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    HOW TO: get openVPN working in Kodi

    This manual is primarily intended for LibreELEC/CoreELEC/OpenELEC users, from version 7, there OpenVPN is already integrated. But in general it should work with Linux and Windows, but OpenVPN may have to be installed there first. For more information, see also: https://github.com/Zomboided/service.vpn.manager/wiki/01.-Installation This manual is based on the unofficial build of kszaq LibreELEC with Kodi (Krypton) 17.6 and "VPN Manager for openVPN" 4.9.9. After I've tried for hours to get openVPN working in LibreELEC in order to be able using Zattoo (HIQ) via switzerland-airVPN-server, here a small HOW TO, so hopefully it would be easier for others. 1. Use the Config Generator in client area in order to create a configuration file. Select as operating system Linux (I did) or RPiSelect as protocol udp (recomended), Port 443Select nothing else, no advanced mode, no proxySelect a server (for me it has to be one from switzerland) by single server! I have experienced, that if you choose "by country", sometimes it won't work (probably because one or more servers, which are then automatically selected, are not recognized as swiss servers). You can test the single servers with your already working system to see whether they should be recognized for what they are. One server is enough, because later only one server can be used for automatic connection establishment in the VPN Manager anyway. But you can also create several server-files, if you want (and later mark the files in green, you'll see it in one of the next steps.).Create and downlaod the .ovpn file(s).2. Download the zomboided repository on your PC. With this you can download later on the service-vpn-manager (to manage openvpn) and its updates. You can get it from here: https://github.com/Zomboided/repository.zomboided.plugins And maybe interesting: https://github.com/Zomboided/service.vpn.manager/wiki There you can read, what it does and how it works. 3. Copy the two files (zomboided repo and .ovpn file) in the download-folder of Kodi (your OE/LE/CE machine). For connecting your PC with your device you can use e.g. SAMBA. An other way is e.g. to copy the files to an USB-Stick and work with this. 4. Now go into your Kodi menu. Enable install from unknown sources (for more informations take a look at the Wiki-link above -> installation)Install the zomboided repository via Systems/Addons/InstallGo to the new installed zomboided repository and install the "vpn manager for openvpn".Now a wizard wants to start -> don't use it! (For me it did't work!) Instead change directly in this window into settings.In the new window (settings) you can see on the left the first entry "VPN configuration". It should be already selected.Move to right, just have a look at "Protocol (udp recomended)" and change it to udp, if necessary. Don't change anything else (don't care about all the things like username or password!), but scroll directly down to "user defined import wizard", select this.Confirm the next dialog box with OK.Next dialog box should be: "Any existing user defined settings and files will be deleted. Do you want to continue?" -> YesNext dialog box: "Select all files needed ...", you can choose between files and directory -> choose "files"Navigate to the folder you have stored the .ovpn file, select it (it turns green) and click OK.(I'm not sure about this point. I recently had a device, the next steps (from "Now in the settings window again...") did not work. So maybe you'd better move on to the next to steps.) Next dialog box: "Update the .ovpn files ...?" -> NoNext dialog box: "Update the .ovpn files ...?" -> YesNext dialog box: "Rename the .ovpn files ...?" -> YesNext dialog box: "Import wizard finished ..." -> OKNow in the settings window again, go down on left side to "VPN connections".Go right to "First vpn connection ..." and click it. Wait a moment ...In the new dialog box: Heading "select first vpn profile", you should find something like "AIR_VPN_..._UDP..." or maybe just an IP-Adress -> select it and click OKNow you should get a new dialog box with: "Connected to a VPN ..." - gratulation, that's it!To make sure you don't forget, now go in the settings menu and click OK to save the settings you have made so far!Just a few more tips: Now you can go back to the settings menu and familiarize yourself a little bit. For example you should have a look at the "monitor" menu option on the left. There you can define, among other things, whether openVPN should connect automatically at system startup or even before the Kodi startup.An other interesting thing for example is the "Add-on Filter". There for example, you can define addons that should only work over a VPN connection. For example, if you only need a VPN connection when you start a specific addon like Zattoo HIQ, you can put this addon into the filter and the VPN Manager will automatically establish the openVPN connection when the addon is started. And it will not allow Internet access for the addon until the VPN connection is established. That's really very useful, I think!The VPN Manger is a great addon, once you have managed to feed it with data in the right way! Some passages are translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
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