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Pre-configured DD-WRT Routers with OpenVPN - Worth the investment?

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I've been looking at pre-configured DD-WRT dual band routers on flashrouters[dot]com.


They set up OpenVPN on a list of VPN services, but AirVPN isn't listed. They also offer to install/configure for other OpenVPN providers if there's a install manual provided by the VPN provider. Will there be any problem with sharing the install information to them?

Is it against the rules to run connections from 2 computers through the router to your service?

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No problems at all, please link them to https://airvpn.org/ddwrt and use the configuration generator to provide them with the appropriate files. Please remember that those who are given your user.key can connect to any Air VPN server with your account.


Behind a router you can connect as many devices as you wish, our system will always see just one account and a single connection.


Kind regards

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This type of offering is why I tried 1 month service with AIRVPN, and shortly - quickly needed a year - its that awesome!!!!! Thanks AIRVPN and community you guys all rock!!!

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DD-WRT and tomato routers are great,  however always remember even the fastest routers out there including netgears new 1ghz router,  you will still hit 16-20meg max.


If you got a broadband connection that is 30meg or 60meg or 120meg+,  your router will aways hit 16-20meg.


I had an Asus RT-N16 router,  one of the most popular routers even on flashrouters company,  but you can only hit around I believe inbetween 8-12meg.

On mine I hit 8-10meg despite having a 14-15ish meg connection.


Alternative option is listed here:



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