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    go558a83nk reacted to Adzkii in my review   ...
    hands down the best VPN i have ever come across, in terms of price, speed, reliability and support team.
    support team, are just the best, the price for such great performance, no other VPN can beat
    i've been with other VPN providers, i'm so glad to find AirVPN!
    thumbs up to you guys! hope it stays like this
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    go558a83nk got a reaction from amires in Control channel encryption / tls-crypt   ...
    It has been written by Air staff that tls-crypt is coming soon.
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    go558a83nk got a reaction from justin.a.kraft in DNS issues when using AirVPN on Router   ...
    When you generate configs select the option on the bottom right that says resolved hosts in ovpn file.  That way you can connect without having to resolve the server name - it puts IP address in instead of name.
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    go558a83nk reacted to Staff in IPv6 deployment delay   ...
    Eddie is late in development, for a combination of adverse causes which we are going to list here below. On the server side, OpenVPN has been properly patched and tested. Some parts of code have been rewritten properly to provide a real IPv6 full support (task completed successfully by berserker).
    @NaDre: currently micro-routing in IPv6 is not fully implemented. It will probably come later.
    Eddie is late mainly because:
    the ISP lines supporting IPv6 which are available to our developers malfunction often. IPv6 goes down frequently. Only in December, the devs reported an IPv6 black out of several days without interruption! Such events force the developers to perform any test remotely, between servers in which IPv6 works properly, and the consequence is a delay in development (one thing is testing from your office and house directly with IPv6, one thing is testing remotely via IPv4 connections controlling remotely IPv6 supporting machines in which you run any new Eddie alpha version). This is a dramatic infrastructural/ISP configuration problem in Italy which we have no control on, of course. We can't even rely on multiple ISPs because a pure IPv6 support is currently not provided by most of italian ISPs. we have had a nasty problem which causes a malfunction with usage of IPv6 (in the VPN) from an IPv4 only line. This problem is "nasty" because it occurs only on Windows 7, 8, 10, while on OS X, macOS and GNU/Linux Eddie works just fine with the very same pieces of code. As a consequence, troubleshooting this issue has been time consuming - we want to publish an Eddie version which works on all supported platforms, we don't want to leave Windows behind for obvious reasons Kind regards
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    go558a83nk reacted to Staff in IPv6 deployment delay   ...
    Hello and Happy New Year to you too!
    IPv6 support on server side will be available regardless of the software client used to connect to our VPN servers. We can't categorically rule out that some clients might have problems. We hope not (and we will be testing as soon as our ISPs in Italy provide us with a more decent IPv6 support), but in any case (hear, hear!) we are willing to release Eddie for Android within July 2018 with a lot (if not all!) of the features you find in Eddie for desktop systems.
    The problem you mention is serious and we think that it might become a widespread issue for mobile users in several countries in 2019. This is the main driving force which convinced AirVPN management to speed up implementation of IPv6 support. Going back to 2014, IPv6 support was vaguely road-mapped for 2019/2020. The decision to "put the deadline 2 years back" was proposed in late 2016 and approved unanimously soon after.
    Kind regards
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    go558a83nk reacted to intonate in First Impressions new user   ...
    First impressions as a new user.
    1. AirVPN using the Eddie client - simple enough to get running for me to recommend to first time users.
    2. CLI configurable and as granular as any seasoned expert could want.
    3. The involved user base and community really is an asset.
    Thank you AirVPN.
    I should have made the move to you long ago.
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    go558a83nk got a reaction from skilairv in How do I view blacklisted servers so that I can remove "undo" a server I blacklisted?   ...
    Show all, then scroll to the one blacklisted and fix it.
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    go558a83nk reacted to Staff in Slow Download Speed again! Frustrating!   ...
    we agree that's very frustrating, but why do you look angry with us? Our redundancy and bandwidth availability is remarkably high, our servers are served by tier2 and most of the 8 tier1 world transit providers, so what do we have to do with the issue? Why don't you:
    open a ticket with the support department to check whether the problem is caused by your system or router focus your energy on YOUR ISP, which from your description is the most likely culprit of the issue (you provide precise experience hinting to traffic shaping and even blocks against protocols) Kind regards
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    go558a83nk got a reaction from Mad_Max in Trusted sites to buy Bitcoin   ...
    It is not virtual currency.  It's cryptocurrency. 
    See this thread for ideas.  https://airvpn.org/topic/20734-suggestions-for-setting-up-bitcoin-account-beginner/?hl=bitcoin
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    go558a83nk got a reaction from Mad_Max in Trusted sites to buy Bitcoin   ...
    It is not virtual currency.  It's cryptocurrency. 
    See this thread for ideas.  https://airvpn.org/topic/20734-suggestions-for-setting-up-bitcoin-account-beginner/?hl=bitcoin
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    go558a83nk reacted to Staff in How about 10gbit servers ?   ...
    the problem is correctly framed by zhang888. With AES-NI supporting processors, we hit a limit of about 900 Mbit/s with AES-256-CBC.
    The next potential breakthroughs towards VPN servers connected to 10 Gbit/s ports are:
    1) a correct evaluation of the processing power lift with AES-256-GCM, when the majority of our customers will move to OpenVPN 2.4 (we need 2.4 because we need AES-256-GCM even and especially on the Data Channel, not only on the Control Channel, but we can't of course break compatibility with the many persons using OpenVPN versions older than 2.4)
    2) the next OpenVPN 3 (release date is uncertain) which will finally use concurrent routines and libraries not to remained confined into one thread of one core. OpenVPN 3 might open new scenarios on the server side even when a significant percentage of clients run older OpenVPN versions.
    Kind regards
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    go558a83nk reacted to Staff in Five simultaneous connections per account   ...
    Indeed they are.
    Obviously there is no privacy concern because the conditions stay the same for every account. Under a technical point of view a counter containing "3" has been set to "5". More or less.
    Indeed they were. Now, you need to consider that with this shift from 3 to 5 s.c. we did not modify our bandwidth allocation guarantee, which remains "per account", and NOT "per connection slot".
    Also, it was time to sacrifice some redundancy, because we have been having too much unused redundancy for years. Probably it's not wise anymore to keep such high redundancy in the current world market. During the last year or two, our community has sent us a clear message according to which the amount of simultaneous connections is more appreciated than a huge redundancy which comes handy very rarely. In this way we can at the same time meet the demands of our community, become even stronger against the competition, and anyway keep a fairly decent redundancy.
    Kind regards
    AirVPN Staff
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    go558a83nk reacted to dIecbasC in Five simultaneous connections per account   ...
    Here's a pfSense guide for how to create and load balance across a number of connections, its for three but easy enough to extrapolate to five from.
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    go558a83nk reacted to Staff in Black Friday Week   ...

    We're very glad to inform you that starting from 8.00 PM UTC on Tuesday, November the 21st, until Thursday, November the 30th (UTC), we'll be offering a 35% discount off ANY AirVPN Premium subscription!

    If you're already our customer and you wish to jump aboard for a longer period, any additional subscription will be added on top of already existing subscriptions and you will not lose any day.
    And that's not all! AirVPN now offers five simultaneous connections per account. See here:

    Kind regards & datalove
    AirVPN Staff

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    go558a83nk reacted to Staff in Will there be Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals?   ...
    Stay tuned, something really hot is coming.
    Kind regards
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    go558a83nk reacted to NaDre in Firefox Quantum is out   ...
    As of this moment Noscript is not supported. But when I first updated, the redirect for finding a replacement for Noscript pointed to uMatrix.
    I think I am now a convert to uMatrix. All Noscript restricts is scripts. And there are other issues that uMatrix restricts. It is only because I have tried uMatrix that I am now aware of these activities by some sites I use.
    By default uMatrix does not restrict scripts from the "1st party" site. And this makes a lot of sense to me. Most sites are unusable if scripts are disabled. My white list for Noscript was HUGE for this reason.
    Also uMatrix can have accesses granted to allow non-1st-party scripts (or other elements) on a 1st-party basis. I use a site that will not work if Google analytics is blocked. Obviously it can check somehow. Now I can allow Google analytics just from that site. Can Noscript do that? Maybe. But not the last time I looked. I think it is "bye bye" to Noscript for me.
    By the way, I think the main reason for the change to add-ons was that the old API was a huge security issue. Bad actors could do all sorts of things with no controls. Java had similar issues at first. And perhaps these were never really addressed. And it is disappearing from web sites. I think Mozilla saw similar issues ahead for add-ons.
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    go558a83nk reacted to zhang888 in Firefox Quantum is out   ...
    Some extension developers might need some more time to adjust for the new WebExtensions API.
    Overall it's a good step forward, and most "important" extensions such as HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript and uBlock Origin are supported.
    You can always use Firefox ESR in the meantime, it is branched from version 52 with backward compatibility and upstream patches.
    Tor Browser is branched from ESR as well.
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    go558a83nk reacted to OmniNegro in Firefox Quantum is out   ...
    Quantum was a huge step backward in my opinion. While I do not entirely disagree with the long term goals, they broke the extensions that always made Firefox great. And while I appreciate the thought, I have a list of legacy extensions than now do nothing and cannot in this version be compelled to work. (That was a nice touch for the browser to at least show me what extensions it is not going to use so I can seek replacements.)
    Unfortunately it would seem there is no such thing as a perfect browser anymore. Waterfox will not work with ANY advertisement blocker extension for some reason I have yet to determine. Pale Moon, while lean, is also featureless and void of the same beloved extensions that make Firefox great. Chrome... Not even considering anything made by Google, not even if they swear on a stack of Bibles that they will not betray me.
    So I guess I am either stuck with Quantum, or I could install a portable version of an earlier Firefox and see if it will do everything I want.
    Good luck to anyone considering a change. You may need it more than you think.
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    go558a83nk reacted to Staff in Mirrors supporting FOSS   ...

    We're glad to inform you that according to our ongoing support toward compatible with our mission projects, we have begun running mirror nodes to enhance distribution of Free and Open Source Software.
    Please find the current status of the mirror nodes, the list of supported software as well as additional information in the new, dedicated page https://airvpn.org/mirrors
    We provide this service for free. Do you need mirrors to aid your software downloads, or do you know services which would need our support? If a software meets our mission priorities feel free to propose and discuss about it in our forum.
    Kind regards and datalove
    AirVPN Staff
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    go558a83nk got a reaction from coruscator in Cant connect with Asus DSL-AC68U   ...
    My suggestion is for you to use Asus Merlin firmware, where you get much more control over openvpn.  There you can specify what DNS you want to use.  My thoughts are you're having a DNS problem.
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    go558a83nk reacted to in1t3r in Enormnous usage of CPU with eddie client   ...
    Your eddie portable version of the client which is written in C# make enormous not needed usage of CPU on my ArchLinux. It continually uses around 50% of the CPU which from some reason make load on my machine goes over the 120 load after few minutes. My machine is two core four threads and it uses two cores fully all the time which is insane. I used simply openvpn with generated certs from the website and had minimal under 1% usage. Why does the eddie have that much use of cpu resources. Also one bad thing why there is no possibility to minimize your client. That is a bit irritating.

    Btw I have disabled checking for servers first I have selected checking for servers every minute then I thought maybe badly written code have problem with checking of the servers. Its not that. I dont write C# I write C and C++ I can write C# I just don't want to. And I expected at least a decent client. Btw I'm using your portable version I might try with AUR version. version is 2.13.6 which is the latest version.
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    go558a83nk reacted to in1t3r in Enormnous usage of CPU with eddie client   ...
    Would anyone like to help rewrite this software in either QT C++ or some functional paradigm language because client that behave like this is insanity. Simply mono framework and C# are buggy on Linux and there is always an issue with something if you guys do have a target audience in Linux users too it would be nicer to write it in some Linux frameworks either QT or gtk. I mean I might switch again to using my archlinux openvpn client and use ovpn files but that removes one nice functionality which is easy switch of servers. If I wanted to use only single server I would use some of my machines and setup vpn server on them.
    Btw 2 months without release and any commit on github is a bit scary for professional project. If you guys use some private repo for development you should just have faster release cycles if not then just involve more people in project and have the gitrepository at least a bit more active.
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    go558a83nk reacted to NaDre in PureVPN logging   ...
    Is anyone aware of a statement by any VPN company that they would ignore a court order valid in their jurisdiction? If so does anyone actually believe that? Do you believe that VPN companies do not take their terms of service seriously? Did you read beyond the first sentence?
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    go558a83nk got a reaction from mordants in Using Airvpn, but still able to find my original location - help needed.   ...
    That's exactly what enabling geolocation in browser does.  But, you can spoof it with an add-on such as location guard.  Otherwise I suggest you disable that setting in your browser.
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    go558a83nk got a reaction from mecdeva in Ten new 1 Gbit/s servers available (US)   ...
    Tonight it's bad for me.  I tested 15 minutes ago and got good speed.  But, now it's less than 1mbit/s and I'm getting packet loss to the server (Ran) according to pfsense gateway monitoring.
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