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ANSWERED AirVPN on mobile phone in China

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On a Huawei Honor mobile phone, AirVPN does not seem to work in China. I have installed the Android Client (Eddie - Air VPNGUI) without problems, and it also worked in other countries without problems. But in China it does not work. The only different setting I made to the standard settings is that I set the "Current local country" from the drop-down list to "People's Republic of China".

Are there any other special settings one must use on a mobile phone when in China?

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As an addition to the above: When connecting to Eddie on the Huawei mobile phone in China, everything *looks* fine, too. It says in Eddie that it *is* connected (to a server in Singapore). However, when Eddie is connected, the internet of the phone sudenly does not work at all anymore. (No websites or social media apps, no internet at all.). Sending the Log to Air Support also does not succeed for the same reason, because there is no internet on the phone anymore when Eddie is connected.

On the other hand, when Air is NOT connected, the internet on the phone works fine (but of course only Chinese-approved websites).

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Please try the following settings (usually they are strictly necessary to bypass China blocks):
  1. switch to OpenVPN (if you haven't already done so) by tapping the icon "VPN Type" on the main view. Each tap switches between WireGuard and OpenVPN.
  2. force connection over TCP to port 443 in the following way:
  • open "Settings" and expand "AirVPN" by tapping on it
  • tap "Default OpenVPN protocol", select "TCP" and tap "OK"
  • tap "Default OpenVPN port", select "443" and tap "OK"
  • tap "Quick connection mode", select "Use default options only" and tap "OK"
Finally test again connections to various servers in various locations.

Kind regards

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