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DNS leaks and how to fix them

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You may get unexpected behavior with IPv6 because this is the way it is designed, for connectivity but not with privacy in mind.

Do you have an IPv6 address from your ISP? Since fe80% are link-local addresses, this is not considered a leak.

You will have no leaks if you either choose to disable IPv6 in the client, or enable Network Lock.

Thank you! wanted to post a screenshot of my ipleaks.net, but internet doesn't work at all now, which is stupid, because my trial will run out and I still don't know if I can get it to work (to buy a plan). Well crap.


edit: internet is back, but the trial ran out. Now I don't know if it works correctly for me/I can setup it. -.-

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Hello NaDre,


On my Win7x64 box, I have successfully been running ISC Bind as a caching, recursive nameserver in conjunction with ForceBindIP and the OpenVPN GUI to fork my traffic, with confidential traffic going over the VPN and all general traffic over the native interface, leak-free.  Over the past week or so, I have been experiencing severe DNS resolution lag, to the point where the first couple of page load attempts result in a long delay while "looking up xyz.com" followed by a "server not found" error.  If I stop the ISC Bind service and toggle the adapter setting to "obtain DNS server address automatically," the problem stops.  No system configuration changes were made coincidentally with this problem.  I have done some digging, but ISC's voluminous documentation is quite technical and I haven't made any progress toward solving my problem.  No other connected devices experience this problem, and changing DNS servers at the router level, flushing DNS, resetting hardware and all the other typical kinds of solutions one might try have had no effect.  Can you point me in the right direction?


I plan to install the same configuration for a friend who has just subscribed to AirVPN, and compose a guide as I do so (hopefully suitable to be posted here), but I want to make sure the cause of this bug is avoided.





==Update 10/6/2016:==

I configured another DNS resolver similar to bind, Unbound (unbound.net) with the .conf file suggested here (tenforums.com) with the same result.  This is clearly a local network or OS issue.  I also removed a couple of logical network adapters related to Teamviewer VPN and VirtualBox with no improvement.  For now, I am using native DNS and not broadcasting any confidential traffic until I can resolve this frustrating problem.  Thanks again.


==Update 10/6/2016:==


A user had activated an Avast Antivirus Pro key on the system, and their Secure DNS component was the culprit.  It should be noted that this product and similar will also interfere with OpenDNS and the like.  It should be uninstalled or disabled.


Unbound is working great, by the way, and I think I will stick with it.  It incorporates DNSSEC.

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hi, Can anyone help with a problem i've started having? I am running openvpn on win7 with firefox & used to have dns leaks, I sorted them along time ago, but they have returned at random. When I check for leaks on ipleak.net it tells me I have no leaks, but refresh the page 1-3 times and dns leaks start appearing. None of my settings have changed so I have no idea how they have started. I have now also tried the steps at the start of this post but it has not helped. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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I am having this same problem too. I got the leaks to vanish but after a while ipleak shows them again. I have tried every fix I have found...to no avail it seems

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