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  1. Hello!

    Please read the First Questions section in the guide in my signature. TL;DR: No service can guarantee such a thing, not least because even the best security can be undermined if the user isn't careful. 

    But in certain scenarios, yes a VPN will help - such as if you're connecting to a WiFi network while connected to AirVPN - then would-be eavesdroppers on the network will have a much harder time. 

    Practically, you can start with using Network Lock, then go about checking how private your browser is, such as through the EFF panopticlick website. From there, experiment with privacytools.io for example. :) 

  2. Hello!

    I note the change: 

    To worthily celebrate AirVPN ninth birthday, we're glad to inform you that starting from now we will offer a 20% discount on all long term plans

    So everything below the 1 year plans, do not get the discount anymore. 

    It's still weird to me, that the birthday celebrations still aren't the ones with the biggest and widest discounts. Seems more worthy to me :)

    Happy birthday. 

  3. Hello!

    1. It depends on the latency and/or what IP you want at the time. Otherwise they're all essentially the same. 
    2. Boredom? Otherwise not really - usually not for new users at least.
    3. It's considered a superior choice to pick one outside your home country - use the black/white lists. Do note that a VPN isn't a silver bullet for privacy though. 
    4. Normally no. If you're using Network Lock, you won't be able to browse until the connection is reestablished. But just verify through ipleak.net what IP you've got at any given time. 
    5. Yes if you use Network Lock. 
    6. No?
    7. ????
    8. No?
    You may also read the guide in my signature. 

  4. Hello!

    It's refreshing to see a video review. I must say, that regardless of your review, that this is the most important: 

    I am affiliated, but not sponsored by any VPN. This means I do make money when you click on the links provided, but keep my own opinion to be legit and truthful without bias. I do not host sponsored content on this channel, which means I am not paid to promote VPNs in a positive manner. All of my opinions on this channel are strictly my own!

    I'm impressed that you mentioned the forums as a useful element as a part of the VPN experience, in conjunction with the no logging. That's easily missed. 
    • But you missed the reasoning behind why AirVPN doesn't offer the live chat feature which you requested, it seems.
    • Further, I don't think it's reasonable to list it as a con that there weren't enough or should be more servers and then not specify what - if any - you were looking for. But AirVPN just added a whole new country actually. 
    • Since security/privacy is one of AirVPNs selling points, I also think it would've helped your review, if you had made it clearer that Air doesn't just add any server because it's popular, but only if it's the right thing to do. 
    • In the same vein, you could then have considered adding some more factoids about those servers, such as them all being bare metal, which can be important for many reasons.
    • There's many other aspects I think you could've gone more into: how Bitcoin is handled, the approach to P2P, Android Eddie and so forth. You can read a list of Air-related security links in my guide's First Question section.
    • I'm surprised you didn't mention the apparent complexity of Air that much. It was mentioned briefly with Eddie's menu's, while other reviewers usually make a bigger deal out of all the technical jargon.
    • Perhaps in a future review, you could attempt to test certain features more. Such as - how good is Network Lock actually? After all, "killswitches" are a big deal, but they don't always work fully. 
    Overall not bad :).

  5. On 4/24/2019 at 9:22 AM, jean claud said:

    do you plan a rebate promotion in the next few months ?

    thank you for your great service , times are changing in europa, and more than ever you are necessary 



    Probably the end of May. 

    But it's listed in my guide at any rate, in the First Questions section.

  6. 16 hours ago, Air4141841 said:

    my pfsense has been working for over a year.   and its starting to give this same message again.





    Answered here.


    I'm pinning this, as it's a slightly recurring issue, which there's no need to make many threads about :).

  7. 1 hour ago, NaDre said:

    Are you saying that you can still access BBCode? How?

    If I could not retrieve and save the BBCode for a largish post/guide that I had written, I would be very disinclined to ever modify/update it.

    If I had the BBCode for a guide that I wrote for another forum, how would I port it here without a huge effort?

    Not being able access the BBCode raises a question in my mind. Do I have rights to the content of my posts here? This does not seem very "open".


    Nadre, you may be able to achieve something similar, if you go to Browse>My Activity Streams>Create New Stream>Then tick the boxes associated with seeing topics and including everything. Then your custom stream will show up under My Activity Streams. 

  8. 2 hours ago, giganerd said:

    Nah, I do. But the inability to disable email notifications drives me mad. 😣

    I could not agree more. It's especially bad if one isn't even using a valid e-mail address - as AirVPN allows - thus one won't get notifications as much presumably. 



    There are some bugs and they're being worked on :). I actually just experienced what you described, when I posted, clicked "multiquote" then edited my reply. But I can't immediately reproduce it. This was in Chromium.


    I also see my post count went from 2002 or so to 1990. Hm. Well the 90's were great anyhow 😄

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