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  1. Hi Staff, You suggest: Just enable Network Lock and you are protected against IPv6 leaks in Linux as well. It took me a while to find out where that command should work because a terminal does not recognise it. It would prefer a little more clientfriendliness. In that matter: I did nog know that there is an Eddie for Linux also. It wasn´t the case when I became a client. As the IPv6 security breach I had to find that out myself as well although I´m pretty sure that I signed up for a newsletter. But I´m glad that Eddie is there and works on Linux Mint becaause the file that I generated via the configuration generator did not work! Very strange because I use Xubuntu on antoher laptop and that works fine. I even installed every network manager flavor but eilaas. But ok, for now I can suft via VPN again.
  2. ​​Hi guys, what I like is the speed, an interface on Windows although I use Linux much more. Ok, what I would like to see is in AIRVPN News or RSS-subscription or email warning, the latest security risks. I use AIRVPN for a while now butjust this week it turns out that there is a IPv6 leak!! Although not visible when testing it on ipleak.net. That means that I was very visible on a lot of networks and not anonymous at all!! I try to be very carefull, not for criminal reasons, more as a principle, a way of living so to say. So, that was a major dissapointment in AirVPN. Because I´m not a technician but amateur user. As soon as I found out I did a little research and it turns out that you can disable IPv6. What I did was follw the instructions [cut, no ads, Staff] That worked as a charm and the site that was able to track me, now shows the AIRVPN route as it should. So people, be advised.....disable IPv6 as long as there is no other solution offered. As ​stated before, I´m just a simple user and chose AIVPN to be protected by professionals. Although I´m very satisfied overall, I´m worried about the next hole or leak that I´m not aware off. So, people of AIRVPN, please keep us pro-actively informed about security and privacy issues if you please. Sincere, Peer ​ ​
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