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    I want to make something clear. My Windows install (1709) is purely for gaming and AirVPN was great in the past for fixing routing / being stable (I also use it for other stuff on a dual boot too). Everywhere I go I hear "update windows" "sfc /scannow", all that jargon. I could write an essay on why I use 1709 and want the most stable OS / framerate / frametimes / DPC latency. It's really niche community but the end result is amazing. My point is, I want to get AirVPN working and not be lectured on my Windows install which happens everywhere I go. I have a question, what Windows services do I need to get AirVPN running? Base Filtering Engine gets the UI up and running but it constantly connects / disconnects and does not work which is why I was asking if anybody knew what Windows service was required. My Windows install works with 99% of things and AirVPN is the only thing I've not been able to get working which is why I've came here to get some help as I'm at a standstill. Thanks guys, I hope you can understand.
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