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Help! Under attack!

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Let's say I'm a streamer and stream to a popular streaming service like twitch-tv,  but some people, for whatever reason, always/sometimes DDOS me when I go online.


This can be very annoying since the internet connection fails and the stream goes offline.


Would I be save from that attack when using the VPN? I understand that the attacker would not be able to get my real ip and my internet would be protected.


Can the Air Server deal with a potential ddos?


kind regards,

Thank you

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Obviously it depends on the strength and type of the attack (pps and amount of flood bandwidth are the key parameters), but in general yes, the servers can handle various attacks. However, further information would be needed. In particular, how is it possible that the attackers come to know your ISP-assigned IP address? Is it a static IP address? Does the attack start only when you connect to some streaming service? Or is it your node that provides streaming services?


Kind regards

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Thanks for you answer so far


I have a fairly static IP and it's hard to change it. It's not static officially though, but I need to disconnect my modem/router for several hours before I might get a new IP and it doesn't always happen. I only have about 5Mbit/s upload and use almost all of it to stream to another service, which then streams it to all the viewers. I'm not sure exactly how the attacker finds out my ip, it has been suggested by viwers in the twitch chat, that Skype somehow reveals it. Of course the game servers and the streaming servers know it too.

The attack on my pc starts at random times while streaming, but usually as soon as the stream goes online, I lose my internet connection for several minutes.


I don't know how exactly my internet gets attacked. I have a router and software firewall, but they wouldn't work against a classic ddos I suppose.


Maybe the ISP has ways to protect me directly?


Thank you

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yes, the IP address can be easily discovered via Skype through an old exploit. The problem has not been fixed since years.






If you connect to the VPN and start Skype while streaming, the attackers will start to attack our VPN server anyway. Under a security and privacy point of view Skype should never be used, but if you really need it, at least do not run it while you stream.


Kind regards

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