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    Tried a total of 3 providers. While seedboxes.cc has the waaaay fastest down/upload, it doesnt provide stability that tuvixhosting has for me. 

    Really crazy speeds but it's throttled or something for me, because the speed drops, so when i compare my tuvix box to my .cc box, after an extended period of time, I have uploaded more with tuvix.

    Bought a long subscription

    I have a 1 month subscription with seedboxes.cc. But how safe is a seedbox? I feel much safer downloading/seeding from my home connection while connected via AirVPN. Before I was always using the usenet. But sharing the files with others is much more fun.


    sign up for seedbox with a fake name, pay with bitcoin you bought with cash, and keep using VPN to retrive stuff from seedbox.

  2. for me (living in Thailand), routing to Antares also goes through USA, then to Singapore.


    I've seen another ISP in country that has fine routing to Antares. 


    However, I've also tested routing to Antares via a VPN gateway in Bangkok, a third ISP, if you will, and it also has terrible routing to Antares.  My impression is that Leaseweb's datacenter in Sg isn't well connected.

  3. Yeah, seedboxes.cc.  I told you.  ;-)  I usually catch torrents right when they are announced via irssi bot...but when I d/l a torrent with a lot of seeders I reach 100MB/s.  vampire box using rtorrent


    yes, with optware and installing stunnel.

    Links are sometimes helpful...




    Do you only have to install stunnel and download the ssh-vpn file?


    for stunnel it's the ssl configuration.  it's pretty simple and ipkg should install any dependencies (for stunnel) that aren't already installed.  you just have to use the proper ovpn config for openvpn in conjunction.


    If the staff are watching, is TCP required for ssh tunnel setup?  sorry if a dumb question.




    Yes, it is mandatory, no UDP support by SSH as you can imagine. So you have overhead by additional SSH tunnel and on top of that OpenVPN forced to work in TCP mode (which, for how OpenVPN works, will be slower and less efficient than UDP). You should never use this mode unless you absolutely need it for some reason (for example to bypass OpenVPN disruption or extreme shaping).


    Kind regards


    LOL, so it was a dumb question.  But, I'm no expert....


    Here in Thailand they have apparently made VPN usage illegal because they want to monitor heavily.  Thus my attempt to hide my use of openvpn by ssh tunnel.


    if my routing to the singapore servers was proper I think the ssh tunnel would work just fine because the latency would be low.  But, the lowest latency server to me is 240ms and up and depends on the time of day.  TCP just doesn't work well at those latencies.

  6. If you can get something like optware installed then you should be able to run it.


    I have optware installed on my asus ac68 with merlin firmware onto a USB memory stick.  I had to install bash and openssh with ipkg.  Bash runs the script, openssh is called therein.


    So far no problems connecting and with stability, but speeds are much slower than "naked" openvpn run with the same router.  Not slower because of CPU usage but because it's a TCP connection I surmise.


    If the staff are watching, is TCP required for ssh tunnel setup?  sorry if a dumb question.

  7. Just want to get an update from those who were having high latency to the new Sg servers.  My problems still exist.  I've sent several emails to my ISP with MTR results.  No reply and no fix as of yet.  The current political and governmental state in Thailand may account for their inactivity.

  8. @go558a83nk, I am not very knowledgeable about computer networking. I ran the traceroute command you ran and for both my home ISP connections, it looks like the route first goes to Europe, comes back to India and then proceeds to Singapore. For you, its going to the US and then to Singapore. You mentioned that the local ISP needs to be contacted to resolve this. Could you please explain what should I be telling them? Also, is it normal for such a thing to happen? I mean between you and me thats 3 ISPs that are routing it incorrectly. There seem to be a lot more. Are the users of all these ISP supposed to contact them individually? How does this work? Any idea why your work ISP is routing properly but my home ISPs arent?


    I'm not a network expert either when it comes to how all the ISP and major worldwide networks work together.  I have seen an instance in the past where I contacted my ISP to let them know of a similar problem and it was fixed.  Whether or not it was fixed because of my email I'll never know.  It could be that I just caught them at a bad time.


    Networks have to work together for internet traffic to flow.  Sometimes that means money has to be exchanged.  Sometimes that means that our ISP may not have rights to pass data onto another network.  The ISP at work obviously has peerage or IP transit rights that take me direct to Antares.


    For my home ISP, it may also be a method of censorship.  I've come to this conclusion because there are two other instances of this problem I've had with my ISP and they were both with other VPN providers.  This makes the third.


    If you contact your ISP, send them the text of your traceroute.

  9. The instructions that say not to forward ports on your router are for when you are using a client on a computer.  If you are running VPN from your router then you do need to forward ports on the router.


    remapping would be to instruct your firewall to forward port 7712 to, for example, internal port 34000.


    If the port forwarding web page gives green light and your torrent client seems happy (you have incoming connections) then all is probably well.

  10. I contacted Leaseweb directly about the problems I'm having, just asking them if there's anything they could do about it.


    They very quickly replied asking for a bidirectional MTR, which I gave them.  They apologized but said that my ISP needs to look at the matter.  I knew that was the case but figured I'd try. :-)  (It's difficult dealing with Thai ISPs)

  11. Just want to make AirVPN staff aware of a problem, but I believe it is out of their control.  However, this may affect many users.


    I'm connected to Antares via a differnet ISP from the one I use at home.  The routing is just fine.  Above you can see the poor routing from my home to Antares. 


    Below is a trace back to a router my traffic from home often traverses, so I use it as a test of routing to my home.  Seabone seems to be having trouble.


    Tracing route to ten-gi-0-14-1-0_3005.cwt-core-03.totisp.net []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

      1    52 ms    50 ms    51 ms
      2    51 ms    51 ms    52 ms
      3    73 ms    52 ms    52 ms  xe0-0-1.cr01.sin-11.leaseweb.net []
      4    52 ms    52 ms    52 ms  te0-0-0-6.br02.sin-10.leaseweb.net []
      5    51 ms    51 ms    63 ms  xe-0-3-3.singapore2.sin.seabone.net []
      6   230 ms   227 ms   227 ms  ntt-verio.singapore2.sin.seabone.net []
      7   218 ms   218 ms   227 ms
      8   263 ms   262 ms   263 ms  ten-gi-0-7-0-6.kkm-core-01.totiig.net []
      9   263 ms   262 ms   263 ms  ten-gi-0-0-0-6.kkm-core-01.totiig.net []
     10   263 ms   263 ms   265 ms  in-addr.totiig.net []
     11   265 ms   262 ms   264 ms  ten-gi-0-14-1-0_3005.cwt-core-03.totisp.net []

    Trace complete.

  12. at this time my route from Thailand to this server goes to los angeles then back to singapore.  I've seen crap like this before from my ISP so I'll give it time for everything to get squared away.


    /tmp/home/root# traceroute sg.vpn.airdns.org
    traceroute to sg.vpn.airdns.org (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
     5  ten-gi-0-9-4-0_2199.cwt-core-03.totisp.net (  2.663 ms  ten-gi-0-9-1-0_2197.cwt-core-03.totisp.net (  6.118 ms  6.287 ms
     6  ten-gi-0-14-2-0_2199.kkm-core-03.totisp.net (  5.668 ms  4.142 ms  hundred-gi-0-6-0-1.cwt-gw-01.totisp.net (  5.024 ms
     7  HUN-gi-0-5-0-1.cwt-core-01.totiig.net (  5.202 ms  hundred-gi-0-7-0-1.kkm-gw-01.totisp.net (  6.929 ms  5.044 ms
     8  ten-gi-0-1-0-4.knl-core-01.totiig.net (  18.804 ms  20.823 ms  HUN-gi-0-4-0-0.kkm-core-01.totiig.net (  6.493 ms
     9  *  ten-gi-0-0-0-1.knl-gw-04.totiig.net (  19.495 ms  ten-gi-0-0-0-0.knl-gw-04.totiig.net (  22.694 ms
    10  ten-gi-0-0-0-7.cwt-core-01.totiig.net (  22.799 ms  ten-gi-0-0-0-3.knl-gw-04.totiig.net (  19.580 ms  ten-gi-0-0-0-2.knl-gw-04.totiig.net (  19.415 ms
    11  xe-5-0-2.edge2.SanJose3.Level3.net (  329.007 ms  ix-11-0.tcore2.SQN-San-Jose.as6453.net (  331.413 ms  305.984 ms
    12  ix-11-0.tcore2.SQN-San-Jose.as6453.net (  305.284 ms  303.240 ms  if-1-2.tcore1.SQN-San-Jose.as6453.net (  489.711 ms
    13  if-13-2.tcore2.LVW-Los-Angeles.as6453.net (  507.363 ms  if-1-2.tcore1.SQN-San-Jose.as6453.net (  479.988 ms  492.647 ms
    14  *  *  if-13-2.tcore2.LVW-Los-Angeles.as6453.net (  503.080 ms
    15  *  if-20-2.tcore1.SVQ-Singapore.as6453.net (  483.567 ms  476.312 ms
    16 (  340.709 ms  341.714 ms  if-20-2.tcore1.SVQ-Singapore.as6453.net (  483.232 ms
    17 (  350.820 ms  te0-1-0-7.br02.sin-10.leaseweb.net (  348.713 ms  348.440 ms
    18  te0-1-0-7.br02.sin-10.leaseweb.net (  359.555 ms  344.193 ms  xe0-0-0.cr01.sin-11.leaseweb.net (  338.774 ms
    19  et49.ce01.sin-11.leaseweb.net (  352.475 ms  xe0-0-0.cr01.sin-11.leaseweb.net (  345.937 ms  341.683 ms
    20  *^C


    and .sg is gone.


    hello ~250ms latency

    any updates?


    i just subscribed because of the .sg servers...




    We're glad to inform you that we're finalizing agreements for a 1 Gbit/s server in Singapore in a network neutral datacenter.


    Kind regards


    Welcome and happy news!  Can you give an estimate of when it'll be ready for use?

  14. teredo is a service to allow IPv6 capability for IPv4 connections.  It's coming from your computer, not the router.  That screenshot is showing that the teredo service on your computer has opened up a lot of ports on your router via UPnP communication.


    for bittorrent with AirVPN using the AirVPN software on your computer, disable UPnP and NAT-PMP in your bittorrent client (qbittorrent).  Then when you open a port via the AirVPN web page, put the port number it give you in to your client's section regarding port used.  I'm not sure what that looks like for qbitorrent.  For utorrent it's "port used for incoming connections".


    When using the AirVPN software on your computer, the router does not need to be configured for port forwarding.  UPnP has nothing to do with what you're trying to accomplish here.  People disable UPnP for safety reasons and probably most do not need the router to have UPnP enabled.

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