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  1. The default network lock setting in windows is not firewall rules anymore. It uses the windows filtering platform. I do not know how to get the information you'd need to re-create the WFP rules. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/fwp/using-windows-filtering-platform
  2. pfsense doesn't require AES-NI. that requirement was removed.
  3. Change the scoring to be based on latency not speed. Its at the bottom of the Eddie window.
  4. I hate it when that happens. EstNOC, AS206804, can be reached by many networks so it's unfortunate your ISP uses Cogent.
  5. You probably can't connect directly to the ONT and get any network activity without doing some work The ISP router probably does vlan tagging and has some sort of username/password authentication. If you know what the settings are you may be able to replicate them on your pfsense box. But if you don't know the best you can do is either put the ISP router into bridge mode or do some other trick where you use a dumb switch and clone the MAC address of the ISP router to your pfense box. You let the ISP router get your connection up and running and then unplug it from the dumb switch and plug in your pfsense box with cloned MAC.
  6. It's been better for me since I made a thread complaining about this problem. I think staff have done some fixing. But that's interesting that you note that it happens only when connected by UDP tunnel. That implies that something is failing with packet fragmentation because we have MTU wrong.
  7. It's quite normal that a company like Credit Karma wants to block VPN IPs. They're trying to protect identity so it would behoove you to show them your real location so that if somebody were to try to hack your account from another location they'd more quickly realize it's not you. And really, it makes no sense to hide your IP from them when they know everything else about you necessarily.
  8. That's correct. I don't think it's possible to work with Eddie just yet because the network lock doesn't know how to work with the wintun driver.
  9. That's the wintun stuff. Also, if you're getting virgin internet you might want to research complications with some of their equipment.
  10. how fast depends on a lot of different factors. But, if you're using windows I suggest you learn how to use the new wintun driver not the TAP driver of "old".
  11. For plex remote access you either need to forward the port through the VPN or you need to setup, in eddie, plex.tv to go outside the VPN tunnel.
  12. being slowing on a VPN is normal and doesn't mean the ISP is throttling. It's just technicalities.
  13. Yes Some people find it works in places where only SSL would work previously. Yes. You must connect to entry IP 3 or 4, use SHA512 for auth digest, and of course use the TLS encryption and auth setting for the TLS key
  14. I'm running a game server on a PC through AirVPN. It seems to be creating a little bit of lag, and id rather not have it turned off and expose my public IP. Increased lag is going to happen when you're going through a VPN. It adds "distance" between you and your game server and friends. Decreasing the encryption will only make things easier on your processor but that's not where the lag is I think.
  15. Yes, it's possible. You'll have to read up on what options will have to be inserted in custom directives. https://airvpn.org/specs/
  16. the entry IP is not the same as the exit IP. for entry IP you can view the logs of Eddie or
  17. The windows-driver wintun option must still be used in the VPN config, correct?
  18. At least once a day I get the "our tubes are clogged" message. No other website I visit is as unreliable as this one. When it is down I can't get to my client area to configure my VPN. So, it is important that the website is working. What's more, no other web site I frequent is as slow to respond as this one as I browse through the forum. I can literally check on other forums in the time I'm waiting for this site to respond. All this is while using AirVPN VPN servers. Thanks for your attention.
  19. Eventually no doubt but really it's hard to get faster than a 1gbit server can support with a single stream of openvpn.
  20. you misread. Staff said those servers could NOT reach netflix.
  21. 40% usage means they have 300mbits/s available to send to you. That's causing buffering with youtube?
  22. but things can change in the route. it's likely that your ISP lost a route that was used. maybe it'll come back after some maintenance or maybe they found a cheaper network to use to reach the network that the VPN servers use.
  23. A change at the server level (which most likely didn't happen) cannot affect latency from your location. Also, if Air did something to cripple their Netherlands servers, as you propose, you would not be the only one to notice and complain.
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