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AirVPN client login explained

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The login stage of the AirVPN client seems to be a bit of a mystery. Never seen the first stage described in such an unclear way. However, as someone involved in open-source, the solution is often a clear forum post that others having the same issue will fine. So, as well as solving the issue for me, it could help others (I'm an IT person, so if it confuses me, it will likely confuse some others).


After installing and running AirVPN on Windows, I am presented with a box which contains login and password.


The instructions here: https://airvpn.org/windows/    state: "Download and run the AirVPN client. It requires Administrator access to the PC"


This could mean two things:


1)  the Windows 'need to run as administrator" box might pop up, which requires the user to confirm (and / or enter the Windows administrator login details)


2) that this AitVPN box is asking for the Windows administratot login and password.




Just for the sake of making sure, I tried both my AirVPN login (with username and email in login part) and Windows login deails, and neither worked.


More importantly, if this is asking for Windows administrator login details, why? Perhaps in this case a statement regarding why this is needed would help here.




So, I imagine that the AirVPN Windows help page shown above will make a lot of people nervous about using AirVPN. It made me do more research, because I found the statement 'requires Administrator access' with no explanation to be suspicious,


I am not comfortable having to post this on a public forum. But I do hope this post will be useful to others. To AirVPN staff, is it possible to get a refund?


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the Air client needs administrator privileges to invoke OpenVPN with administrator privileges so that it can modify the system routing table, an essential condition to enter a VPN.


Use OpenVPN directly or OpenVPN GUI if you don't like the Air client. They will need administrator privileges as well (although you might set up a method to run OpenVPN without administrator privileges and enter the VPN anyway).


Kind regards

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Thanks the response, and sorry for the slightly confusing post before. After I submitted it I realised what 'Login' referred to, but because it was sent to a moderator and not showing in my 'topics and posts' section of my account, I couldn't edit it.



I personally think the instructions page (I linked to above) is confusing.........and may turn Window's users away.


In Windows terminology, AirVPN client in fact does not require administrator access to the PC. It simply needs to be 'run as Administrator' (very different to the concept of having adminitrator access) if the user is not logged in with an administrator-level account.



Plus, I'd also recommend changing 'Login' to 'Account Name' in the client, because 'Login' is too general, and 'Username' is used on this site to refer to the account email.

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