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  1. Time for the yearly, albeit this time small, update :)

    @LMawery I hope you directed that question to a place like the general forum and received help. 
    @Miguelden There's no tutorial for it, that's true. Assuming you're on Ubuntu/Mint/Similar, it's a matter of going to the download page and clicking download. Distros like the ones I mentioned, usually come with a built-in install wizard, just like Windows.
    @Testlav Thank you. 

    • We have a new moderator: giganerd. It was all but inevitable :). Congratulations. Now we're officially 3 community moderators. 
    • Since we continuously get the same questions about AirVPN sales, I've made a dedicated thread for it and removed the corresponding sales FAQ in the guide. This provides better visibility and options for asking questions.
    AirVPN in 2019: 

    Happy new year 2020.

  2. Quote
    Regardless of why Eddie disconnects, that's fine as I said. The issue is why it can't reconnect when I sit back down, not without quitting and re-running it anyway. I unplug my ethernet cable then because the network lock wont work while Eddie is not running.
    We won't have any idea until we see your logs from the logs tab.  There's no personal information in them and definitely not anything browsing related. But it's usually the case that when Eddie isn't closed "properly" that errors can thus occur. Since the technical conditions change all the time, you sometimes are able to resume connecting immediately and sometimes not.

    It could sound like you've misunderstood something: network lock is a security feature meant to guard against leakage of your real IP address. So in between server changes or during disconnects, the usefulness of network lock is shown, since it's during such times that a less carefully implemented VPN solution would see you disconnect from the VPN, have your real IP revealed, before then re-connecting to the VPN and again hiding your IP. Therefore, it's not necessary to unplug the cable, for reasons of network lock not working while Eddie is not running. Of course it's up to you. 😁

    You could try to keep network enabled, but first click on "Disconnect" and then allow your Mac to sleep. Then you might encounter less problems upon trying to re-connect. 

  3. Hello!

    When my Mac goes to sleep, Eddie sometimes (not always) disconnects from the internet. I don't mind it doing this, in fact I quite like it as I used to unplug the network cable when I left my machine anyway.

    But why do you do this? It's largely unnecessary to unplug it. Also, of course Eddie disconnects - your Mac is sleeping.

    As Network Lock is clearly enabled in your video, the same firewall rules will still be in place and thus prevent any communication to and from your Mac, while Eddie isn't active. Unless you deactive Eddie and/or Network Lock first.

    Posting a video is definitely rare around here. But it's not helpful - we need your logs, which are accessible through the logs tab, as seen in your video :). 

    You're welcome to try update to a Beta version of Eddie, if you wish to. Instructions can be found in my signature.

  4.        ipb_header.png

    Here's some information about AirVPN sales - it has always been present in my new user guide, but apparently many people don't see it and therefore we repeatedly get the same questions related to AirVPN sales.

    New topics about AirVPN sales, will be referred to this thread. 
    Please note that AirVPN does NOT make use of paid reviews or affiliate marketing, at any point, if you see 3rd party sale offers for AirVPN subscriptions.
    Please also note that the Halloween sale is a new addition since 2019 and that sales are now more of an "up to"  kind, rather than a flat percentage for all subscriptions, as previously. 

    What, When, How Long & How Much:

    • AirVPN does not sell Lifetime subscriptions, period. Simply because it's too costly and wouldn't make sense for a high-quality service like this.
    • There's basically 3 common sales a year. Airs Birthday, Black Friday and Christmas; potentially with New Year and Cyber Monday added, to prolong the sale period.
    • All sales are typically, but not always, around 1 week long and often discount the majority of subscription plans. The % discount is not necessarily fixed at the rates seen below.
    • The timing of the sales is roughly the same each year as well. Simply keep an eye on the announcement forum to catch the sale.
    • I've added "CERTAIN" and "UNCERTAIN" to the sales. Certain = the sale will definitely come again next year. Uncertain = we don't know yet, as the sale might for example only have occured 1 time previously.
    • [CERTAIN] AirVPN's Christmas sale has a discount of: up to 68%. Sometime around the 20th December.
    • [CERTAIN] AirVPN's Birthday sale has a discount of: 25%. Sometime around the 30th May/June.
    • [CERTAIN] AirVPN's Black Friday sale has a discount of: (up to 74% in 2019). Sometime during November.
    • [UNCERTAIN] AirVPN's Halloween sale has a discount of: up to 74%. Sometime around 30th October. 
    • What if you miss the sale you wanted? Well, then you'll just need to wait until the next one, unfortunately. 


               Q = Question.
               A = Answer. 
    • Q: If I renew my subscription today, will it reset my expiration date or will it just add another year to the end of my current one? A: The new amount of subscription days are added to your existing amount of days. 
    • Q: When does XYZ sale end? A: If it's not stated in the opening post made by Staff, then we don't know. But it's usually at least a week, give or take a few days. Look at the previous year for the sale in question.
    • Q: Is there no Black Friday this year? A: Black Friday occurs at a different time every year, but always during November. 
    • Q: Can a sale be extended so that I can save up/get paid first/do XYZ? A: No, probably not, so don't expect it.  
    • Q: How does the "up to" sales percentage work? A: Like this.

    If there's any other questions, then please feel free to post them in this thread :). The main goal of this thread is to keep the forums organised, informative and accessible. 

  5. 40 minutes ago, scgt1 said:

    I really like the Eddie Client notice about this deal. I missed the Birthday promo due to not even knowing about it. The client notice is a very nice change. Can't help but wonder if the Black Friday promo may be a larger discount. Looking back on the Facebook page there wasn't even a Halloween promo offered and BF 2018 was a 67.5% discount. So debating pulling the trigger now or holding out for BF. hmmm choices choices. Please thought keep with the Eddie Client notices about promos that was a very nice change.

    I got it as well. But I'm certain there's going to be those who find it annoying. Perhaps Staff should just add a "Notifications" tab underneath "Logs" or "Overview" and just let a red 1 appear - much like the forum notifications. 

  6. Hello!

    Haha, this sudden orange onslaught did provide a slight scare, I must admit. But this is new: you're now doing Halloween celebrations.

    Staff, I suggest you also do Chinese New Year celebrations around January/February. That, coupled with the Black Friday, Christmas/New Year and Birthday celebrations, will ensure you've got the VPN market cornered from November to May. Leaving only a few months of summer for the competition, where in many places of the world, it'll be too hot to be sitting inside using a VPN anyway ;). At any rate, I think you've used up the last 9 years of marketing budget getting that font to work :D

  7. Hello!

    This is excellent news. 

    But you added an unusual warning at the end, which seems unusual. Wondering if it'll spread more FUD than necessary and perhaps not get you the same amount of feedback, in return.

    Anyway, it's working for me so far. The only minor errors, are UI texts. Not bad Staff :). 

    Here's the changes, for anyone who doesn't want to follow the links: 

    • [change] Core Engine partially rewritten
    • [new] UI doesn't run as root anymore in every OS
    • [new] Profile data encryption in any OS, either through OS keychain if available or "master" password
    • [bugfix] Linux - DNS resolv.conf issue
    • [change] New formula to compute "best server"
    • [bugfix] Windows - Windows10 SSH
    • [new] No log for inconsistent cipher or keysize directives when used with custom Data Channel cipher
    • [bugfix] Linux - Flush DNS with systemd-resolve
    • [change] Linux - Better performance when netlock is activated at application start
    • [change] Windows - Tun driver updated to 9.23.3
    • [change] OpenVPN 2.4.7
    • [change] Removed TOS window.
    • [removed] Linux - resolvconf DNS switch method
    • [removed] Unsecure OpenVPN directives
    • [new] binaries run with root privileges must belong to superuser

  8. Hello!

    Please read the First Questions section in the guide in my signature. TL;DR: No service can guarantee such a thing, not least because even the best security can be undermined if the user isn't careful. 

    But in certain scenarios, yes a VPN will help - such as if you're connecting to a WiFi network while connected to AirVPN - then would-be eavesdroppers on the network will have a much harder time. 

    Practically, you can start with using Network Lock, then go about checking how private your browser is, such as through the EFF panopticlick website. From there, experiment with privacytools.io for example. :) 

  9. Hello!

    I note the change: 

    To worthily celebrate AirVPN ninth birthday, we're glad to inform you that starting from now we will offer a 20% discount on all long term plans

    So everything below the 1 year plans, do not get the discount anymore. 

    It's still weird to me, that the birthday celebrations still aren't the ones with the biggest and widest discounts. Seems more worthy to me :)

    Happy birthday. 

  10. Hello!

    1. It depends on the latency and/or what IP you want at the time. Otherwise they're all essentially the same. 
    2. Boredom? Otherwise not really - usually not for new users at least.
    3. It's considered a superior choice to pick one outside your home country - use the black/white lists. Do note that a VPN isn't a silver bullet for privacy though. 
    4. Normally no. If you're using Network Lock, you won't be able to browse until the connection is reestablished. But just verify through ipleak.net what IP you've got at any given time. 
    5. Yes if you use Network Lock. 
    6. No?
    7. ????
    8. No?
    You may also read the guide in my signature. 
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