program is granted Administrator permissions or if you allowed it's
    elevation with UAC - it can add those "allow" rules with dozens of documented and less-documented techniques.
    Network Lock is not a solution against malicious apps that subvert or disable the Windows Firewall.
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    LZ1 reacted to zhang888 in A few newbie questions before signing up;   ...
    Speaking of UK only, you currently have 7 different IP addresses to choose from, which are the 7 servers there.
    As it comes to speed, you might get better latency to Singapore and Hong Kong instead, you don't have to
    buy a plan in order to test it, just ping any server within your area of choice, i.e.:
    and so on.
    TATA communications (India's largest marine cable carrier) has great peering with Asia, but not so much with Europe at this point.
    We are still talking about <100ms differences, but it can be significant for some use-cases.
    Better latency might indicate better performance in most cases.
    As for India, you are still probably better with a VPN rather than without. The reason is, since the population is large,
    and the APNIC IP addresses are very limited, most customers find themselves behind a CG-NAT, which is sharing the same IP
    address for hundrends, in some cases even thousands of subscribers. The Air servers are shared as well, but not as much as it
    would be using a regular residential ISP there. My example mostly covered Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and BSNL, I don't have exact
    specs about others, but you can get a free 3 days trial and check everything by yourself.
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    LZ1 reacted to zhang888 in Sleep mode and disconnecting   ...
    This is actually more healthy to the components than a daily power-cycle.
    The power consumption costs of modern era PCs are so low that it uses less than an average light-bulb, just to compare.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from foxmulder in BREIN-Netherlands Organization Going After P2P Users   ...
    Hello !
    They are good-for-nothing oppressors of the internet and as with tyrants, they get the big middle-finger.
    I still don't understand why they would punish VPN users harder. Perhaps to make up for the additional resources
    used in order to even catch one?
    Their statements are funny:
    - I'd like to see them defend the rights of anime producers lol or super old games. It's all a sham. Many of these things just aren't available anymore by normal channels.
    - Sharing is caring. This is tyranny. If I have an old game or such and I lend it to you and my other friends, that's not illegal. But for the digital equivalent then it's suddenly different.
    - VPNs like AirVPN are logless and unlike many other VPNs, make an effort to not see what you do, as per my understanding.
    - You run a greater security risk of not using a VPN lol. Especially while torrenting.
    - Yes it's possible to be identified, but a lot of that just comes from misconfirguration, such as not turning off WebRTC or otherwise leaking.
    - VPNs like Air also allow P2P and turn down DMCA requests. So they can, as Michael Jackson once suggested, "Beat It".
    Then they say:
    ´- Why should someone pay for inferior services, which is often the case? Many Europeans for instance, pay for a Netflix with less content, yet higher prices.
    - Lots of content isn't even available and not all torrenting is about movies either. There's many torrents on old games, software and books; especially from Asia.
    - The creators, if by that they mean artists, probably don't take much of a hit anyway and companies like BREIN probably don't give the artists/actors the money either.
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    LZ1 reacted to zhang888 in BREIN-Netherlands Organization Going After P2P Users   ...
    BREIN was active and known for years.
    Actually adversaries like that is what made the VPN services not only for the average privacy freaks,
    but for all the people who just understand the way the internet works during the past years.
    Netherlands received very bad "pirate score" over the last few years, and since they apparently didn't want
    to become the new "Sweden" of Pirate hosting, they made these semi-legal law enforcing groups to make
    it look as something is done. This is fine, as long as they don't target the business ISPs as well.
    You have nothing to worry about while using the Dutch (NL) Air servers. As far as the current law takes place,
    they have no jurisdiction in data-centers, unless Pirate content is hosted on these servers directly, which is not
    the case here. Air acts only as a data transit service. Unless something significant will change in the future.
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    LZ1 reacted to pfSense_fan in Is it possible to route the traffic from my Xbox One through AirVpn?   ...
    You would need to use a router that routes all traffic through the VPN such as pfSense, Asus, Netgear etc that have OpenVPN.
    That being said you cannot port forward all the required ports for XBOX Live to function entirely and will have a strict NAT and have some services be unavailable at times, including chat.
    I use pfSense of course, but I do not run my consoles through the VPN, instead I employ a true isolated DMZ for them and allow UPNP only on that interface and only for those devices. This allows me to enjoy full functionality as well as top level security. I even have ad and tracking servers blocked on the DNS level for a bit of extra privacy. Keep in mind if you use XBOX Live this is generally attached to your true identity through your account so there is little value of the gaming traffic to go through the VPN, unless you are trying to hide gaming use from your ISP.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from Jefkim666 in VPN Comparison chart - real competitive analysis effort   ...
    zhang888 was here.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from User of AirVPN in Taiwan & New Zealand   ...
    Hello !
    I have to agree that it would be nice with more Asian servers
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    LZ1 got a reaction from User of AirVPN in Ten new 1 Gbit/s servers available (CA)   ...
    Hello !
    Wow, I guess AirVPN gets a lot of Canadian users or something? Haha.
    Personally, I'd love more Asian servers. I guess there will never be AirVPN servers in China, ahah. HK doesn't count as China .
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    LZ1 got a reaction from User of AirVPN in Server withdrawal announcement: Beid (SE)   ...
    Hello !
    What surprises me most is that there's still no server called "Cloud" ^^.
    Then we could make endless bad tech jokes! Just think of the community interaction!
    Someone: Where's the server?
    Staff: It's in the Cloud !!!
    Staff: Announcing our new server: Cloud. Now that's cloud-computing guys!
    *Server maintenance on Cloud server*
    Staff: Cloudy with a chance of rain!
    But hey, I'm just trying to inject some humor into your daily lives. I mean, a Cloud server would literally be a breath of fresh Air!!!

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    LZ1 got a reaction from User of AirVPN in airvpn app   ...
    Hello !
    It's not free, but you can ask for a free trial. However just because it's not free, it shouldn't be ruled out.
    It's one of the BEST VPNs out there and depending on what you're wanting to do, a free VPN may or may not be so useful.
    For instance, if you want to download stuff via P2P, a free service might have restrictions and not allow you to. Or have download limits
    or just be slow. Not to mention a free VPN can easily be insecure. I recommend you try AirVPN out. You can get 3 days for next to nothing! :].
    Here you can apply for a trial:
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    LZ1 reacted to sheivoko in [How-To] [OBSOLETE] AirVPN through stunnel on Android   ...
    ATTENTION: This tutorial is out of date, incomplete and deprecated. 
    A new and improved version of this tutorial can be found here: https://airvpn.org/topic/24349-how-to-airvpn-via-sslstunnel-on-android-678/
    This thread is only kept online for historical reference.

    Goal and obstacles

    We want to use AirVPN's SSL tunneling mode on Android. SSL tunneling can be very useful, especially to defeat firewalls that block OpenVPN or SSH on a protocol level. On Android, a few obstacles have to be worked around:

    a. there is no AirVPN Eddie client for Android.
    Solution: We will use OpenVPN and stunnel directly.
    b. there is no stunnel app in any Android appstore.
    Solution: we will download the stunnel Android binary (provided by the stunnel project itself) and run it from the commandline.
    c. Android does not allow us to execute any programs from the sdcard.
    Solution: we will move stunnel to a special location (owned by the Terminal app), which will allow the Terminal app to execute stunnel.
    d. stunnel wants to write to /tmp/, but there's no /tmp/ on Android.
    Solution: we will modify the .ssl config file to change the pidfile location to a writable directory.

    Software RequirementsAndroid 4.0 or newer (device does not have to be rooted) stunnel compiled for Android (FOSS), via project website OpenVPN for Android (FOSS), via F-Droid or Play Store Jack Palevich's Terminal Emulator for Android (FOSS), via F-Droid or Play Store a separate computer to download/edit the necessary config files and binaries (entirely optional, but easier than doing everything on the Android device itself)

    Setup instructions

    1. Generate config files with AirVPN's config generatorchoose Linux pick one single server of your choice. I will use Nunki for this tutorial! for Connection Mode, choose SSL Tunnel, port 443 (visible after enabling Advanced Mode) enable Resolved hosts in .ovpn file leave all the other settings at their default values download and unzip the generated zip file this should result in an AirVPN folder, containing three files 2. Open the ssl config file (AirVPN_GB-Manchester_Nunki_SSL-443.ssl) in a text editor.

    Find the line:
    pid = /tmp/stunnel4.pidChange it to:
    pid = /data/data/jackpal.androidterm/app_HOME/stunnel4.pidSave and close the file.
    3. In a text editor, create a new file with the following contents:
    #!/system/bin/shcd /data/data/jackpal.androidterm/app_HOME./stunnel AirVPN_GB-Manchester_Nunki_SSL-443.sslSave it to a file named nunki (no file extension).
    Put the file into the AirVPN folder, next to our other config files.

    4. Download and unzip stunnel for Android from the stunnel website (stunnel-X.XX-android.zip)

    Put the stunnel file (only the file, not the folder) into the AirVPN folder.

    5. Make sure your AirVPN folder now contains the following files:
    AirVPN_GB-Manchester_Nunki_SSL-443.ovpnAirVPN_GB-Manchester_Nunki_SSL-443.sslnunkistunnelstunnel.crt6. Copy the whole AirVPN folder to your Android's SD card.

    The path should be:
    /sdcard/AirVPN/7. Install OpenVPN for Android via F-Droid or Play Store and import the .ovpn config file located at
    /sdcard/AirVPN/AirVPN_GB-Manchester_Nunki_SSL-443.ovpnDon't try to connect just yet.

    8. Install Terminal Emulator for Android, via F-Droid or Play Store

    9. Open Terminal Emulator and successively run the following commands:
    cdThe simple cd command should take you to the app's home directory (/data/data/jackpal.androidterm/app_HOME).
    This is where we need to put our config files and the stunnel binary. Let's move them over by running:
    mv /sdcard/AirVPN/* .It's important to type every character correctly (commandline is case sensitive); the "*" is a wildcard expanding to all files in the AirVPN folder, and the "." is a placeholder for the current directory /data/data/jackpal.androidterm/app_HOME. Typing commands on Android is a big pain, so I try to keep them as short as possible!

    Finally, we need to modify permissions for the binary and the script, allowing us to execute them:
    chmod 555 stunnel nunkiWe should be ready to go!

    Usage instructions

    I. Open Terminal Emulator and run the following two commands:
      cd ./nunkiA log message should appear: Configuration successful
    Great! Keep the Terminal app running, but use the Home button to get out.

    II. Open OpenVPN for Android and connect to the profile AirVPN_GB_Manchester_Nunki_SSL-443
    Unless something went wrong, you should get Initialization Sequence Completed - great!
    I recommend performing the usual leak tests and perhaps diving into OpenVPN's profile settings before relying on your configuration to work as you expect it to.

    III. To disconnect:
    Disconnect VPN in OpenVPN open Terminal Emulator, press VOLUME_DOWN + C to kill stunnel press the X button to close the terminal session IV. If stunnel isn't shutdown properly, you may see an error if you try to run stunnel again:
    [!] Error binding service [openvpn] to[!] bind: Address already in use (98)[ ] Closing service [openvpn][ ] Service [openvpn] closedThis means stunnel is still running in the background. You can kill it by running:
    killall stunnel


    I successfully followed my own tutorial using: CyanogenMod 12.1 nightly (≈ Android 5.1)stunnel 5.23OpenVPN for Android 0.6.35 (F-Droid)Terminal Emulator 1.0.70 (F-Droid)Testers welcome, especially if you're using different Android and software versions.

    Kevin Boone for the clever binary execution workaround.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from bluesjunior in Network Lock Sign In Question?.   ...
    Hello !
    I don't think it matters much. Once you enable Network Lock, it stays enabled .
    Correctly sign out by opening the app one way or another and clicking "Disconnect".
    Be aware that with Network Lock on, you won't have a connection if you disconnect or if you just wake up your PC
    without having disconnected the app through its own menus (I think it's a bug they're working on). In that case, if nothing
    works, you'll sometimes have to go into your IP and/or DNS settings and set things to their default routes to get a connection
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    LZ1 reacted to themangoman in Conversation I had with David from nerd VPN which was kinda troubling   ...
    Hi here is a transcript of my conversation with David from nerd VPN  which was a little bit disturbing
    feel free to read for yourself

    NordVPN support
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    LZ1 reacted to hackers2016 in Best browser for Privacy   ...
    Mozilla Firefox everything else sucks. It was little bit slower, but it is improving Firefox get rid of all chromium base privacy sucks and they are corrupted from its core
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    LZ1 reacted to zhang888 in PureVPN got hacked, website spreading Windows malware   ...
    After multiple reports via the chat system. the support person claimed that this is false and everything was fine.
    Virustotal mirrors:
    Office malware dropper URL (blog.purevpn.com)
    Office Macro dropper (.doc)
    Dropped executable (Windows Password stealer Trojan)
    Chat Transcript:


    Now, every project can be potentially hacked. Especially if you run an outdated WordPress blog.
    The important part is how do you deal with incidents when they occur. And here we have a
    perfect example of complete deniability and ignorance regarding the issue.
    You should be very careful if you downloaded any software from them in the past, or intend to
    do so in the future.
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    LZ1 reacted to Khariz in sky blocking websites   ...
    Okay, well, if you seeing anything about Sky at all, you don't have AirVPN configured correctly.
    You need to make sure you do these three things:
    1. Turn of any location services your device or browser may be using.
    2. Plug that WebRTC leak.
    3. Plug any DNS leaks.
    You had made progress when your error was ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED but now you appear back to square one.
    For location services:
    In the URL bar, type about:config
    Type geo.enabled
    Double click on the geo.enabled preference
    Location-Aware Browsing is now disabled
    For WebRTC, make sure you do this:
    Enter "about:config" in the address bar and press enter
    Press the button "I'll be careful, I promise!"
    Type in "media.peerconnection.enabled" in the search bar (there should be only one entry)
    Right-click the entry choose "Toggle", the column "Value" should now be "false"
    For DNS leak protection, you need to either make sure the DNS options of eddie are enabled, use network lock, and ensure that the TAP adapter's DNS server is set to
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    LZ1 reacted to Staff in Can't Connect WITHOUT AirVPN   ...
    If the problem is in the firewall, a flush of the rules while the client is not running will solve it. Should you need more specific instructions please specify the Operating System which you experience this problem on and the Eddie version you're running.
    Kind regards
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    LZ1 reacted to User of AirVPN in Found a bug with ipleak.net   ...
    Hi there, I would like to inform the staff that I have found a bug in the ipleak.net website (Which I think is run by AirVPN staff)
    When I am connected to the Mekbuda server, and I visit ipleak.net, it says "M247 - Residential", instead of "M247 - AirVPN Server (Exit)" like all the other AirVPN servers do.
    Also, if you scroll down on that page, it says "AirVPN Exit Node: No" which is incorrect.



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    LZ1 reacted to User of AirVPN in Added gameing server   ...
    To prevent from people in online games who have some IP Sniffer installed from getting your IP and DDoSing/ISP Doxing it.
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    LZ1 reacted to Flx11 in Guide - Fix for TAP adapter in Windows   ...
    Instead of reseting it manually every now and then, now you can do this automatically. And stay/be connected 24/7 through the VPN.
    The issue then when trying to connect remotely (e.g. office/other location) to the home computer that's connected to AirVPN.
    Your client IP will be reset to or 169.x.x.x. In that case OpenVPN-GUI will still show Connected, but in fact it's not.
    1)This small batch file(see below) will ensure that the TAP-adapter will not disconnect.
    ECHO Waiting for 300 seconds....
    timeout /t 300
    netsh interface ip set address tapadapter DHCP
    netsh interface ip set address tapadapter DHCP
    netsh int ip set dns name = "tapadapter" source = dhcp
    ipconfig /all

    2)After the connection has been established to AirVPN(UDP/TCP or OpenVPN over SSL/SSH) run the above file dhcp.tap.adapter.bat.
    Run as Admin if elevation is required.
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    LZ1 reacted to EdensSpire in [Suggestion] Member Hall Of Fame?   ...
    I don't think you fully understand the meaning, the so called Hall of Fame if it was to happen would only include VERY few members and likely be asked first if they wanna be on it not to mention having someones username in an official post by the staff is no different than me posting your username/displayname right here and now, infact I already did since the quote states it.
    Anyway by my opinion it could be an useful thing tho calling it Hall of Fame idk about but maybe something closer to Community Supporters or close to the same meaning where people can ask questions without having to ask the staff, as fast as the staff is they can't be around to answer questions day in and day out all the time having a list of voluntary people do so can come in handy for some users I imagine
    EDIT: Another idea as to where most people might look is to give them the title/group called Community Volunteer which is a worldwide term that doesn't exactly have to mean official staff but just a simple volunteer giving their services as a freelancer
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    LZ1 reacted to RidersoftheStorm in Premium , -1 Day?   ...
    You are lucky.  I cancelled my IPvanish account 5 days after I joined because IPvanish would not answer their live chat account nor answer their e-mail account within 24 hours. I had 2 technical problems and I kept sending requests for live chat and e-mails.
    I joined March 5, 2015, quit March 10, 2015 and as of today my questions are still unanswered by both IPvanish support and its community forum.
    On March 5, 2016, {yes March 5, 2016}; IPvanish charged my credit card even after I cancelled my account within the 7 day period.
    AirVPN sent you a notice. Did they charge your account??? Since you responded  on this forum AirVPN did not.
    AirVPN is less expensive than IPvanish and AirVPN support answered all my questions with in two days.
    So far 163 days, still a member and my problems were 1st week problems.
    So buck up and stay a member. (actually Euro up)
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