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Dallas (USA): IP addresses change

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We inform you that between April the 10th, 2024 and April the 20th, 2024, all Dallas servers entry and exit IP addresses will be changed. The list of servers by name can be found here:
https://airvpn.org/status - search for "Dallas".

  • If you run Eddie Desktop edition, Eddie Android edition, or Bluetit + Goldcrest, no action is required as the software will update automatically all the data.
  • If you run any program based on configuration files containing specific references to IP addresses of Dallas servers, then you will need to re-generate the file(s) after the operation has been completed. You can do it as usual through the Configuration Generator available in your AirVPN account "Client Area".
  • If you use Dallas servers as a gateway to restricted services based on filtering anything different from Dallas exit IP addresses, please act properly in advance to avoid any lock out.

This major change is part of a series of operations that will allow a much needed and used AirVPN feature to be significantly powered up. More on this in the near future.

Kind regards & datalove
AirVPN Staff

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42 minutes ago, go558a83nk said:

Are the servers moving to a different datacenter?


No, they remain in the same one. Even same rack, same switch etc.

Kind regards

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Since April 10, I have had issues with Port Forwarding from the Dallas servers. Is this tied to this IP address change? 

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