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  1. On 11/1/2021 at 3:25 PM, farfar2 said:

    Okay thanks, how about second part of (2)?
    "..Lets say a vpn user connects to cyber crime sources through airvpn bulgaria. All logs on those external (criminal) sources point to Exit nodes of Airvpn on XYZ timestamped date. If police brings court order (to whom actually? to airvpn staff in italy or in bulgaria?), can a vpn user be identified? What informations will be shared to LEA?"


    TL;DR: Likely no, nothing will be shared and never has been up to this point. But if you're extremely concerned, then apply the partition of trust as shown at the end.

    I believe this question may already have been answered in my guide, in the First Questions section about logging and tracking.

    Here's what likely most satisfies your question:

    2) If subpoenaed by law enforcement, and if your legal team found that you had no grounds to deny the order, would you then log the activities of your users without revealing this action to your users? Yes or no.




    Kind regards


    1) How can you identify somebody doing something that is against your TOS if you cannot identify your users or what they are doing. Please give examples.




    We can't do that ex-ante.

    Ex-ante = before the event. (Contrasted with a different point further down as ex-post = after the event).

    There's also a much more detailed reply further down, to some hypothetical scenarios about specific situations.

    There's also a thread related more closely to how DMCA and torrent-related things are handled. Here's some of the most relevant ones for this thread:

    1. Do you keep ANY logs which would allow you to match an IP-address and a time stamp to a user of your service? If so, exactly what information do you hold and for how long?

    1. No, we don’t.

    6. What steps are taken when a court orders your company to identify an active or past user of your service? How would your company respond to a court order that requires you to log activity going forward? Has any of this ever happened?
    6. The matter is handled by our law firm which explains to the competent authorities how our system works and why it is not possible to track a user “ex-post” when such identification requires access to traffic logs, which simply do not exist. We have so far not received any order trying to force us to “log activity going forward” and we would not be able to comply for strictly technical reasons.

    8. Which payment systems/providers do you use? Do you take any measures to ensure that payment details can’t be linked to account usage or IP-assignments?

    8. Nowadays we use Coinpayments, BitPay, PayPal and Avangate. We accept a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and several credit cards. We also planned to accept payments in Bitcoin (and some other cryptocurrency) directly in late 2018, with no need for any third party payment processor, which anyway does not require any personal data to complete a transaction.

    We do not keep any information about account usage and/or IP address assignments, so there can’t be any correlation with any payment. As usual a customer needs to consider that any payment via a credit card or PayPal will be recorded for an indefinite amount of time by the respective financial companies. We also accept cryptocurrencies inherently designed to provide a strong layer of anonymity


    Do please pay attention to the dates of those threads, as some minor things may have changed - such as how Air now provides even more payment options.

    And then there's about logging in general in a different thread; WebRTC, website IP, the AirVPN Privacy Notice. Not super relevant for this thread, but maybe still of interest to some.

    As for "If police brings court order (to whom actually? to airvpn staff in italy or in bulgaria?" I would bet on Italy, since all AirVPN staff live in Italy - but please don't quote me on this.

    If you're still uncertain, then do also please keep in mind that AirVPN routinely tells people that they do not need to trust AirVPN - as shown by the first links in this thread by OpenSourcerer:
    "If you can't afford to trust our words please apply partition of trust." - AirVPN Staff

    More on partition of trust.

    I hope that answers your questions, but if you have more, please feel free to post them. Ultimately, we're just moderators, so if anything hasn't already been answered and is about Air policy, then we defer to the official Staff account or the support team (run by the same people), as stated before by OpenSourcerer:).

  2. On 4/13/2021 at 3:03 PM, El.Presidente said:

    Oh. You're right. =))
    I have version 2.16.3 and 2.20 is the latest version, ok, I should update it. =))
    Thanks! 😃


    It's also worth noting that in Eddie's settings > UI > You can enable or disable promotional messages in general.

  3. On 2/19/2021 at 6:53 PM, Terry Stanford said:

    I felt exactly the same when I found Air! I am committed to it. I only wish it was a bit easier to use, and as much as I used to LOVE my PIA VPN app on phone and computer (SO damn fast and easy to use, as is Mullvad)... I have yet to find ANY company which even remotely compares to Air for transparency and proper security/privacy awareness for its users. Since this is the most important thing to me, I am a dedicated user, but I can't say how many times I have wished their apps were a bit more modern and easy to use.
    Out of interest, what phone do you use? Iphone or Android?

    Good to hear. You're always welcome to provide your thoughts on possible enhancements however, in the appropriate forum.

    On 2/26/2021 at 6:32 PM, dIecbasC said:
    @staff where can I learn about these standards and approach to marketing please?
      It has been brought up a number of times. However it's not something they talk much about in long articles of text, it's rather just something they do. Therefore it's like the KISS principle. So perhaps it's a positive that there's only little detail, in the context of this specific case :).

    You can find other links about other aspects of their operation, in the link in my signature. Under the First Questions section, the question "What does AirVPN do to make it safe to use and does it log or track people?" contains numerous links in point form.

  4. Hello!


    i can not believe i have not came across AirVPN before ( Google definitely did not help bring up any mention of AirVPN ) and wasted so much time, money, researching and hassle with choosing the right VPN service.

    Perhaps not so surprising, since Air has a philosophy of not trying to actively market itself in any other fashion, than by following some strict principles and technical standards, that not everyone can equally appreciate - except for those who then do experience it :).

    I wouldn't say that it's necessarily a waste that you've used other VPNs. If anything, that only gives you perspective.

    I'm glad you like it.

  5. On 6/8/2020 at 6:27 PM, air-fun said:

    As always, I discovered this topic too late ... 
    Can respected staff to clarify the deadlines to tariff plans with discounts? In the header message, I do not see anything about it. 
    Thanks for the best VPN! 


    You're welcome to read this:
     And then this about the current discount:

    Although I will say this: sales don't always come with a defined end date and this particular birthday sale must so far be the longest sale that Air has ever had :).

  6. 4 hours ago, giganerd said:

    There were some users in the past reporting a jump in throughput after changing the torrent client, mostly to qBittorrent. Can you check it, please?

    What optimizer? MSS/MTU values shouldn't be touched at all, only the mssfix directive in OpenVPN if you really experience packet fragmentation inside the tunnel.

    Before we go further, would you kindly test the current 2.18beta of Eddie? The current version 2.18.9 is due to be released in the coming "hours" (anything from 1 to 48, really :D), so it's safe to call it stable. It fixes a wide variety of issues, most probably yours as well, seeing the line "Recovery. Unexpected crash?" there in your log.

    I believe he's referring to TCPOptimizer :).

  7. Hello!

    It's normal and is the default screen for when this website is unavailable due to something. Whether it's a poor connection somewhere, DDoS or whatever else.

    It usually clears up within a couple of minutes and is nothing to really worry about. It's just an inconvenience :).

    Community Mods like myself, Zhang and Giganerd don't do work on the forums that could create such downtime.

  8. Time for the yearly, albeit this time small, update :)

    @LMawery I hope you directed that question to a place like the general forum and received help. 
    @Miguelden There's no tutorial for it, that's true. Assuming you're on Ubuntu/Mint/Similar, it's a matter of going to the download page and clicking download. Distros like the ones I mentioned, usually come with a built-in install wizard, just like Windows.
    @Testlav Thank you. 

    • We have a new moderator: giganerd. It was all but inevitable :). Congratulations. Now we're officially 3 community moderators. 
    • Since we continuously get the same questions about AirVPN sales, I've made a dedicated thread for it and removed the corresponding sales FAQ in the guide. This provides better visibility and options for asking questions.
    AirVPN in 2019: 

    Happy new year 2020.

  9. Quote
    Regardless of why Eddie disconnects, that's fine as I said. The issue is why it can't reconnect when I sit back down, not without quitting and re-running it anyway. I unplug my ethernet cable then because the network lock wont work while Eddie is not running.
    We won't have any idea until we see your logs from the logs tab.  There's no personal information in them and definitely not anything browsing related. But it's usually the case that when Eddie isn't closed "properly" that errors can thus occur. Since the technical conditions change all the time, you sometimes are able to resume connecting immediately and sometimes not.

    It could sound like you've misunderstood something: network lock is a security feature meant to guard against leakage of your real IP address. So in between server changes or during disconnects, the usefulness of network lock is shown, since it's during such times that a less carefully implemented VPN solution would see you disconnect from the VPN, have your real IP revealed, before then re-connecting to the VPN and again hiding your IP. Therefore, it's not necessary to unplug the cable, for reasons of network lock not working while Eddie is not running. Of course it's up to you. 😁

    You could try to keep network enabled, but first click on "Disconnect" and then allow your Mac to sleep. Then you might encounter less problems upon trying to re-connect. 

  10. Hello!

    When my Mac goes to sleep, Eddie sometimes (not always) disconnects from the internet. I don't mind it doing this, in fact I quite like it as I used to unplug the network cable when I left my machine anyway.

    But why do you do this? It's largely unnecessary to unplug it. Also, of course Eddie disconnects - your Mac is sleeping.

    As Network Lock is clearly enabled in your video, the same firewall rules will still be in place and thus prevent any communication to and from your Mac, while Eddie isn't active. Unless you deactive Eddie and/or Network Lock first.

    Posting a video is definitely rare around here. But it's not helpful - we need your logs, which are accessible through the logs tab, as seen in your video :). 

    You're welcome to try update to a Beta version of Eddie, if you wish to. Instructions can be found in my signature.

  11.        ipb_header.png

    Here's some information about AirVPN sales - it has always been present in my new user guide, but apparently many people don't see it and therefore we repeatedly get the same questions related to AirVPN sales.

    New topics about AirVPN sales, will be referred to this thread. 
    Please note that AirVPN does NOT make use of paid reviews or affiliate marketing, at any point, if you see 3rd party sale offers for AirVPN subscriptions.
    Please also note that the Halloween sale is a new addition since 2019 and that sales are now more of an "up to"  kind, rather than a flat percentage for all subscriptions, as previously. 

    What, When, How Long & How Much:

    • AirVPN does not sell Lifetime subscriptions, period. Simply because it's too costly and wouldn't make sense for a high-quality service like this.
    • There's basically 3 common sales a year. Airs Birthday, Black Friday and Christmas; potentially with New Year and Cyber Monday added, to prolong the sale period.
    • All sales are typically, but not always, around 1 week long and often discount the majority of subscription plans. The % discount is not necessarily fixed at the rates seen below.
    • The timing of the sales is roughly the same each year as well. Simply keep an eye on the announcement forum to catch the sale.
    • I've added "CERTAIN" and "UNCERTAIN" to the sales. Certain = the sale will definitely come again next year. Uncertain = we don't know yet, as the sale might for example only have occured 1 time previously.
    • [CERTAIN] AirVPN's Christmas sale has a discount of: up to 68%. Sometime around the 20th December.
    • [CERTAIN] AirVPN's Birthday sale has a discount of: 25%. Sometime around the 30th May/June.
    • [CERTAIN] AirVPN's Black Friday sale has a discount of: (up to 74% in 2019). Sometime during November.
    • [UNCERTAIN] AirVPN's Halloween sale has a discount of: up to 74%. Sometime around 30th October. 
    • What if you miss the sale you wanted? Well, then you'll just need to wait until the next one, unfortunately. 


               Q = Question.
               A = Answer. 
    • Q: If I renew my subscription today, will it reset my expiration date or will it just add another year to the end of my current one? A: The new amount of subscription days are added to your existing amount of days. 
    • Q: When does XYZ sale end? A: If it's not stated in the opening post made by Staff, then we don't know. But it's usually at least a week, give or take a few days. Look at the previous year for the sale in question.
    • Q: Is there no Black Friday this year? A: Black Friday occurs at a different time every year, but always during November. 
    • Q: Can a sale be extended so that I can save up/get paid first/do XYZ? A: No, probably not, so don't expect it.  
    • Q: How does the "up to" sales percentage work? A: Like this.

    If there's any other questions, then please feel free to post them in this thread :). The main goal of this thread is to keep the forums organised, informative and accessible. 
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